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  1. Ah...I think you are referring to the bilinear video filtering. From the A7800 folder, open the A7800.ini file under notepad (Or any other simple text editor). Change this: To this: Basically, just flip the flag on the video filter option.
  2. The 1KB larger is normal and expected for the *.a78 file compared to their *.bin file counterparts. Header configuration details are placed at the beginning of the *.a78 file, which is the actual difference between the two formats. The *.bin file will not run under A7800. It needs the *.a78 file with the header detail which informs the emulator how the data is laid out. What is meant by the quality looking drastically bad compared to A7800 with ADS? Could you please elaborate? It appears fine when I ran it. Unsure why the forum shows the file size the way it does (512.13), but viewed from the hard drive the *.bin file is 512KB, and the *.a78 file is 513KB.
  3. When running it under A7800 and BupSystem, both end up with the same result. A black crash screen with a stuck high pitch tone playing in the background. The ProSystem emulator does not properly account for and is far too generous with system timings and available clock cycles, among other issues. Dollars to donuts the file would behave exactly the same or very similarly on real hardware and... *Uploads to MCP DevCart* ...it does: On my A1 serial console - black crash screen with the same high pitch tone. Exact same results as A7800 and BupSystem. On my AT 84 serial console - red crash screen with no high pitch tone. Nearly the same results as A7800 and BupSystem. At the very least, don't use and especially don't test under ProSystem - Use BupSystem instead. It contains a interface very similar to the ProSystem emulator, but much closer to hardware accurate emulation.
  4. Trebor

    Rikki & Vikki

    Damn that Misery the Inconvenient, he's at it again!
  5. Indeed; I should have emphasized all recent reports were while backtracking to the beginning.
  6. In ROOM 49, rightly so, Knight Guy cannot passthrough the column and stone starting from the right side. The player cannot proceed further at this height going right: However, ROOM 50, Knight Guys can passthrough the same column and stone starting from the left side. The player can proceed further at this height going left:
  7. Similarly, seeming missing wall pieces in ROOM 60, when traversing back, although the upper right most one appears to be intended due to the stone work that is in front to the left of it:
  8. Below the ceiling/floor separator in ROOM 64 a piece of the wall column is missing:
  9. Upon death and respawning in ROOM 72, Knight Guy is unfairly dropped from above, onto the top of the ladder. This could lead to one or more cheap deaths:
  10. Unsure when this enhancement was performed, nonetheless, making it clear that going left of the waterfall would mean death is appreciated: Some earlier builds, could lead one to believe the step stone to the left was a safe path to follow. The moving water superimposed on top of it, in addition to it being in front of the water fill, creates a depth illusion of the stone being at the forefront while the actual action/movement would take place behind. It is a very nice touch.
  11. For ROOM 98, after completing the task at hand, the floor is extended all the way up to the wall/screen ending... ...upon returning though, the right-most segment portion of the floor is missing: In ROOM 93, while the ladder is fully extended, the game slows down considerably. There's even a brief graphical glitch occasionally. It is experienced both in Knight Guy's movement and the flames' flickering. Seems it may be tied to the current timer implementation for the ladder, as it does not occur when the ladder is extending, compressing, or fully compressed. It also did not occur when the same room was utilized as ROOM 01 in earlier builds (I.E. Beta 09). Slowdown does not occur when in other rooms with a timer, such as the bridge in ROOM 85. There is also no slowdown with ROOM 57, despite platforms engaged on a timer and two sets of flame bursts when backtracking.
  12. My apologies...initially the reply just stated, "Spoilers!!!" and the only portion that showed quoted was my inquiry if I was missing something more. I presumed "Spoilers!!!" was the answer to my question, in that you did not want to reveal more of the game as it would provide too many spoilers. The additionally statement edited in afterwards, about changing the potion location, made it clear what the exclamatory was really in regards to and the respective statement was removed from the prior response feedback.
  13. I did not experience any glitching or slowdown - and the dragon is fantastic; testing the player's patience more than anything else. Am I missing something though? The clock kept ticking up, but I am not seeing anything further to do at this point. *EDIT: Understood.
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