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  1. @pangasinan: No they seem really UNHAPPY. Never met a happy mod b4

    1. jaybird3rd


      They've got a tough and often thankless job to do. I'm sure they do a lot more "cleaning up" on the forums (editing or deleting troll posts and so forth) than most of us are aware of.

  2. moderators are gay

    1. pangasinan


      Yes ,they seem very happy dont they.

  3. After leaving a comment here about advertizing, and video games, I wondered just to what extent of an asshole I was being. So I decided to come here to the Atari Age forums to ask for yall's opinion(s) on the matter. But I was thinking (while laughing to myself) just how AWFUl it would be to have intrusive advertizing in a game like Demon's Souls or Etrian Odyssey, or some other game where the heavy mood kind of carries the experience. I mean, say you're down in the labyrinths of Etrian Odyssey 4 (if they make a fourth) and you see a McDonalds! Lol, come on you know that'd be great. You could go get an Egg McMuffin (the game always feels like morning to me) and it'd raise your hitpoints 40 each time!
  4. did you get my message? I just sent one

  5. Apparently you have to choose "mark as read" after having clicked on a message. But I like it more where if the number in the top right of the screen is in bold and says "1," "2," etc., that it implies you have unread messages, because when I click on it and see that I've already read a message, and it wasn't telling the truth when it actually told me I had unread messages, then I get very slightly annoyed or something... http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/542/oldschooldickhead.png/ ...none of which I expressed to this guy above who just banned me from responding to him in PM about it. I guess he's still annoyed that I thought he looked like Dave Halverson in his profile pic. If I'm wrong, as I likely am, and no one else SUFFERS from this problem, of seeing sometimes on forums that it says "unread messages," not just at AtariAge's forums... and then you click on it and realize they are in fact messages you've already clicked on and read... then well so be it. Sorry!
  6. Thanks for that Michael McDonald video. Never seen it before.

  7. Thanks!!!! I wonder why I couldn't just find that information somewhere on the web when I looked.
  8. I got a GBA SP AGS-101 which seemed great until i realized there is no way to turn off the color on original gameboy games. Am I right about that or do I have to hold down some button/
  9. This is not an RPG, but I thought it might appeal to space combat fans:
  10. I am playing version 2.1 of 22-Jan-82. Does anyone know if an earlier version didn't have the character backup option?
  11. I've played the DS version tonight. I ordered it about a week ago but just got to playing it. It's very good. I'm at level 6-3 so far. Pretty nice challenge if you're trying to get all the feathers (they're like the big stars in Mario). Controls very well, though it's tricky to get rid of unwanted vines. I recommend picking it up to anyone who enjoys simple, addictive action-puzzlers.
  12. i only know that It's Magic song from commercials

  13. i only know that It's Magic song from commercials

  14. Yes, save scumming is cheating. But everyone did it, so it's ok. Actually I just noticed there is a backup option in the utilities section of the boot disk. So I guess it's not save scumming after all.
  15. You know I didn't even know what you were talking about until I checked it out and lo and behold, I put that in as a joke years and years ago and totally forgot about it. Well, it's staying because it's hilarious And no, it isn't. aw, man!
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