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  1. humm, i don't recall releasing the files in one of those folders to the public. not going to say what or where, but yeah, interesting!!!
  2. if i were you i wouldn't bother. as someone who ownes a copy i can honestly say its not particularly good, also difficult to play. combining basically a shooting game and breakout into one does not work well.
  3. i did mention this previously on a twitter pm but as you didn't reply i thought you were not interested in it so i didn't peruse any further. i will sort something out and get it to you
  4. i got an error while attempting to make 'jaguar hockey' D:\Desktop\cd2jcd>cd2jcd hockey.cdi Opening hockey.cdi... valid CD image. Error: Too many tracks in image (93), max 81 tracks.
  5. the switch is a known bad component, especially after 30 odd years being sat around. good practice is remove it, disassemble and make the internals shiny again with your preferred method, i use brasso then polish off apply dielectric grease and reassemble and solder back in failing that replace with a different switch
  6. if you cant get anything useful out of this thing after replacing the video ram chips i have had trouble personally with the following components the two main ram chips after deciding to replace all the chips on the board because they were cheaper then the two ram chips, it turned out to be the ram chips or chip i think it was that was dead, not everything else 🤦‍♂️ the clock crystal on a ntsc board (one pin had broken so it was only attached with one. getting a replacement for that was an issue due to overpriced ebay shipping, had to get someone in the US to get it and send it to me so i could get it at a reasonable price. i still have an issue with my French RGB board (which is the one the ram chips were dead on) where it displays faint white vertical bars on the screen, i have replaced most of the video circuitry with new but it is stll doing it. most annoying, apart from that the machine turns on and functions. its not the vdp as swapping it into another pal board and testing the board it was swapped into the video is fine, so i have been stumped on that one for some time unfortunatley
  7. this must be relatively new, when i needed it there was nothing, looks similar to mine to be honest
  8. just a note that console 5's installation guide for the 5v ram is for ntsc boards, and although can e done on pal boards you cant blindly go and do the same wireing because the components are different / different places. i have done a 5v ram mod on a pal machine so i may be able to help if needed
  9. very interested in a new version of this, the only thing that would be useful is a better way to program the boards. the first version seemed annoying to program. being able to program / reprogram boards withoutout manual chip programming and soldering would be very useful!
  10. well in this articular instance, i got one off ebay in the hope to put a MODE in it and there was some damage to various board components, some of the small capacitors look a bit on the bent side like they have been knocked possibly when the mod chip i found in it was put in, so if i can get it working again, i was going to do a recap as good practice due to the previous owners uncaring work. the auction said it was working but then stopped reading discs when they tested it, so i thought it was a bad laser which would be removed anyway for a MODE / XStation install, but sadly it wasn't quite that simple in the end. one issue was the small power cable for the laser movement was seized into the motherboard socket etc
  11. yes it would, my issue is the cap size. getting the right capacitance or the same or more voltage is fine, but there are several sizes on the board, all the lists say capacitance and voltage not what package size they are and i know there are so celled better capacitors like the solid polymer ones that don't leak, those however only seem to be a specific range of capacitance. it all seems to be a rather grey area, if a list exists including the package size also then i could and would go by that to DIY it possibly offer a kit purchase service for uk people i guess
  12. i have a playstation 1 that could do with a capacitor kit, the only problem is that everywhere i have looked so far that deals in retro computer hardware do not stock kits for sale. Getting a kit from console5 or ebay (seems to only be a us seller on there selling them) i do not feel happy with. Once you have paid for the parts and extremely overpriced shipping and then ridiculous import tax on top, it makes this a particularly sour option for uk residents, paying $60~ at least for a set of capacitors is absolutely ridiculous! So im after a source in the uk, does anyone have any sources other than say rs or farnell, i would prefer not to do the research if purchase capacitors in their individual form, i would prefer a kit for x board.
  13. i did some tinkering and research today on this subject and found out it is reletively easy to extract the images saved in the MRQ files this is what i did to achieve this feat: open any mrq file in a hex editor using the functions of the hex editor select the selections and export the rew data for the box and screenshots, offset 114 - 21937 (decimal) for the box, 21938 - end of file (decimal) for the screen shot goto this website: https://rawpixels.net/ load either of the two images into the webpage set the image size for the image you have loaded, box 88 x 124, screen 88 x 56 set pixel format to RBGA set bpp1 = 5, bpp2 = 5, bpp3 = 6, bpp4 = 0 you do not need to change any of the other options you will then see theat the correct image is then displayed at the top of the page above the options, right click on it and use te save image as option (firefox) if using another browser use that browsers save image option. repeat for the other image, dont forget to change the image dimensions you shouldnt need to change the bpp options again
  14. if you are havng trouble reading that rather shabby file linked above here is another nice 'clean' version of the schematic
  15. is there a way or tool or this maybe an idea for a tool for mrqtopng ? sometimes you might want to edit the picture included within the mrq but as the image is not provided anywhere otehr than in the mrq it cannot happen i have come across this personally and would like to edit some images
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