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  1. Making some really great progress with this game. I love the sound effect every ~5 seconds. It is perfectly atmospheric and a nice alterative to having a complete background soundtrack, and worlds better than nothing at all. Great job! The Wizard is evolving very nicely. The complimentary blue and purple tone highlights are spot on. It gives the sprite some depth and personality. Similar can be stated about the game overall, it too has picked up some nice depth and a personality of its own. This is developing beautifully.
  2. The POKEY chip does not look seated properly. The lowest part (right side) may be in as far as possible, but it possibly could flush even lower than that to the socket. The upper end (left side) is definitely not in all the way. Trying to 'force' it down may not be the best move though. You may want to remove the chip, ensure the pins are carefully aligned, and try reinserting again with consistent pressure across the chip to ensure both sides go down evenly. Also, make sure the PCB is not being placed back in the console reversed. As you insert it into the cartridge slot, the POKEY chip should not be facing towards the console buttons, but rather towards the back of the console. Sitting normally behind the console while playing, you should not see the POKEY chip.
  3. *THIS* appears to be the most recent link.
  4. Wonderings about possible ports for the Atari 8-bit computers and the Atari 2600 was placed as a new post to a thread on the Atari 7800 forum, in which the last post from that thread was 9 years ago. Perhaps a post to the Atari 8-Bit Computer forum and/or Atari 2600 forum would be a better place.
  5. Only thing I can think of regarding your experience is perhaps A7800 was placed in a folder with a pre-existing install of A7800 or MAME(MESS) conflicting somehow. Have you tried installing to a brand new folder/location? I literally just performed the steps I posted above and obtained the results posted.
  6. Can you explain your steps in detail? If I download A7800 from its homepage and place it in a folder... ...Decompress/Unzip the archive and double click on a7800.exe (or it may just appear as a7800 if you have 'hide file extensions' enabled)... ...this window appears: Select a console region and temperature pair from above, and then the below window appears containing the choices mentioned:
  7. Trebor

    Popeye 7800

    It is undoubtedly, in part, testimony to the beauty of the excellent tools put out by @RevEng (7800basic) and @mksmith (Atari Dev Studio). I've lost track of how many games are written using 7800basic and how welcoming it has made development for the console. Atari Dev Studio tricks it out with an interface, tight integration among other apps and tools that helps the learning curve along with saving resources. It's also a testimony to the support and heart of this community coming together; I am in amazement of @Defender_2600 graphical details and eagle eye as well as the musical achievements of @Synthpopalooza Additional wonderful contributions by @playsoft, @Pat Brady, @tep392, and of course the gorgeous box art from @Atariboy2600 to look forward to once this hits the AtariAge store. Most of all - absolutely and completely blown away by @darryl1970. I have to sit back, catch my jaw from dropping, and wrap my head around how in less than 6 months, what started as a 'simple' mini-game (Which is great in itself - holy crap - first time effort out the gate), has become one of the greatest Arcade ports of all time on any 8-bit system. It is incredibly inspiring to state the very least. What he has accomplished is phenomenal.
  8. What Pat stated is key - you need to find what is most comfortable for you respecting frequency and what exactly is shown. It's undeniable the benefit of having a community testing and providing feedback, but at the same time it may take some of that 'mystery' away. Though 'mystery' may be a non-issue for an Arcade port, certainly can understand the sentiment more in an original title. Perhaps stripping back some features or settings while ensuring the full game can be tested may be best. Again though, each title and developer may present or feel differently about what feature(s) are stripped and what exactly incorporates a 'full' test of the game. Love what you've been doing so far with Wizard's Dungeon, but certainly there are no expectations or demands. Whatever you feel is best, go with your gut. It's your baby/creation.
  9. This looks fantastic, Lewis! The video was a very nice appetizer...can't wait for the meal!
  10. Unfortunately, they are not very accurate for several details. They are based upon the ProSystem emulator default palette which looks like this when viewed through a color chart: Looks like it was shooting for a NTSC hot system palette but what is shown is impossible. The gamma and saturation levels are all over the place. The hue values are not attainable with the combinations shown. A more realistic color palette simulating a NTSC hot console would look something more like this: However, there are artifacts, fringing, bloom effect, scanline intensity, and other items present under an RF and Composite output display that is absent from an RGB approximation. S-Video, while removing many of the aforementioned items, is still not the same as RGB either. The color dial inside the console adjusts the difference in degrees between the row of hues shown. It is not, and does not work, the same as a display hue(tint) adjustment for a display. Typically, when the console is 'cold' the value is around 24 degrees. When completely 'hot', around 28 degrees. Factory setting (Set within the first couple of minutes of a cold console being powered on) is ~25.7 degrees. It sets Hue $1x (The first strip of colors after the grayscale), to the same appearance and values of Hue $15x (the last strip of colors): This appearance and setting will change though as the console warms up, depending when set, the average increase variance is somewhere around 1 or 2 degrees. While most colors remain extremely similar if not identical to the human eye, the most drastic change occurs with the last two rows of color - Row Hue 14 $Ex and Row Hue 15 $Fx. @DrVenkman capture is my personal choice as far as setting the color dial (~26.7 degrees). It demonstrates the full 256 color palette of the system. As far as an RGB conversion, it appears along these lines: More about the 7800 palette can be read about on http://7800.8bitdev.org/ the Color Documentation section. Check out the 7800 High Score Club for a wide range of captures, much relying on a person's personal preference/display settings. Here's some links to various shots of Commando running on real hardware: Commando 1 Commando 2 Commando 3 Commando 4 The best thing you can do. It may be prudent not to try matching anyone else's particular setup. There's a reasonable approximation to start with as far as the color palette, but in the end much of this comes down to personal preference. Get the palette to where you think it should be and you are happiest with as far as the end results.
  11. The A7800 emulator supports the HSC cart. For 7800basic games, if SaveKey saving is enabling, so is HSC. It can be utilized via Command Line as follows: a7800 a7800 -cart1 hiscore -cart2 myfilename.a78 Or selected through the GUI:
  12. For some systems Concerto doesn't work at all. My AT84 Serial console, not one game would work, many wouldn't even fully load. On one of my A3 units ~80% of the retail library works perfectly fine. Out of the remaining 20%, half have minor issues, and the other half are a no go or showstopping issue. Under that same A3 unit, most homebrews tested play great too. Overall, in my lot of consoles, it's a 50/50 split between behaving like the AT84 Serial mention or the A3 Serial. If you're sure the cart slot on your console is clean, and you are already utilizing valid ROMs, there may not be much else that can be done outside of waiting for batari to provide an updated Firmware (Current version is 0.95), for these Pre-Production cartridges. When a new firmware is ready for testing, it will be posted in the Concerto Firmware thread. The only other item you may want to check is the SD card you are using. I had much greater success with a newer (SanDisk) 32GB Ultra Plus card, than older 16GB, 4GB, and 2GB cards.
  13. Already have mine on preorder... ...so thank *you* for being extra thorough ensure the cart works fine
  14. Uploaded to the MCP DevCart, then AtariVox+ plugged into second port. Played a quick bunch of games : 4 Gems (Default), 5 Gems, and 6 Gems. Some with Retry, others with Title after entering high score; some others with powering off and powering back on the console. All scores new and old retained and experienced no freezing at anytime at end of game, entry of high score, or navigation through menus at any juncture. Appears rock solid.
  15. On my AT84, I have the same issue with Alien Brigade. It's completely hosed up on at least one of my A3 units as well. Like John Stamos Mullet though, on at least one my A1 machines it works perfectly. I also have another A3 unit in which Alien Brigade works fine too.
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