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  1. When you think about how many people are on this rock, you'd have to wonder...is somebody ranting about breathing because it's too much work?
  2. Some people think the "Tyco" brand is like the old Atari. So they jack up the price. Even $85 with Life-Like and Bachmann mixed in isn't going to convince others to buy it.
  3. A model train set. Looks tempting until you look at the shipping fee.
  4. That or my guess would be his wife hates video games but threatened her husband to write the article or else she's going to divorce him and take everything he owns, down to the socks he wears.
  5. What is 3-ply buttwipe supposed to do?  Clog up your toilet? 

    1. Rick Dangerous

      Rick Dangerous

      Feel silky smooth as it gently scrapes the feces off your rectum.  You ever have a finger go through one ply?  Never again... 

    2. ls650


      I bet if you had hemorrhoids you wouldn't ask.

  6. The author of the article must of been working for a record company. Like that SNL spoof, Alan: A Video Junkie.
  7. I did try calling some relatives who live in Florida last year but I couldn't get through even dialing the 1 prefix before the area code.
  8. Did a little digging and the scammer has been in other sites as well. Possibly scum from Nigeria. https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/is-this-a-scam-admin-help-please.2214120/
  9. Something was fishy with that person. I wasn't even going to call since I don't have long distance.
  10. I also remember I used a PC for CAD in drafting class in high school back in the early 1990's. It had one of those mice with three buttons. I remember hearing some other student was playing SimCity during class and being a smart ass to the teacher. So the teacher said something like, "Do you want me to delete your progress on SimCity? Just you watch!" So smart ass thought he was pulling his leg but I think he deleted his save file.
  11. I'm looking for Atari 2600 cartridge shells from commons such as Pac-Man, Combat, Defender, etc. Any title that uses an Atari 2600 cartridge, but not carts by ActiVision, Imagic, M-Network, Coleco. Anyone who has extra carts lying around they don't want and just want to get rid of them, please PM me. I'm probably looking for $1 per cart.
  12. Does anyone know when the Indie Heroes Collection 1 will be coming out? I looked on the Evercade website and found no release date.
  13. There is a museum in Warsaw. Looks like they have many modern machines though. Also a number of Atari 800 games have originated from Poland.
  14. Another country, Poland, under Soviet control had flexi-records imprinted onto postcards.
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