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  1. I just heard this also. He was Huge inspiration to my collection of Kiosk way back to when we first met each other in early 2000's. life is precious, he will be greatly missed.
  2. Another bump, Great seller! Amazing item that very few people have. If I did not have one I would be all over this
  3. I am starting to list Wii games for sale on my store www.tradengames.com Thanks for looking
  4. I have a few of those in stock, just got a nice Megamania http://www.tradengames.com/store/pc/A-J-Atari-2600-Boxed-games-c115.htm
  5. O ya it is! thats why I shared. Not fair of me to have all the fun.
  6. I was going to say the same thing!
  7. Had a lady call my store asking if I bought Atari games. Yes, cause hers were stolen by her sister. 5 min later into conversation I asked her if she thought any were valuable since I only give up to a dollar most of the time and she said she had one worth more than money cause her dad got it for her " Birthday Mania" and she still has the card that came with it. In an instant my BS meter went off. Her name on caller ID was "Polly" and she said name on cart as well is same. Shes a bounty hunter and her husband is Fed! so it has to be legit story right? Funny story and be on lookout for one on market maybe soon...
  8. Im still needing one. Just dont have that kind of money going towards games any more.
  9. Show me a B/W box please. I have never seen a 86 label combat or this manual. The cart that went with this auction did not match this manual that i can tell.
  10. I just got this for the my Kiosk collection. The story how I got it is in the video. Enjoy
  11. We have just added over 1000 original Instruction Manuals to our web site www.tradengames.com We also updated the Atari 2600 manuals with some good stuff. Thanks for looking http://www.tradengames.com/store/pc/home.asp Lots of new sections just were made active this week. As normal you always get the item pictured. Sorry at this time we only ship in the US New sections added this week Gameboy B&W, Gameboy color and Gameboy Advance http://www.tradengames.com/store/pc/Gameboy-Instruction-Maunuals-only-GB-GBC-GBA-c188.htm Playstation 1 http://www.tradengames.com/store/pc/Playstation-1-manuals-only-c192.htm Sega Gamegear http://www.tradengames.com/store/pc/Instruction-Manuals-Sega-Game-Gear-c191.htm Sega Saturn http://www.tradengames.com/store/pc/Instruction-Manuals-Sega-Saturn-c190.htm Sega Cd http://www.tradengames.com/store/pc/Instruction-Manuals-for-Sega-Cd-c189.htm
  12. I think $2750 is a good fair price for this cart. And cart seems legit to me
  13. Should be / could be/ is all subjective to the market on these hard to find titles. I have seen loose Video life almost always hit the $2500-3000 range and most of the boxed ones sold so long ago that their price is only the baseline at this point. One of the "owners" had a factory sealed one on the market for the last year around $7000 and had lots of interest but sat on the market unsold. Most of us know the History of the First Boxed Air raid and its buyer who wanted it very badly and has the money to make that happen and when the second one came to open market with manual the same buyer did 3 things, got a manual, I think upgrade box and more than anything Protected his original price. A few of us also know how much the extra manualless one sold for. So only in my opinion Boxed Air Raid is way over priced only because of lack of sales history and video life has sold very well considering most sales were 10+ years ago now. I also have overpaid for games i wanted and dont care cause i still have them and enjoy them in my collection. I love talking to you CpuWiz!
  14. This is not a true statement. a little over 10 have been found since 2005. And there were less than 10 before that accounted for. Atari Age has a registry for the game and trys to track it and so do I, I know 4 on the list who have sold theirs. I also own one and im not on the list. By my count we are at 23 total found now and that includes the 3 boxed ones. The cart should not sell for less than $2500 on the open market. With some High End collectors out there now from the Nintendo side they are also hunting the Grails of Atari, Intellivision and Coleco just to say they have them and investing in them. This could add some serious value to Air Raid. Maybe the seller should start bidding around $2000 and see what happens? There has not been much activity on this cart lately.
  15. http://www.ebay.com/sch/trade-n-games/m.html?item=332095128615&ssPageName=STRK%3AMESELX%3AIT&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562 I got some very rare games in for the Colecovision and decided to list on Ebay since they are hardly every listed up for sale. Aquattack last sold for over $500 And I have not seen and Sewer Sam boxed in some time. Weird thing is Price Charting must not keep up to well on Coleco since they dont even have a listing for Sewer Sam and did not even track last time Aquattack sold. Both are no reserve so im hoping they hit good enough price for me. Thanks for looking
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