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  1. I put together a tribute collection of Kurt's work as posted through his Nukey Shay moniker. The scope of the collection is strictly the files he posted directly with no additional modifications made by other parties. Two sub-folders are included in addition to the main, which sorts according to files designed specifically for the Supercharger, and those designed for the Flashback Portable. It's important to keep in mind that files for those devices may not function properly outside of their target equipment. The FB Portable files particularly can employ techniques that possibly cause synchronization issues on other displays. Files that are not labelled for a particular region are most likely NTSC; however, there is an abundance of PAL and PAL60 designated files as well. Some files without a region specified, and especially those with "Palette Select" in the file name, can swap between NTSC and PAL palettes by utilizing the B&W switch for the console (Pause button on the 7800). Although not intended to be all-inclusive, even with the limited scope, there are well over 350 files, and it does a respectable job in representing his legacy. I can only imagine if involving everything Kurt either influenced or assisted, that number would double. Thanks to Nukey, once again, for the great times and amazingly awesome work.. you are missed. Nukey Shay Tribute Collection.zip
  2. The above links to a file dated June 3rd. There a newer version from Nukey, file date June 17th here.
  3. What I really appreciate and enjoy with Nukey's work is I feel it reflects some of the closest to being highly probable to an actual release back in the day, if (slightly) better resources and circumstances were present. I most certainly enjoy other hacks and the complete remakes for the VCS; however, Nukey provided a number of really nice upgrades and polish to the original retail releases with some of the highest realm of possibility and feasibility factoring to me, within a similar reality: The already mentioned: Pac-Man (Download click here) Others: Ms. Pac-Man (Download click here) Galaxian (Download click here) Space Invaders Deluxe (Download click here) Keeps all the above within 8K and provides source code.. very cool work from a very cool individual, whose absence is felt by many.
  4. Here's the link: https://concerto.atariage.com/
  5. The "what not to do" lesson to be learned from this prototype is work for a company that lacks the ability to provide the resources needed to develop the requested game. RoF used 2KB of cart RAM when development was first started in '84. It was shelved along with the console. When things picked up again for the 7800 in the later 80's, it wasn't given the go ahead to finish development. In comparison, the games Jinks and Impossible Mission were provided 8KB RAM. Summer and Winter Games were provided 16KB. Considering what was pulled off with as little as 2KB RAM, this game would have been more than "done" with 16 or even 8KB.
  6. Current production Concerto carts support up to 512k ROMs (Excluding 512k + RAM) and have a socket for a POKEY or (when available) HOKEY chip; the chip is not installed or provided. Ultimately, production Concerto carts will be made available that support up to 1024k ROMs (Including 512k + RAM), and have a socket with a HOKEY provided and installed (Optionally).
  7. Evidently, ROM packs are being mixed (up). Trebors 7800 ROM PROPack does not contain 2600 ROMs. From what is being described, you may also have ROM Hunter's Atari 2600 VCS ROM Collection.
  8. The idea was brought up before.. ..and responded to.. ..but maybe he has since changed his mind, or will change his mind. 🤷‍♂️
  9. If there is a Knight Guy / Ninjish Guy box set, I'm all for it. However, insisting on 'double dipping' with Knight Guy for a three boxed set down the road.. "Knight in Shining Armor" Gold Collector's Edition Trilogy: Knight Guy In Low Res World - Castle Days Knight Guy on Board - 30 Squares of Fate Knight Guy - Quest For Something
  10. Great job, Vlad.. the update is wonderful! Bosses feel more even balanced across the spectrum. What I really love is the attention to detail and the 'finer' accuracy of things. Take this for example: When Ninjish Guy enters a board with the flying piranha fish, if remained perfectly still, the fish flies precisely over Ninjish Guy with the very tip of the bottom fin neatly matching the indent on the upper left hand side of Ninjish Guy. No helmet this time around for the swimming ability, though the AIR factor is a beautiful thing. The timer is really in a sweet spot where I don't feel a crushing need for immediate air too often, but simultaneous cannot be ignored either. The aforementioned factors nicely against the bone fish and his green shrimp/slime attacks. Felt a tad bit of a somewhat homage perhaps to Tower Toppler's bonus level shrimps. I enjoyed that battle. So, I guess we now have Congo Bongo Jr., or just Bongo Jr., either way it definitely is a welcomed addition to upping the ante with the challenge against the big ape there. Ditto with thorny rose providing only 5 at a time as replenishment. It too brought just a little more challenge to the battle. Purple Spinball with a little 'middle danger' is a great modification too. Felt a little like a mix of Sonic combining with the Werewolf boss of Castlevania lore, as far as attack pattern. As has been a staple, the backtracking never feels like a chore, but truly a welcomed task and adventure. It's hard to believe the game is 70 screens already.. time truly flies when you're having fun. Looking forward to continued and completed development of another great title.
  11. TABLES.S: TEXT8 DB $B8,$C4,$F0,$D6,$CA,$CC ; "ALMOST" TEXT9 DB $F0,$B8,$EC,$BA,$2F,$C2,$CC ; "MADE IT" Food Fight source: FOODFIGHT.zip
  12. Indeed, the third try with '210902_02' release is the charm. Since we're on threes - it is playing perfectly under: 1. Concerto with two different NTSC consoles 2. MiSTer FPGA 3. A7800 Emulator Thank you for the update!
  13. The latest build, 20210901, freezes up under the Concerto on two of my NTSC systems, the same exact way it does under A7800. After the initial title screen, and then the in-game title screen, the board is wiped, it then fills out with the layout and the liquid meter on the left fills up. Right after, when the action is about to begin, it freezes up completely.
  14. Unsure how it's related to a possible Concerto or/and console issue, but that Diagnostic Cart result screen does not appear correctly: It is definitely flagging, demonstrating a problem is present. It should appear like this: From the most extensive write up I have come across concerning the cartridge - thank you John Harvey - we know this much: Unfortunately, it's not much to go on here.
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