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  1. Because this project has probably been suspended and I was bored, decided to make little addon with some very nice games (in my opinion). Added: - Amaurote (+ music & cover) - Arcade Pac-Man - Atomit - Battle Ships (+ music & cover) - Blip (+ music) - Captain Gather (+ music & cover) - Colony (+ music, map & cover)... (still waiting for fixed versions) - Crumble's Crisis 2 (+ music) - Dagobar (+ music & cover) - Jet Action, The (+ music & cover) - Klątwa and its english version - The Curse (+ music, map & cover) - Lasermania (+ music & cover) - Mountain Bike Racer (+ music, manual & cover) - Problem Jasia (+ music, manual & cover) - Rebound (+ music) - Rocket Repairman - RUCU (+ music & cover) - Saper (+ music & cover) - Tactic (+ music & cover) - Tanks (+ music & cover) - Thinker (+ music & cover) - Tricky Tracks - Universal Hero (fixed version) (+ map & covers) - Warsaw Tetris, The (+ music) Additionally: - add Crumble's Crisis new maps (5 levels) - rename Analog Computing 'Rebound' to Rebound (AC) - conflict with MicroValue 'Rebound'. Download: AddonGamePack
  2. Thank You Mr.Bacardi !!! I OCR this pdf and translated via google - it helped me a lot.
  3. I'm looking manual for this tracker. Anybody have it? Thx!
  4. This images using 3 different color palettes. BALLISTIX_1.gif using C64HQ palette. Prowler.png using PEPTO palette (probably most faithful color palette C64). Que-Dex-C64.gif using CCS64 palette. Your images vs the same images with PEPTO palette:
  5. Why did you change tags "AUTHOR" in my conversions?
  6. "One shining start to make the world bright, One infant child on that wonderful night, One little prayer for those we hold dear, To bless you at Christmas and all through the year..." Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for all Atari'maniacs on this planet.
  7. Look here: http://atari.fandal.cz/detail.php?files_id=1511 Original: http://www.gb64.com/game.php?id=676
  8. Fixed arps and added 2 new. cyb2unf_lf.xex
  9. Marcokitt2000, here is fixed version Missile Command and Moon Patrol: http://drac030.krap.pl/pl-fixes.php
  10. Microsoft Basic v2.0.atr
  11. Emkay, try using normal POKEY instruments, okay? Example: cb.mp3
  12. This instrument sounds great and plays correctly in official version of RMT Good work ! Meybe try using this bass in one of my songs Sharpness Buzztone in this movie playing with 2xVBI, final version playing with 3xVBI. I am not trying to make an exact copy sounds of track. Final result must clearly played & must be like me P.S. You're saying that you are not a musician. Who is writing music on Atari today, is a musician?
  13. I appreciate your commitment, but what there is aim of these experiments? One, meybe cool, but 'strange' instrument, degraded all the rest. Maybe time to make something simple methods, and classical instruments? My contribution for this topic: Regards P.S. POKEY this is not SID, and he has own charm
  14. Pokey play this tune much better: http://www.tinyurl.pl?ZTaFaYC6
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