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  1. Fred won't allow that pic of him and Woz to be shown to all the "pigeons." Instead he'll use a doctored up photo similar to this one:
  2. Fred must have a bunch of unsold Speakerhats in his closet so he can give them away as Christmas gifts.
  3. That or he's going to stay at his -other- place.
  4. If you're a Svengoolie fan, you may know the "dummy" "Fraido". Well, here's "Fredo" the dummy as he is a lump of plastic. For posterity, here's the original dummy:
  5. There are still some of those that think the new Atari is the old one:
  6. There might be no village sandwich shop, but there sure is a taco shop!
  7. The basics at first. If they like classical, then I teach them that. If they like rock, I'll teach that to them. No sense in teaching something if they don't like it.
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