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  1. Hi there, quick question.. I signed up using the AA pre-order form on April 23rd, got email from Albert saying added to the list, left things alone for a while.. i'm now seeing there's another site to order from (RetroHQ) and I don't see any position in queue on either site.. am I just missing something or do I need to re-pre order?
  2. Both items sold, thanks everyone for your interest!
  3. Price drop to $200, i'll be listing more stuff through the weekend, too
  4. *SOLD!!!!* Hi all, Trying to re-organize my game room, and I have no space left. At all. So it's time to start moving some stuff along that doesn't get as much use as they deserve. $250 $200 - Xbox One X 1TB, 2 wireless controllers, controller charge station, complete in box, great condition - has only had a few hours of play time in the few months i've had it. Based in the USA. Paypal friends/family/gift whatever it is. Buyer pays shipping. I'll be home in about 6 hours so I can post pics at that time. I'll be posting more stuff as I try to make room in my little game room, unless I kick the missus out and take over the entire house. SOLD - $200 - Amiga 600, includes Furia EC020 - no mouse, no PSU, no video cable. Bought after receiving a recap from the UK. More info on the Furia here - https://lotharek.pl/productdetail.php?id=105. I have my 1200 so this one needs to go to a good home. Great condition, no yellowing
  5. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand it's SOLD!
  6. Pics added, sorry for the crap quality... ugh....
  7. SOLD!!!!!!! Thank you all for your interest!!! Hi all, Just putting a feeler out there to see if anyone might be interested in a boxed, mint Wii U console with controller, cables etc, along with a copy of Super Mario Maker... it's been used very rarely, kids prefer to play PC games... let's say $125 plus shipping? Will post pics when I get home. Thanks! Edit - Pics... sorry if it looks smudged, it's so freaking hard to get a good picture of a piano black finish!!!!
  8. Was away this weekend so wasn't able to update, but found a Genesis model 1 box... thanks tho, Chris Still looking for the others...
  9. Bumpy bump.... also small edit, found a SNES box
  10. Edit - found a PS2 box Still looking for the others!
  11. Hi all... VERY VERY long shot here, but i'm looking to put some of my systems away and want to get the boxes they originally came in. I'm looking for... SNES (Gen 1) - FOUND!!! Genesis (Gen 2) 32X Dreamcast Jaguar Atari STFM or E PS1 (Gen 1) PS2 - FOUND!!! Cardboard or styro inserts would be a huge plus, manuals and other media not important. Really hoping someone can help! Thanks for reading!!!
  12. I'll throw my recommendation in for this cable, too... decided to save a few bucks by getting this one instead of the one from Best and it works just fine
  13. Haha, yup the wife has already started calling her that, so that's her name!
  14. Well, I thought my smashed up STE nightmare was over last week, but then realized the floppy drive failed. It let out this god awful screech sound, and then nothing. I probably could have opened it up and made sure the belt was OK, cleaned it, whatever - but given my current luck with this project, I decided to just leave it be. Determined to finally put this whole saga behind me, and get a fully working ST again, eightbit very kindly sold me a Gotek USB drive. And I have to say, these things are absolutely amazing!!! Please work!!!!! Please work!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Got some Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge going! Got it mounted inside the case... could have done better with making the floppy slot larger and sanded down the edges a bit or something, but considering i'm supposed to be working I didn't have a great deal of time..... looks OK anyway She's so pretty And there we are. Ordeal over! Well, minus getting hold of one of those fancy 4160 STE labels, but that can wait. Fully functioning Atari STE with 4 Meg RAM and a Gotek USB drive! Thank you again to everyone that messaged me with assistance, advice, motivation etc etc... you guys are awesome!
  15. Made a purchase from Bruce, he helped me out A LOT and I seriously couldn't be happier. Super fast shipment, very well packaged and everything works perfectly! Would not hesitate to buy from him again, a true asset to the buying and selling community!!!
