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  1. SORRY!!!! SORRY!!!!!! I sincerely apologize, U were right. It never dawned on me that a D-pad device needs calibrate. IT WORKS PERFECTLY !!!!!! II's a KEEPER & GREAT like the HARMONY !!!!!! bob e
  2. I received mine and it's a piece of ____ , two of the axis positions don't work. & the CD is blank!!!! Bob e
  3. CHris, Where did you get this cart? Who made it? I have reported it to EBAY as a trademark violation. The labeling has our registered trademark on it. Bob e
  4. I am auctioning a re-released version of my RARE GAMMA-ATTACK 2600 cartridge. It is limited to a run of 100 with a original designer/programmer signed certificate showing it's number and that it was produced by GAMMATION. I have included a BIN listing and am accepting international bidders. Goto GameGavel.com and search for GAMMATION. Also,still available on EBAY --> eBay Seller: gamecrawler & for sale on my web site WWWW.GAMMATION.COM All SALES ARE THRU PAYPAL! bob e
  5. Sorry, Which cartridge no. did you receive? I'll resend you new instructions & certificate in better packaging. bob e
  6. Very cool , I love it. Thank yoU guys. This was great engineering!!!! bob e
  7. I am auctioning a re-released version of the rare GAMMA-ATTACK 2600 cartridge. It is limited to a run of 100 with a original designer/programmer signed certificate showing it's number and that it was produced by GAMMATION. I have included a BIN listing and am accepting international bidders. eBay Seller: gamecrawler bob e
  8. Sorry, I couldn't change that one, had bids, but did add a note for internationals to all listings. Did change my BIN & other listing to worldwide. bob e
  9. Not true. Will ship overseas on all items. The only auction I wouldn't ship overseas was for my only original cartridge. Will add a line to the listing for international customers to request their shipping cost and to be aware of their import tariff amount. bob e
  10. I am re-releasing on EBAY a limited run of 100 GAMMA-ATTACK game cartridges signed and numbered by me the original game designer and programmer. GAMMA-ATTACK EBAY link It is also available on my web site. www.gammation.com I also include a letter of authenticity that this cartridge was produced by GAMMATION. HAPPY NEW YEAR, bob e
  11. I am offering up to any serious 2600 collector my only GAMMA-ATTACK assembly source code listing. This was printed in 1982 on a ASR33 TeleType hooked to my Apple II Plus development system. It is yellowed and showing 26+ years of age. (Photo attached.) This is my history & shows how hard it was to develop a game back then. I'm asking $6000.00 for it. Please contact me thru PM with any serious offers. and Happy Holidays to All :)
  12. Apollo boards and EPROMS came from JAMECO in 1983, have attached JAMECO flyer I found in my documents. my production run switched over to these boards in early 1983. These parts and the one 1983 test programmed EPROM have been in my possesion since 1983. These parts have nothing to do with H-BOMB, The 1983 test EPROM(my last EPROM from the 1983 production run) was soldered in this year. This is still an original, from GAMMATIOM by me documented and signed by me with all original 1983 parts. bob e
  13. If that was true, which its not, the wine is still not from the same bottling. If carts like this are gonna be taken as legit I got 100 label-less versions of the Wizard games to sell at full price. ...Except you aren't the original programmer or manufacturer It is a bit different in my opinion. Yes it is different. I am the bottler and this came from my vineyard in the same year and it is in a better bottle than my first cartridges. My dad did a lot of ships in a bottle. Is it time for a cartridge in a bottle?
  14. Ya right It's hard to infinge on a copyright that didn't even exist at the time. And why is it agian you never got a copyright for this game 25 years ago?? Bob E you wanna let the folks know what the date was and who you bought the eproms from cause insiders already know the answer to this question and it's gonna be amusing to see how you navigate this question. P.S. I'm down to my last apollo board untill I get my next one too!! This is bullshit, I Guarantee that EPROM is 25+ years old. Do u see the type and 1979 copyright on it. My Gammation label shows the age and I bet will not come off because the glue has aged. I Guarantee this catridge is assembled with my 1982-83 parts. I have only bought EPROMS from JAMECO & a few 27256's from Midwest Surplus & PCB's from CPUWIZ for my re-release cartridges which I am producing now & being sold on EBAY & my Web site . SO WHAT!!!! BIG SECRET A US copyright exists at the time of creation. Section 106 of the 1976 Copyright Act : "A work that was created (fixed in tangible form for the first time) on or after January 1, 1978, is automatically protected from the moment of its creation and is ordinarily given a term enduring for the author’s life plus an additional 70 years after the author’s death." PS: I am 62 still alive & loving it. bob e
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