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  1. You know, I wondered if the "pounce" ability with bosses would have some issues... I'm surprised none of the beta testers ran into that and said something. Ugh! I will dig into it. Adam
  2. So a whole other game then? Sounds like a great project for someone else!
  3. I'm slightly confused. Do you mean an actual DM screen with game artwork on it, but otherwise the charts, tables, etc. used for D&D? Or do you mean some live running program on the TI?
  4. Yep, that's a bug. Easy fix fortunately! I'll get a new build out tomorrow for it.
  5. 1. Trial and error was the only way. 2. Rogues can use crossbows too. Rangers have a disinclination for mechanical devices.
  6. Sleep wears off at any point that you take direct damage from an opponent. However, some of the enemies (like the plains dragon) seem to have hit upon the tactic of attacking THEN hitting you with sleep again. I didn't intend it that way but DAMN...
  7. Nope, there is a secret pass there. I made sure it works. Check the northwestern corner very thoroughly.
  8. He's referring an early work of mine, converting Eastern Front 1941 from the Atari 8-bit line to the TI. I was able to do so because I had a source code listing for the game in 6502 assembly. I got a good clip of the way through it but stalled when even translated the AI routine didn't make a lot of sense. I'm not sure I will pick it back up again or not; translating someone else's code was not so much fun.
  9. Wow awesome! And that is a technical accomplishment, building it in the line by line assembler. I bought this back in the day from Asgard, and was just blown away by the bitmap graphics. I'd heard of a "half bitmap mode" but none of the few assembly books mentioned it. It wasn't until the TI Tech Pages that I got the technical rundown on it. (And even that's incomplete; apparently in half-bitmap you only have eight sprites due to the address masking mucking about with sprite usage.) One thing I especially liked about the game was you could just choose to play any level you wanted, rather than force the player to play them through sequentially. A very good game design decision!
  10. I apologize for the fact I keep releasing new builds! I really don't want to disrupt people's fun.
  11. Ugh... well the SAV file contains your characters and their stuff and what quest items and stuff they have done. The SG# files are the map mob files so NPC states as well as monsters are in those. If you somehow overwrote them it unfortunately lost your game.
  12. Well as long as you didn't overwrite the SAV file you should be fine. None of the files changes should directly impact a current game at all.
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