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  1. Yeah, I love the notion that they might put the lcd games in there (Easter eggs or just straight up)... as much as I’d love to see new lcd games, who am I kidding, I’m totally going to buy this. So long as it doesn’t involve camping out. Again.
  2. I mean, don't get me wrong-- this is quite pretty-- but am I the only one who's disappointed it's not a LCD game? https://gameandwatch.nintendo.com/?cid=N1049-01:ch=eid&eid=Direct09032020&crmid=FE7A6DAB-257B-4530-8470-D1A2E827D56B
  3. I’d like to update my request to two screens. Man, it’s been a minute since feb 2018— so glad to see this morning again!
  4. Sorry, don’t know why this isn’t working. Here it is again. http://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000116113721.html?&srcSns=sns_Copy&tid=white_backgroup_101&mb=D9NGxXglm2eG8yz&businessType=ProductDetail&spreadType=socialShare
  5. Um, not much info here— kinda curious what I’m even looking at. Is this thing a known quantity to anyone here? US $189.00 | RGB-FC V4B FC BOX CONSOLE Family Computer FCBOX work with 9P Gamepad Joypad Game Joystick Stereo audio RGBS / VGA Video output https://a.aliexpress.com/_dWl2Y4p Takes considerable cojones to try to sell something alixpress for this kinda money without really providing much info. Lower on the page, that seller is also “recommending” some interesting looking stuff... maybe an MVS clone?
  6. I’m listening right now, which inspired me to visit this thread for the first time in a long time. Thanks for the informative listen; I had no idea about the Studio IV! I’ve had an Studio II in my collection just kinda collecting dust for years and this has inspired me to get it back out and give it a little love.
  7. @Flojomojo I dig your Tesla. I'm sure the Star Wars acquisition will be fun-- I hope you will share your experience about the controller with us, I've been eyeing that and having thoughts of Spy Hunter and Stun Runner and some other games my homemade cabinet really can't do justice too... But I digress. I also desperately want the Arcade1Up Burger Time and MVS cabs if those are for real. That's neither here nor there.
  8. buh-buh-but they're not. You'd never see one in an arcade... edit: that's not what you said. Sorry. never mind. Clearly they're actually Tardis(es, tardisi?) I'm back to them being plug-n-play. just plug into the wall and not a tv.
  9. Oh man, I didn't even think to count my tiny arcade toys in my collection... Nice! Honestly though, that's a good distinction. Thanks... I keep coming back to the thought that maybe famiclones shouldn't count either... it's not like they're their own thing, but then again, I wouldn't be so harsh about an x'eye. hmm. Big questions that effect nothing here.
  10. So, here's the single most important question anyone has ever asked in the history of humanity: Are Arcade1Up "cabinets" consoles? If so, are the dedicated consoles? If not, are they plug-n-plays? It's very important for me to know as with the addition of my latest acquisition (a Memorex VIS, thanks for asking), I need to know if I now have 100 game consoles or 99 and a giant plug and play? Thank you in advance for making way more out of this question than it deserves.
  11. Id be pretty surprised if the final product looks anything like the rendering. I mean, as if now, all we have is an animation to look at. Sure, theyre taking preorders, but I bet theres some final product may differ language in there somewhere. Im imagining/hoping for a first class version of a 3A games box which, if adequately powered and easily hackable, would be immensely attractive to me.
  12. Sorry if this double-posts, my connection is being weird. Just wanted to share Capcom's announcement-- they're getting into the retro craze with their own Pandora's Box looking device: http://www.capcomhomearcade.com/ If nothing else, at least they seem to be handling things right-- using Sanwa sticks and being up front about using FB Alpha seems like they're putting the right face on this. Decent list of games too, most of their hits that I'd really want are on there. Thoughts?
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