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  1. July 26, 2002 This still sold for $535 at auction with solid bidding action from people with good feedback. The week before this auction started I bought just a wallet without the little box for $150 on Ebay
  2. I just call them Error labels on those mid 80's releases except when on Asterix and few others
  3. I lost #34 registered to Jason Brassard in the theft at Trade-n-games a few years ago. If it ever pops back up please let me know so i can work on getting it back.
  4. I would like to buy this. List it on Ebay and let it ride. I would start bidding at $999 and let it ride. I am in at starting bid. Or send me PM on here. Thanks
  5. I need some help to work on a subject. Who has a boxed copy of 1987 Mario Bros 2600 with the Atari Advantage sticker on front. Even better if you have a sealed one please post a quick picture proof. There is a speculator using new incomplete data hyping their graded one as the rarest one ever. I feel with just a little asking around We can post at least 5 or more sealed ones in next few days.
  6. I just heard this also. He was Huge inspiration to my collection of Kiosk way back to when we first met each other in early 2000's. life is precious, he will be greatly missed.
  7. Another bump, Great seller! Amazing item that very few people have. If I did not have one I would be all over this
  8. I am starting to list Wii games for sale on my store www.tradengames.com Thanks for looking
  9. I have a few of those in stock, just got a nice Megamania http://www.tradengames.com/store/pc/A-J-Atari-2600-Boxed-games-c115.htm
  10. O ya it is! thats why I shared. Not fair of me to have all the fun.
  11. I was going to say the same thing!
  12. Had a lady call my store asking if I bought Atari games. Yes, cause hers were stolen by her sister. 5 min later into conversation I asked her if she thought any were valuable since I only give up to a dollar most of the time and she said she had one worth more than money cause her dad got it for her " Birthday Mania" and she still has the card that came with it. In an instant my BS meter went off. Her name on caller ID was "Polly" and she said name on cart as well is same. Shes a bounty hunter and her husband is Fed! so it has to be legit story right? Funny story and be on lookout for one on market maybe soon...
  13. Im still needing one. Just dont have that kind of money going towards games any more.
  14. Show me a B/W box please. I have never seen a 86 label combat or this manual. The cart that went with this auction did not match this manual that i can tell.
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