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  1. The MZ-700 has a game called 'Painful Man." That should be an appropriate game for the Atacobox for those shelling out +$300.
  2. Perfect song for this week:


  3. Atari should learn to tell the truth once in a while. Perhaps they should read this book:
  4. With all the "stuff" that they're going to add to in the last minute, I'll have to agree with this post on the Farcebook forums.
  5. I can just see "Atari" going after that other Wonder...
  6. Just as bewildered when Fartkontrol doesn't mean to hold something smelly coming out of the rear.
  7. I'm guessing that's the way to get a refund; just be annoying to "Atari" until they give in.
  8. Maybe since they could get some bootleg exclusives like Angry Birds for NES since China is a hotbed of pirates.
  9. All I can say is those guys like to blame us for everything-even viruses. I think they ought to adopt a pet if they haven't have one yet and get matching attire for walks.
  10. He really needs a Corona..or two..or three...or more...
  11. One of the very first acts of the Atari Hotel:
  12. It's like those old game controller magazine ads for Genesis/MD and Super NES.
  13. "Atari" must of gave John P a mood pill (aka an update) recently.
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