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  1. https://atariage.com/forums/topic/268839-bentley-bear-crystal-quest-game-editor/
  2. Trebor

    Rikki & Vikki

    Seems like the HDTV being utilized may not display the console's 320 mode(s) properly via the installed mod. Do you have the retail game Tower Toppler or the homebrew Dungeon Stalker to test further?
  3. Ensure the difficulty switches are set and emulated properly. The Player 1/Left Difficulty Switch should be set to the Right, ensuring properly function of two button support. The Player 2/Right Difficulty Switch determines button assignment for either 'Run & Fire' or 'Jump', accordingly. Set to the Right: Button 1 = Jump || Button 2 = Run & Fire Set to the Left: Button 1 = Run & Fire || Button 2 = Jump
  4. Mednafen's Genesis core = Genesis Plus: "Genesis Plus focuses on a high level of accuracy in its emulation over the addition of features, borrowing MAME's CPUs and sound chips emulation code. As a result, Genesis Plus is one of the most accurate Mega Drive emulators available, as it maintains a level of accuracy even to a point where problems exhibited on the original hardware will be exhibited in the emulator as well. The only other Mega Drive emulator that has such a level of emulation accuracy is Kega Fusion." Windows 10 x64 user here on a Core i7, and Kega Fusion runs flawlessly. Genesis NTSC blargg filter enabled is the icing on the cake. Its 32x and SegaCD support is excellent, as is the Sega Master System and Game Gear emulation.
  5. Looks like Two Tigers with a Time Pilot behind the controls. 😁 The planes themselves look great...the clouds provide the amazement and depth of field...awesome job!
  6. The thought is nice, but unfortunately the emulator utilized for showcasing the 7800 is pretty inaccurate, even by standards of several years ago. For example: Dig Dug, Xevious, Kung-Fu Master (especially), are noticeable wrong. Color palettes are arguable, but the glitches seen in the video are not an accurate depiction. It definitely took time and effort to put together, but the end result does a disservice to the 7800:
  7. "Splitmode"...Since January 2015. 😉 "Taller Sprites"... Enough derailing of the thread though... Let's get this one back on track about Draker Quest II. 🙂
  8. For some peace of mind, a very quick and dirty video below; volume was hardly audible for the first 30 seconds (sorry), increased the volume slightly for the last 30 seconds. More importantly, as it does with the A7800 emulator, under real hardware, the 20200303b build runs fine:
  9. The game is really well rounded with a lot of variety already. The following could be nearly categorized as nitpicky rather then perhaps useful or needful suggestions: 1. Dragons of red and blue variety are playable in the game. A yellow dragon is used for selection. Maybe a green ("Dragon of Earth") can be included to go with the red and blue options in-game. 2. I think the music for Dragon's Descent is fantastic. If possible, hoping for a little more variety here though. Perhaps another tune or two can be either substituted or added to the game. No 'biggie' though; the default "A" tune has definitely grown on me and is what I leave it set at currently when playing. Please, do not fret over the above, as this game is rock-solid out the gate. One of the reasons I even mentioned either point is because as far as gameplay and overall presentation, this title is aces - there is truly nothing more I can think of or desire from this puzzle title. All in 48K too! What a testimony to your talent, abilities, and A7800basic...standing-o as far as I am concerned; wonderful job!
  10. It happens with every new MAME release for the first couple of days as well. A review of the file can be requested to Goggle, but it typically stops automatically with time (24-72 hrs).
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