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  1. Finally, Python 3! Unfortunately my first attempt to compile one of my modules failed with an unhelpful error message. raise AsmError(f'Invalid symbol name {name}') SyntaxError: invalid syntax I'm using Python 3.6.5.
  2. Been working on beta testing since November, we're up to build 27, with build 28 in process right now. Drop me a PM, Matt, if you want to join the next build release so you and your son can check it out?
  3. I have a Super Space II, with disk and manual. Got it on eBay a few years back when that cache of NOS stuff was found and put up. I'm not sure I want to part with it, but in truth I don't need it. I'm using SAMS now for most of my development which is superior for memory availability. You can PM me an offer if you want.
  4. I am pretty sure I only have Joypaint 1.0 as well, but this second disk appears to have a complete loader. JOYPNT2.DSK And trying to extract files from it fails, so yeah, copy protected. Ugh! 😕 And I don't have my original disks anymore.
  5. Certainly has now, as my company will be putting me on furlough for six weeks.
  6. Cool algorithms! Yeah when I wrote Wizard's Doom, I had to write a maze generator myself. I didn't want it to NEVER cross it's own path, as that generates slightly boring mazes. So I use a tolerance level and it's only initially biased not to cross it's own path, but can do so on a random chance or if there's nowhere else it can go. It's not too fast, but it only takes at most ten minutes to generate the largest maze on level 6. One of my sidelined projects is a Rougelike for the TI, which will involve a much more complex procedural generating system. Not just mazes but rooms and other features. Should be fun to write when I can get to it!
  7. It sounds familiar... I'm not sure I've seen a printed magazine listing for the TI using the technique though. What it's doing is using a nybble value (0-15) to indicate open or closed spaces on the four sides of the cell. So if it was NSEW and you wanted walls on the north and east side, it would be 1010, or value 10. The maze generator in Wizard's Doom uses this technique as it's very efficient in terms of storing the maze. If it was written in BASIC though, that's impressive because you'd have to use adds instead of bitwise operations, which are only available in XB.
  8. Yeah I figured that would happen. My own company based in Seattle told everyone to WFH until the 20th at least.
  9. Just an FYI, the latest version of Classic99's debugger now has the ability to view the AMS memory even if it's not IN active memory, which is a useful tool. I got Mike to add that feature after I kept having problems with bad data that I couldn't see in memory until after pages had been swapped.
  10. I have no problem with paying for high quality work and creative endeavor. One thing the TI community taught me a long time ago was respecting the value of creative talent and producers. I saw first-hand what software piracy did to the community.
  11. I, for one, don't intend to go back to 32k.
  12. Well, this never turned up... to be honest, even finding physical copies of the game is hard. So I've extracted all the maps (worlds, towns and dungeons) and created a small guide myself, should anyone want to try and complete the game. (The CRPG Addict is likely not going to pick it back up, the time investment is too much and he's got a huge backlog of games.) http://crpg.adamantyr.com/misc/Seventh-Link-Hint-Guide.zip
  13. Yeah, who knows if it was even printed? The catalog may have been made using a mock-up, and then Christmas 1983 came along and they just cancelled everything. IF manuals had been printed, they probably ended up in the dumpster. If any cartridges had been put out with the manuals, I'm pretty sure one would have turned up in a collection after 37 years.
  14. Awesome! Damn I want that manual... It does look like the same artist did the cover for Hunt the Wumpus. No physical copies of the manual have ever been seen though, so I presume the game was never released with it.
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