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  1. This program won second place in the contest! 🥈 https://gkanold.server.deerpower.de/ You have to click 2021 results at the top.
  2. Frankly, it was easier than reading the keyboard asyncrhonously in 10 lines of Atari BASIC. STICK(0), and STRIG(0) are built into the language but I would have to peek to access keycodes, which also are not nice and sequential. I wish you the good fortune of a joystick (or an emulator that can emulate one like Atari800Win-PLus, which I think is also from Poland!)
  3. It depends on the depth, at the deepest levels one still color cycling image can take ~16 hours, possibly a whole day for a real Atari computer or emulator running at normal speed based on my calculation. This is why I wrote the multiresolution renderer. I ran the emulator as fast as it could run to do the rendering which was often 3000% speed on my machines give or take - so like 20-30 minutes -ish on average.
  4. I made a Mandelbrot Explorer in 10 lines of Atari BASIC for the 2021 BASIC 10 Liner contest. You can get the program, instructions, and a lot of details in the blog post I wrote about it on the Workshop88 makerspace blog here: http://blog.workshop88.com/2021/03/21/an-interactive-mandelbrot-set-explorer-in-10-lines-of-atari-basic/ It contains more about developing a compact Atari BASIC program than any modern human is probably interested in . While doing the project I decided to try to make some Mandelbrot Set zoom videos from the color cycling Atari video captures. It was harder than I thought but I did it! Atari Chiptunes artist Adam Sporka generously contributed the music created on Atari 800 computers. Here is the blog post about making the videos: http://blog.workshop88.com/2021/04/04/atari-8-bit-mandelbrot-set-zoom-videos/ Everything you see and hear in the following videos was created on Atari 8 bit computers: YouTube playlist of 12 Mandelbrot Zoom videos with colored rectangles every time the image doubles in size: YouTube playlist of the same 12 Mandelbrot Zoom videos without the colored rectangles. Let me know what you think!
  5. solidcorp


  6. Keep searching! I swear it was on TV (too?) If anyone finds anything please post it here.
  7. Feel free to adapt the box, manual, and label artwork I created for Star Castle 2600 (this goes for anyone in the community) Go here: http://starcastle2600.blogspot.com/p/star-castle-2600-story.html Download StarCastle2600CDfiles.zip (direct link to ZIP: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B8R5I5dM0C45VDExTklneDMzTUU) In the root is a PDF of the manual: Star Castle 2600 Manual.pdf. In the Zip, navigate to Media\Artwork where you will find original materials for the Star Castle 2600 box, label, and manual Have fun, share your results!
  8. True. But once you are running an ARM processor with megs of RAM in the cartridge and bus stuffing on every cycle, I have to ask "why?" - just to hijack a TIA? I suppose it would be to stretch the definition of what you could accomplish from the 24 pins on the cartridge port. Meh, if you make it, the demo crowd will probably make some really impressive demos.
  9. Extra RAM is one thing, but buss stuffing and extra sound/video hardware makes it not an Atari anymore for me. Its cool, but with the 2600 it doesnt take much to turn it into something else.
  10. This is FANTASTIC ! (I wrote Bubsy Close Encounters of the Furred Kind, https://youtu.be/fUCTdA0oduo?t=51 ) Keep up the great work!!! ~ Scott
  11. A magnificent meal made even better when paired with Antic Wine! The vintage is even from the correct era.
  12. I'm sure you meant $131072, as StarCastle Arcade is four times the size as StarCastle 2600. StarCastle Arcade is top notch, as stated years ago now, they are different games made with different motivations and constraints. Thanks as always for the positive comment Matthew (aka Bowerick Wowbagger). .
  13. $32,768 to be exact. The original prototype, serial number 001, is still available at that price if anybody is interested
  14. All Star Castle 2600 materials are now free to download here: http://starcastle2600.blogspot.com/p/star-castle-2600-story.html CD iso or zip containing ROMs, source, box art, manual, pictures, videos, etc. Smaller individual files containing ROMs and Stella pre-configured for each platform. ...and of course the Stella source is also available for download there as required by its license. ~ enjoy
  15. Just a really early development environment on the ST and a simple Panther graphics program demo, stock Atari stuff, nothing I wrote. I think it is already out there on the web.
  16. The text source code is an adaptation of the Epyx sprite sample with Epyx dated edits in 1990, and since I left Atari in 1991, I would have to say in that area. The polygon source code contains the line: * by D. Scott Williamson 1/24/90 As for restoring old floppies - been there, done that! If you haven't seen this already, you may be interested in this thread: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/188836-some-pretty-awesome-graphics-for-the-lynx/?p=2413123 Good luck!
  17. Yes and no... Matt Scott has dug up around a dozen Amiga and old DOS floppies, but of those that could still be read, none had anything interesting. They all either had [ancient] personal documents, software, or files that are already in circulation. I use ADFRead to get the data off the poor tarnished Amiga floppies, and I use a tool to look at deleted files in DOS to make sure I'm not missing anything. No treasures yet, but I'll keep looking as long as floppies turn up.
  18. Thanks. I was so tickled when I recovered it and I thought, there's no reason to jealously protect any of this, why even recover it if not to share it.
  19. TEXT.ZIP This was a successful approach to use the pattern of the red, green, and blue subpixels of the LYNX display to effectively triple the horizontal resolution of monochrome fonts. To get the full effect of what I was trying to accomplish run testtext.bin.o on Handy in full screen Lynx LCD emulation mode. Press 1 to hflip the image which defaults to scale of 200 (x2) and you will notice that the colorful characters look pretty much the same when flipped. But cursor around and decrease the horizontal and vertical scale to 100 (x1) and the small letters become clearer, press "1" to hflip the sprite (you may need to slide it to the right a little) and it looks really screwed up when hflipped. I was inspired when I put the LCD into the unsupported monochrome mode and was rendering to monochrome subpixels. I just never got around to using it in a game. ~Enjoy! D. Scott Williamson Text.zip
  20. ROTATION.ZIP Sprite rotation on the lynx using hskew and vskew. It looks like the vskew was done manually. It worked but it probably wasn't that fast, but it may have been able to rotate a playfield to make a game like Assault. ~Enjoy! D. Scott Williamson Rotation.zip
  21. POLYGONS.ZIP Here are my original sprite polygon routines and the same routines working with the Quartet driver. If you want to build the version with the music you will need the quartet.zip too. I'm a little embarrassed by the grandiose comment in the source, not to mention my spelling but I left it - I was 22 and full of joy working at Atari. Others also obviously came and made polygon drivers and games, but at the time I wrote these I hadn't heard of any. My good friend John Sanderson later wrote both Hard Drivin' and Steel Talons on the Lynx - quite miraculous. ~ Enjoy! D. Scott Williamson Polygons.zip
  22. FROGGY.ZIP Here are the sources and artwork to my extended or full color tests on the Lynx. It looks way better on the LCD and even on the captured VHS than on the emulator but I wouldn't want to use it as is in a game. It achieved 12 bit color by showing 4 bit red green and blue images in rapid succession. The problem was really that with each color only showing 1/3 the time the image was 1/3 as bright overall and flickery. If I were to try it again, I would do what Spectrum 512 did on the ST and create a bitmap and set of palettes designed to reload the palette on each line then "chase the beam" by setting colors mid-line. Of at least swap between three low color images to achieve more than 4 bit color resolution without sacrificing so much brightness. I think someone else has done that. ~Enjoy! D. Scott Williamson Froggy.zip
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