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  1. Looks like a condom..or a coffee filter! LOL its does masking tape, LOL though!
  2. v2 is drilled and prepped for painting, but it's raining right now, so I probably won't get around to it till later
  3. actually, there is voltage on all of the other pins beside ground. enough to light an LED (that makes it easier for a lighted joystick http://www.atariage.com/forums/index.php?s...144606&hl=)
  4. yeah, I saw that, but that's for jaguar tho, right?
  5. actually, I am starting right now! and I am thinking of going with silver instead of gold..........
  6. no, because then it would just be one fire.
  7. does anybody have a circuit schematic for an atari 2600 rapid fire type thing?
  8. Thanks, I am always interested in Atari 2600 Mods! you know, if you read the instructable, you can DIY! I know, but I will wait though for v2 Also when v2 comes out, can you update the instuctable to actually, I'll just make a new instructable!
  9. Thanks, I am always interested in Atari 2600 Mods! you know, if you read the instructable, you can DIY!
  10. That's why in v2, It will be internally illuminated! Yeah, v2 will be neater, and I definitely PM you
  11. Everyone's put LED's on an NES controller right? well we put some on an atari 2600 controller! tell us what you think of it! @ This link. I will mod your controller for you into v1 for $5 + shipping, drop me a PM, but I'd wait for v2 for a better job ($10-20) Consult the instructable with questions, and if it doesn't answer your question, PM me.
  12. does the odyssey 2 need a switch box? if so, do you think one w/ power supply and controllers but without a switch box for 34.99 is a good deal?
  13. do you know haow to de-crustify it?
  14. Normally, I wouldn't ask, but after the people at gamers gave me a 5200 power adaptor for a 400, I question their credibility. All feedback is welcome.
  15. The rarest game I own is Bank Heist, picked up for 98 cents, rarity 5, and I have no clue how to play it! Share your rarest game, stories behind it, rants, raves, ect!
  16. I hate this thread, but I love to see what you finded! I just hate the fact that there's never anything good here in omaha!!! everything goes to gamers, and sometimes goodwill, and both are way overpriced. where'd you guys get all that luck?
  17. Yeah...I don't have anything mentioned in the above...
  18. I'm baaAAck! anyone miss me? kekekekekeke ;)anyway, what would you guys think of a password protected NES cartridge, or better yet, a password protected NES? (I wouldn't do that to an NES being as even though I am fairly good with electronics I have a "reputation" for "damaging" items as I "methodicly" take them apart) the password would be a 4 pushbutton combo, the right 4 in a row allows the game to be played. Give me your questions comments and rants! I need some good reading material.
  19. is anybody willing to trade an atari 400 AC adapter for an atari 5200 adapter? I really need the atari 400 adapter, but got an atari 5200 adapter instead. so if anybody needs one, and has an extra 400 adapter lying around, I'd be glad to trade.
  20. who wants another BBS and what do you want on it?
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