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  1. does anyone have any 3d models of a colecovision cartridge shell they wouldnt mind uploading. the end goal of mine is to 3d print a couple off to house a few of the available games that have been posted for download. they would need to be in an editable format like inventor or step because they would neeed to be modded a little to accept the non standard circuit boards i posess
  2. got something in the inbox today CVSD_Upgrade_Instructions_Beta_2.zip have fun
  3. i expect the person spreading these lies IS or is closely tied to the one very well known spew spitter the we all hate
  4. has anyone managed to get hold of the latest update from Steven yet? if so can they post the firmware here i emailed him like we are supposed to but it has been over a week now and nothing. he is a hard man to get hold of! thanks
  5. can you upload the file here by chance?
  6. this is still proably the latest CVSD_Upgrade_Instructions_Beta.zip
  7. by the look of that, it is my beleif that the rom chip which is can hold 128k (for a 32k game) actually hold multiple game rom images, and the pin 13 issue and eur / usa selection pins are wired to address lines, so whatevr is selected +5 or 0 volts it configures the eprom to make available to the console a specific region of romspace which contains the relivant rom image depending on selected criteria. this makes perfect sence to me now by being asked what region i would like the game when purchasing. that being said, i am only assuming by what i see in the cartridge pictures. may i ask where this image came from, there appears to be cropped text around the picture that might be useful / interesting to see.
  8. cyan below on top picture doesnt go anywhere normal pad dodgey part
  9. thought it would be nice to attempt a descent board for the coleco rather than that shabby thing that was produced i dont know what circuitry risky has inside as that would mean damaging the label, it just triggers demo mode if 13 is not connected to ground which prevents exiting level 1, this does not happen without intervention if you have thrown your shield away if its dirty or gets in the way of various mods. i bring up the system rom because there is the option to add 32 pin roms to american units with a small mod. the super action controller has net lines that dont go anywhere on the on the numeric pad too, also there is something iffy with the normal controller in 3d preview but that could be a kicad bug?
  10. i have been looking at the schematics / pcb files in the zip, and i wanted to give a lettle feedback for the colecovision drawings. the eprom space seems to be only 28 pins which is the same as the main EU board. it would be nice to allow 32 pin chips. these are easier to come by if someone wanted to get a board made also, pin 13 on the cartridge connector is only connected to the shielding contacting screw hole, this causes issues with the risky rick game. it would be far better if these two points were connected to ground, this allows risky rick to function properly there appear to be a few pcd drawings that are incomplete with unrouted nets. good work in accumulating / drawing all those files you have shared 👍
  11. what printer do you have? i may be able to give this a go
  12. doom runs from ram its only the assets (wad) that needs to be in rom so wad swapping shouldnt be that hard, swapping thw wad out in the doom rom is as easy as finding iwad i think it is and replacing that and everything after with something else in a hex editor if you want to look at this happening right now with homebrew you need to look as this regularly, there's only a few at the moment but i expect this is only because they have ended https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/m.html?item=312618172288&hash=item48c97ebf80%3Ag%3Azr0AAOSwtNlc0FOe&_ssn=*retroriginals*&_ipg=200&rt=nc
  13. u35 is the system bios, it will never get hot. i suppose you could replace it just to be sure i would change your attention to the small chips in front of the cartridge connector. i have had to replace one or two of these in the past in relation to red screen look at the tops very closely and see if any of them are damaged
  14. yes the blue streaks. i am sure i removed / opened / brassowed all contacts / applied dielectric grease / reassembled / resoldered the power switch im pretty sure the power supply is ok as i only have one legit power supply and using it on other machines the video output is fine saying this i do have anotehr non coleco one (its the replacement one with the din plug on, i could wire that up and check i guess. the components in that thing would be newer so would rule out the PSU, i will investigate this further.
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