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  1. The post from PacManPlus is from April 11, 2020. The full Ms. Pac-Man Twin dump was made widely available to the public four months ago with the Feb 24, 2021 release of MAME 0.229. PacManPlus is aware of its existence since it was released.
  2. Trebor

    HOKEY demo

    This is fantastic, Fred! Looks to be quite the excellent POKEY (and then some) replacement. Extra thanks for designing it very reasonably priced as well. Very much looking forward to seeing it become available to the masses...great job!
  3. Rider of the Night is a 512K ROM - not supported by Concerto yet. Currently, the largest ROM size supported is 144K.
  4. The original Flashback has it. Though it is a NOAC system.
  5. Those sound real good, Jaden - great job!
  6. Trebor

    Popeye 7800

    If you're looking to retain the high score saving feature - which is akin to a HS cart - of the XM module, as the rest of the features of that module is not needed for this game, use this line instead: mame a7800 -cart hiscore -cart2 popeye.zip
  7. Concerto on a couple of my NTSC consoles and the MiSTer FPGA has been working beautifully regarding Wizard's Dungeon.
  8. It's a demo. The original has the day and year mentioned, the below version has the year eliminated:
  9. Bob produced and distributed them from what I recall. Though anyone feel free to correct that information if inaccurate. Being ~15 years ago and how exactly those games were distributed is not a strong memory for me.
  10. The dual cart is *very* nice. It contains graphically updated versions - not "final" though - of both games. DD received some additional updates after the release and Rampage was never finalized; however, still a great improvement over the original graphics. The Commando cart I have next to it, several were made, and contains a PIN hole on the side to swap between NTSC and PAL regions: Both of course would not be under consideration for the list mentioned in this thread, but your posted comments reminded me of both of them.
  11. The "Nearest Multiple" option, just below the "Fixed Aspect" options, shrinks the image a bit for me; of course, YMMV. If no luck there, try experimenting with the resolution that are available; hopefully one will be satisfactory for you.
  12. Under "Full Screen Resolution" select the resolution of your desktop. I use 1920x1080: If I select 640x480, as checked in the capture provided... ...it results in a stretched image as well.
  13. Prior to there being any Pac-Man Collection cart, circa 2005/2006, there were a variety of individual Pac-Man games that were released to cartridge, which ultimately would make up Pac-Man Collection: Dual Pac-Man Hangly-Man Pac-Man Pac-Man Plus Ms. Pac-Attack Ms. Pac-Man Fast Ultra Pac-Man They are pictured in the below capture along with Asteroids VE (Vector Edition), a forerunner of Asteroids Deluxe, which the latter features the title and a 'hidden' Asteroids VE game, that is currently sold in the AA store. Although not interested, there were many Pac hacks developed, some released to cart that received considerable distribution as well, such as Pac Pollux and Pac Nestor. Prior to the development of Pac-Man Collection - 40th Anniversary Edition, around 10 years ago, there were individual "320" releases of Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man with POKEY sound. Graphically, they're not as polished as PMC 40th, but still great:
  14. I do not know. The previously posted link to contact him is still up though. Submitting your information there may be your best bet in reaching him about your cart.
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