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  1. Altirra maybe be leveraging the factory/cool appearance of the palette (Palette customization and selection is available under Altirra due to a number of factors). Regardless, take note of the attachments. Notice how 9x remains distinctively blue, but for many values of Ax, it can look more green than blue over consistent system running time. COOL: HOT: The 7800 8BitDev site provides a more detailed explanation respecting the 7800 palette; including the gif linked below to help with visualization of what transpires. Truth is most colors stay consistently near the same, visually. Ax is one range in which the change over time can be significantly noticeable. http://7800.8bitdev.org/index.php/File:YIQ-7800-warmup.gif
  2. Sorry, meant more a cartridge "hack", rather than a game programming hack. Sure, the prototype (good as final/completed) NTSC ROM exists, but never an official final cart retail release existed, BITD. Many Sentinel NTSC carts out there are 'hacked' PAL cartridges. An exception to this would be in lieu of hacking a PAL cart, a NTSC cart made with a brand new CPUWIZ pcb.
  3. Correct; Sentinel was originally a PAL only release in which a hack is available that plays the game under NTSC consoles. Food for thought...Should a retail game be excluded because it was limited to a region? If so, the PAL collector's spreadsheet should exclude several games that is currently included in this spreadsheet. 😉 Perhaps make separate tabs for NTSC and PAL. Additional benefit being there are individuals who collect for both regions. 😀
  4. The 2600 emulation under MAME is overall comparable to a release 3.X, at best early release 4.X of Stella, respecting accuracy/support of titles available. More recent homebrews may struggle, if they run at all, and there is none of the recent TIA audio improvements present in current Stella releases. For many though, especially the casual user, it is perfectly fine in the way it handles the vast majority of the original retail library. It does have damn fine 7800 emulation. A huge portion of what makes it so fine is the excellent console timings, video fixes, and additions that were performed circa 2013-2014. However, even better console emulation accuracy and color palette support, as well as support for paddle, lightgun, and more, can be found in the offshoot emulator A7800.
  5. ...under the 7800 console hardware: Pac-Land Main Theme Music - RealHW.mp3 Pac-Land Death Tune - RealHW.mp3 Pac-Land Fairyland Melody - RealHW.mp3 Pac-Land Intro Melody - RealHW.mp3
  6. Jinks uses it - but nowhere near as much as Tower Toppler; basically, anywhere you see "jailbars" instead of a solid color is where artifacting 'should' be taking place within that game. Here are some good examples and an explanation featuring the Genesis and SNES in points 1 and 2, respectively. Point 3 talks about the 5200 and 7800. Point 4 touches on the SMS. Of course, the NES leverages it too. Under original hardware, the technique works under Composite and RF. A signal of S-Video or better and it is lost. Tower Toppler is brought up as it is heavily utilized with the majority of the tower relying upon it. Under emulation, support for "NTSC filter(s)" is often how you can view it simulated.
  7. Excellent port of a great Atari 2600 game:
  8. Batari provided a detailed write-up concerning the circuit a little over a decade ago while troubleshooting Harmony compatibility. It's worth the read. Regardless, -^CrossBow^- piqued my curiosity too.
  9. Actually, Namco requested Yoshihiro Kishimoto to create the game based on the show after seeing the success of the cartoon. The hat is in the Namco original as well. 😉😀
  10. The hat is present in the US release of the game including both Bally and Bally-Midway versions. It's not just for aesthetics, there's a helmet upgrade too. Unless there's some workaround to account for that upgrade (Pac-Man is invulnerable from taking hits to the top of his head), accounting for space for the hat in the Pac-Man player graphic is necessary. Besides many know he wears a hat... 😉 P.S. If leveraging Bentley, room for hat wearing is already accounted for in the game.
  11. Try this first: -triplebuffer If that does not work, then try: -notriplebuffer -waitvsync
  12. Rain and lightning...Nice! Joining the pile of the looking and sounding great crowd. Love the prelude that has been added as well; sets up the atmosphere perfectly. Just by reading it, I'm already engaged and haven't even reached the real action yet.
  13. If interested in achieving closer to, or exactly, what you wanted, 7800 games go up to 48K without the need for bankswitching.
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