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  1. I translated TI-Trek to assembly language way back when I first got back into my TI in the early 00's. I remembered thinking the BASIC listing was truly terrible; broken up with GOTO for no logical reason at all. I didn't do speech because I honestly thought it was a gimmick in the BASIC version which slowed the game down too much. Plus speech was not something I knew how to do in assembly at the time. http://crpg.adamantyr.com/misc/titrek.htm
  2. A couple years ago, Tursi laid out what would be needed for a 2nd run: - someone else needs to negotiate and pay for the license from Digital Leisure - note that this likely includes a minimum quantity up front - the packing materials need to be redesigned (I don't know exactly what, but the license holders noted any new version needs something changed ;) ) - someone else needs to pay for the packing materials (labels and boxes and insets) - someone else needs to buy the raw programmed PCBs from me wholesale - someone else needs to assemble the carts (including sourcing their own shells), sell them, and distribute them I am willing to help with contacts and introductions, and the programming of the PCBs. I have enough blank PCBs to do a fairly good sized run. However I won't do anything without license in hand. The key words here are "Someone else".
  3. The main issue to a 2nd run is the licensing. Mike didn't want to pursue it because there were issues with the first run. If someone solves all that for him, that may change things.
  4. It would be nice to have all the documentation converted to a modern text file format, honestly. I've dug through those files many times and I keep losing track of things. In one spot, he talks about module programming and how to approach using the SAMS in that manner, as well as detailing the loader he created, which used an expanded header so that memory images could be loaded into pages.
  5. Shots fired across the bow! At both of them.
  6. I was thinking about publishing a hint book. The main issue is deciding what goes into it, and what the style is. I was going to have it in a narrative form much like the Ultima hint books, but another part of me thinks it should be more in the style of Avernum, a no-frills straight-up guide on exactly what to do. Any opinions?
  7. I did submit to GOG as well. They have just left the ticket lie there since January. From what I've heard this is pretty typical for them.
  8. Yes, critical applies to melee and ranged attacks. Page 7 of the manual states: "Your character's chance to land a critical attack in melee or ranged combat."
  9. Yep, you have to have all three. The game disk contains your saved game data, as well as the monster data, in addition to the game binary and loaders.
  10. Yes, disks are always required. The cartridge is mainly to speed up the game load (cart is faster than disk), and it also offers a means by which you COULD run the game on a 180K drive system, albeit with a lot of swapping.
  11. Thanks, Michael! If you ever want to write up full instructions on how to set the game up I'll be happy to add them to my website.
  12. Correct. Fatigue costs are fixed. Generally speaking, the more you have things impacted by character choice, the more likely you will have strange imbalances in places later. I decided that having every class gain some stamina per level was a better mechanic for increasing your ability to cast spells over reducing cost. Having both would just lead to high level characters being TOO powerful.
  13. It does, it will increase their duration potential.
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