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  2. Keep searching! I swear it was on TV (too?) If anyone finds anything please post it here.
  3. Feel free to adapt the box, manual, and label artwork I created for Star Castle 2600 (this goes for anyone in the community) Go here: http://starcastle2600.blogspot.com/p/star-castle-2600-story.html Download StarCastle2600CDfiles.zip (direct link to ZIP: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B8R5I5dM0C45VDExTklneDMzTUU) In the root is a PDF of the manual: Star Castle 2600 Manual.pdf. In the Zip, navigate to Media\Artwork where you will find original materials for the Star Castle 2600 box, label, and manual Have fun, share your results!
  4. True. But once you are running an ARM processor with megs of RAM in the cartridge and bus stuffing on every cycle, I have to ask "why?" - just to hijack a TIA? I suppose it would be to stretch the definition of what you could accomplish from the 24 pins on the cartridge port. Meh, if you make it, the demo crowd will probably make some really impressive demos.
  5. Extra RAM is one thing, but buss stuffing and extra sound/video hardware makes it not an Atari anymore for me. Its cool, but with the 2600 it doesnt take much to turn it into something else.
  6. This is FANTASTIC ! (I wrote Bubsy Close Encounters of the Furred Kind, https://youtu.be/fUCTdA0oduo?t=51 ) Keep up the great work!!! ~ Scott
  7. A magnificent meal made even better when paired with Antic Wine! The vintage is even from the correct era.
  8. I'm sure you meant $131072, as StarCastle Arcade is four times the size as StarCastle 2600. StarCastle Arcade is top notch, as stated years ago now, they are different games made with different motivations and constraints. Thanks as always for the positive comment Matthew (aka Bowerick Wowbagger). .
  9. $32,768 to be exact. The original prototype, serial number 001, is still available at that price if anybody is interested
  10. All Star Castle 2600 materials are now free to download here: http://starcastle2600.blogspot.com/p/star-castle-2600-story.html CD iso or zip containing ROMs, source, box art, manual, pictures, videos, etc. Smaller individual files containing ROMs and Stella pre-configured for each platform. ...and of course the Stella source is also available for download there as required by its license. ~ enjoy
  11. Just a really early development environment on the ST and a simple Panther graphics program demo, stock Atari stuff, nothing I wrote. I think it is already out there on the web.
  12. The text source code is an adaptation of the Epyx sprite sample with Epyx dated edits in 1990, and since I left Atari in 1991, I would have to say in that area. The polygon source code contains the line: * by D. Scott Williamson 1/24/90 As for restoring old floppies - been there, done that! If you haven't seen this already, you may be interested in this thread: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/188836-some-pretty-awesome-graphics-for-the-lynx/?p=2413123 Good luck!
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