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  1. A+++++ for gzfrk super fast payment and good guy to deal with!
  2. Found this in a box of my old video game collections. My Jaguar system has long since been sold. I do still have the memory cart for the CD unit. Still in box with instructions in excellent condition. I do not have a way to test it so sold as is! Please see my eBay feedback for Joeyray to see my seller rep. Looking for Best offer (buyer to pay for shipping costs so factor that into your offer). Thanks guys (& gals). Joe R.
  3. This was termed a rare cart. It is opened but in the box (both are mint cond)! Looking for offers of cash (not trade). Have not been out on AA for while now. Are there any Odyssey collectors out here? Thanks, JR
  4. This cart is complete with Box and instruction manual. I guess the claim is this was the last Cart published for the 32x (limited run of 1500???) The box has a small scar on the front (less than 1") and a slight crease\crush on one side (about an 1" long). None of the art work is peeled off or missing (I'd give it an easy 8.5 out of 10) Manual and sticker on cart are both in excellent condition. From viewing rartity\price guides on line it is listed between $160 and $400 depending on different variables. If anyone is interested shoot me an email. Thanks, Joeyray
  5. Thanks for all the offers i got so far. I decided to go the ebay route I took AX's advice and started it at $99 dollars with NR. Here is the item id if any one is interested: 190410612869. Thanks again, Joeyray
  6. Id like to see her get $200 shes out of work and could use the cash. I may as well just post it out on Ebay and see what happens. Thanks for all the imput. JR
  7. Let me get the pics posted showing everything so you guys can see what Im taking about. I will run any and all offers by her first but again my bad I should have have the pics ready to go with the post. Thanks, -JR Pics are up guys! This is the real deal if any one is a Turbografx collector.
  8. Let me get the pics posted showing everything so you guys can see what Im taking about. I will run any and all offers by her first but again my bad I should have have the pics ready to go with the post. Thanks, -JR
  9. I should have taken Pics before I put up the post (my bad). I will have pics posted shortly. She did not have any games other than the still sealed Keith Courage HU card.
  10. Havent taken any yet but plan on doing so at some point tonight or tommorrow morning. JR
  11. I've gotten some good deals via Atari Age members in the past so I'd like to "give back" by offering it here first before trying other avenues (IE: Graigs list, ebay, Chase the Chuck wagon). JR
  12. Ok here is the deal my Neighbor had a yard sale last weekend. I noticed she a had an NEC Turbo Grafx 16 for sale. When I opened the box to make sure something was in it I was shocked to find the system had never been taken out! Everything was still in the plastic, the system, controller, Ac adapter, manuals instruction with warrenty card ect. The Keith courage HU is still shrink wrapped in the case. I asked her about it and turns out she worked for NEC back in the day and they offered them to the employees at some point in time. She never had an interest in it so it sat in the box since then! She also said she had a few other items and shortly after was able to dig up a boxed arcade stick and a boxed\sealed Joystick extension cable. She did not realize what she had there. I told her I would help her out and get what it was worth. So I'm posting it here looking for offers. I know this will go for good money on Ebay. I'd rather try and give back to the Atari Age community and help her out at the same time. My Ebay Id is the same as my Atari Age ID and you can check my feedback rating. Thanks Guys for reading...Joeyray Every thing still has the clear mylar sticky to it...both controllers and the Turbografx logo on the system it self. This system is a virgin Turbografx according to the owner and from what I can see as well.
  13. I hoping someone can help me out i picked up a hip gear ps2 screen pad with out the power adapter. Does any one happen to have one and know what the specs of adapter are? Any help would be great i cant seem to find out much info on the unit.
  14. I grew up right smack in the middle of the "Era" as well and I made tons of plastic models as well.Never came across the "Missle Command Van" before either. Thanks for posting the pic.
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