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  1. good job i have got more PCB's on order for future manufacturing's, should be no lack of boards because there are enough remaining to cover the time it takes for delivery
  2. VR3 there appears to be no designator for these along with the resistors attached to the base pin of the transistors ill look for some more later
  3. what about switching to a very small looping silence ? this will give the illusion of no sound
  4. ok ill look for those when im able. in the meantime i sourced a cartridge connector 3d model, unfrtunately its not the right colour's, but i guess you cant have everything ENG_CVM_CVM_5530841-2_B.3d_stp.zip datasheet: https://www.te.com/commerce/DocumentDelivery/DDEController?Action=srchrtrv&DocNm=5530841&DocType=Customer+Drawing&DocLang=English mfg's part number: 5530841-2
  5. im not too sure what you need here, are we consentrting on the yellow outlines or the non yellowd components? i can see an issue with the picture already however, some of the transistors near the rgb out socket have verticle resistors on some of the transistor base pins, this is not highlighted as having anything so that will need documenting. i wont have access to my scart colecovision for 1.5 weeks but after that i should be able to do something if i know what is needed
  6. i may be able to help with that if interested, i do have a pal / pal scart / ntsc board so i can provide reference, i also dont mind removing the odd component if the wording is under a chip or whatnot to find out the correct references
  7. @ChildOfCvjust some general feedback based upon your shared project folder with the schematics and whatnot. There appears to be some errors with the PAL SCART board project, there seems to be multiple R180's and R181's also the pcb layout is for a NTSC Coleco, i did try importing a new netlist but errored because of the multiple resistors. i did try and fix that by giving them some name appendages but it gave me more issues after, so gave up. this is only because i spent most of the week trying to self learn kicad which i have learnt a lot but there's still a lot missing like multiple schematics and hierarchy etc thought i would have a play with a more complex project than my own one sheet jaguar joypad to coleco joypad converter project, which is coming along quite well now
  8. you mean like this
  9. i would be happy with a 6 pin icsp header, then it can be flashed with a cheap arduino uno clone and avrdude
  10. Having repaired multiple colecovisions for me and a friend this would be something I would buy for sure, previously I have replaced chips until I found the correct one which is a pain If you do decide to sell any I will be purchasing provided it deals with both pal and ntsc I do have a secam machine that has some issues with video (jail bars displayed when the system warms up) that i havent tracked down unfortunately, this possibly would help
  11. i believe this was a quick bodge help while i was at work from what i recall so couldn't do any descent research this should be a better answer to the correct point, i may of got the side mixed up when i drew the line
  12. that was what i got vimaster to make for me and the other speedster label above too, he decided to release it for everyone after, which of course was up to him
  13. i cant remember exactly what the buttons are, but from what i can remember when i played it last is that player one joypad is movement, and player 2 joypad is fire
  14. nope, you need to use both controllers for a single player game
  15. you do realise thtat to play skycopter properly you need 2 control pads and use both of them simultaneously dont you
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