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  1. The same cat without the sombrero (except for the placement of tail is a bit weird) is on T-shirts at Amazon.
  2. I like how you placed the logo's "I" in that peculiar spot.
  3. Hard to tell by the quality of this video but one of them could be an Atari computer for graphics.
  4. The AtacoVCS moderator there must be angry since Dulcolax wasn't on the shelf, or his favorite rugby team was yanked off the playoffs.
  5. I think too many pigeons have been eating the ergot on rye.
  6. That's just too funny. I'll bet he destroyed the label out of spite then tried to make an account on AA just to yell at us.
  7. This came to mind what PowerPigeon posted....
  8. With a trillion dollars, Apple could make a cyborg employee to terminate competitor projects
  9. Three million compared to a trillion is like buying a lukewarm, mediocre burger versus an all-you-can-eat taco bar. Someone over at Apple is looking at Atari's figures and doing their best Nelson laugh.
  10. Well, this is interesting. On Walmart's website they have the vaporware. Scroll down a few and you'll see a Jaguar for the same price. So it's either vaporware or fumes.
  11. They call us naysayers but they're the ones being taken for a spin.
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