  16. Damn my floppy drive looks like it just died and I literally have like $40 expendable money left! Good luck with the sale!
  17. Sure can, when I get back home i'll take some Also late last night, as luck would have it after I posted this, the floppy drive seems to have given up... i'll take it apart during the week and see if things need to be adjusted and cleaned, if not i'm going to look into some kind of Satandisk / Gotek thing for it
  18. So ladies and gents, i'm pleased to announce that I now have a fully functioning Atari STE! :D It is definitely a frankenstein but i'm very happy with it. This is a combination of an STFM that I got as non working and the smashed up STE..... 1 - Case from the STFM, with holes drilled for the RCA jacks... jacked that up a bit, so abandoned any thought of cutting out a space for the enhanced joystick ports.... also for the life of me I could not not get the STE motherboard to fit in the STFM case with the STFM shielding. So that ended up as a bit of a hack job, with the half of the shield that goes under the keyboard still in place and the rest of it cut off. Really hope that's not going to cause me issues down the road... like getting blown up or something.... 2 - Motherboard from the STE. Thankfully the installed chips were fine if a little loose, one of the original memory sticks had a deep mark through it, decided to leave that alone... 3 - Floppy drive from the STFM 4 - 4 Meg memory installed and tested 5 - Power supply ordered from B&C (U.S one to replace the UK ones from these machines) 6 - Keyboard PCB from the STFM, half the keys from the STFM, other half from the STE. Had no idea those keyboards were made up of so many tiny components.... Big thanks to everyone that has helped me with my questions while getting this whole mess sorted out... now it's time to re-live my childhood and enjoy my Atari!
  19. Should also point out that the seller tried to make me send the thousand pieces back and he would consider a refund, I told him thats not acceptable, he escalated it to ebay and they refunded me in full within 10 minutes..... so that was at least something. Really hoping I can get some life out of this....
  20. I'll be testing shortly.... it had 2 256k sticks of memory but one of them is damaged pretty bad... also the floppy drive has a lot of rattling when i move it so i'm guessing that's in pieces on the inside too. I've ordered replacements for both, so when they arrive i'll be powering it up for the first time. I've managed to drill some holes into an STFM case that I got from a dead machine here, so the board itself is installed in a new bottom half of case right now. But yeah if they are around and this ends up working i'd love to get an actual case.... stay tuned though, we shall see what happens........
  21. I will get this frankenstein STE up and running!!!!!

    1. Keatah








  22. Hi all, So i'm trying to resurrect the smashed up STE by using parts from all the dead machines I have. The memory is physically damaged so I already know that needs to be replaced. Question is, will the following work for the STE? http://www.memoryx.com/ape.html It's listed as 9-chip parity memory but as far as i'm aware parity shouldn't matter as the ST just ignores it anyway..... can anyone confirm that will work? I will get this machine working....... too much money and time has been invested in all this stuff, NOT GIVING UP!!!!!!!!!! Thanks!
  23. Thanks to everyone that's offered to sell me one or buy the parts from me, but at this point i'm broke and just about done trying... video game / vintage computer collecting is an expensive hobby as it is, and the amount of money i've thrown at trying to recreate my childhood has pretty much maxed me out for now. It's a sad state of affairs but it is what it is. Just wanted to post this to remind everyone that if you buy something like this on ebay, for the love of god demand they pack the damn thing correctly.
  24. Well, the bad luck continues. After my original STE died, I purchased an STF. That one was dead on arrival. So I purchased an STFM from a member here as untested. Kinda knew it wasn't going to work, but took a shot at it anyway, and yup, doesn't work. No biggie, I expected it to be that way anyways. So I decide to go to the cesspool known as eBay. Find an STE for a good price, pics show it working, win the auction. It arrives today in a thin cardboard box with no protection except some screwed up pieces of college papers, and taped together with duct tape. This has been a very upsetting day. Sorry, had to vent before cleaning up 10 million pieces of smashed up Atari STE from the floor
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