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  1. Oh yeah, this bug is in the software itself. My brother and I discovered it back in the 80's while playing Parsec. It had some other weird effects too; we started getting killer satellite's showing up before we hit level 4.
  2. It's not too bad in assembly, the biggest complication is coming up with a module-based approach with code management. I baked my own for my CRPG work, at some point when I'm done with the game I'll discuss it at length. A cross-assembler that could build modules that are dynamically assigned to pages IS possible but I honestly think trying to apply a modern design system to what is essentially 8-bit architecture will get too top-heavy. Just my opinion though. I honestly feel C is too much overhead for the TI-99/4a.
  3. Hi all, So I'm cleaning up my basement and I find these relics... anyone else attend this? Besides Rich, I remember you were there! Adam
  4. What Senior Falcon said, we need some more information on what that routine is doing. I thought at first your screen buffer was being written outside of with a line like LI R0,921, but I realized you're in text mode so that's valid. I'd advise using a mnemonic like SCRADR just to keep them cleaner. Your KSCAN routine is slightly inefficient as well; you can do a CB @STATUS,@SPACEB to check the flag instead of moving and then shifting R0.
  5. adamantyr


  6. Ah that's right... I forget where I read about it, it was an article somewhere, where someone (must have been from DataSoft) expressed shock and dismay that Texas Instruments expected Zaxxon to be portable within such a tight technical confine. I'd have loved to have seen Pooyan on the TI. Ever since I saw it on my brother's TRS-80 Color Computer, I love the colorful graphics and hectic gameplay. I've mused at times doing a port myself, but I got other TI stuff I need to finish first, no distractions. It doesn't surprise me that TI hardware was difficult to work with. I do remember reading somewhere (again, I don't recall the source) that the Atarisoft developers had nothing but base TI's and the Editor Assembler. I'm SLIGHTLY skeptical of this because some of the things done with games like Donkey Kong are pretty advanced.
  7. Not a problem for me, I got several monitors that work just fine. In fact, I may see if anyone here wants to purchase one. Only stipulation is I really REALLY don't want to ship anything, so pick-up is vastly preferred. I'm not a huge fan of how the TI composite signal renders on modern TV's. I mean, it's sharp as heck, VERY readable on light colored screens. But the lack of a CRT means the original "glow" effect is gone, and colors get a little muted and muddy against black screen.
  8. Excellent! I presume you mean to use the Adventure cartridge and Adventure Editor? I think the last time I tried to put together an adventure on it (a "Prisoner" one), I quickly found my imagination outstripped the 12K of memory available. I've considered at times that it would be fun to write a new text adventure engine that could utilize the full 32K RAM and disk system of the TI, so that a larger more opulent adventure could be written. Granted, Infocom adventures ARE the best, but there is something nice about the simpler two-word text adventures.
  9. That's interesting because both the TI Tech Pages and Classic99 contradict that.
  10. I just tested this in Classic99 and it worked as expected. ABS on a value of -1 converts it to 1, which fails to set the equality bit, as it's not equal to zero.
  11. Hi, I got a TI console without a box, I was curious if anyone had a spare box they could send me to store it? Just the box will do, the interior styrofoam holder isn't necessary. I tried getting one on eBay, but the guy (charging $9.95 for shipping alone) REFUSED an offer of $5. Dude, it's an empty box. Seriously.
  12. For the TI, this would be a sound CHIP upgrade. Which you wouldn't have to do much to improve it. There has been expansion cards for the P.E. Box to add a better sound system as well, such as the ForTI card.
  13. A big part of why I find many of the TI games boring is that they are shallow and simple. Basic shoot-em-ups that you wouldn't spend more than 30 minutes playing. This in itself isn't a surprise, since the platform was originally intended to be a console. (And in that, wow did they fall short compared to the MSX, which is considerably better designed for both cartridge AND disk/cassette gaming.) The 32K / Disk system upgraded TI would be a much better platform for more nuanced and deep gaming, but unfortunately it was difficult to acquire during the active phase of the TI-99/4a (1980-1983) so most of the best games on that came out long afterwards. That's one reason I'm doing my CRPG... it's the kind of game we never had. (P.S. I'll be hopefully starting beta testing with external people next month.)
  14. I think it gets a pass because it's actually a pretty good implementation of the game. Yes it's a simple game, but on cartridge it responds quickly and well. It's also way MORE exciting and thrilling to a small child than any of the education carts were.
  15. There was no Zaxxon on the TI. Sega literally told Texas Instruments they were insane when they said "You have to fit it in an 8K ROM". Burgertime is a pretty bad port. In particular, the developer(s) didn't seem to get that restarting the music AFTER every sound effect is a horrible effect. To elucidate on my post from earlier, Star Trap has the look from a screenshot of being a cool Star Wars arcade game, or even Star Raiders. Instead you get a static unmoving screen, recycled Parsec laser sounds, and other than bitmap drawn lines for laser blasts, something that could have been easily written in Extended BASIC. On a cartridge for $29.95. A total freaking rip-off.
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