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  1. $30 for a PS3 that works is a killer deal, even if the hard drive ended up being dead. One thing Sony has been good about with the PS3 and now the PS4. Is with how easy it is to replace and upgrade their hard drives, especially since they use user accessible standard 2.5in drives.
  2. These are my finds from the past month'ish. The front two rows is stuff that I got in London during the first full week of this year, and the last week of last year. For the Nintendo DS, I got the following for around £9 from UK video game chain store called GAME: - Golden Balls - Doctor Who Top Trumps - Captain Morgane and the Golden Turtle From a store in London called Retro Game Base, I got the following for around £12: - Tetris for CDi - N64 Passport - Nintendo security bit (not pictured) As for the two books, I got the signed copy of "Terrible Old Games You Probably Never Heard Of" from a store called Forbidden Planet for £10. The Shakespeare Doctor Who book came from Shakespeare's birthplace shop for £10. Moving back to state side, in order by row of when they were acquired. (Except for the Amiibo). The following PlayStation games I got for $1 apiece from a local charity thrift shop: - NASCAR Racing - NASCAR 99 - Goin' Quackers From the same shop, I got the following two Xbox games for $2 apiece: - NASCAR Thunder 2003 - Sega GT 2002/Jet Set Radio Future Combo Again from the same shop, I got the The Legendary Starfy for Nintendo DS for $1. The loose DVD copy of Space Balls for 25 cents. Symphonic Rock American Classics CD for $1. Then finally the Top Gun soundtrack for $1. (The Top Gun CD itself is in my car stereo right now.) The Amiibo is the retro coloring 30th Anniversary Mario from GameStop. Moving to stuff from last week, which is also the good stuff. On Tuesday, I got the white original Vita from GameStop for $140. Inside the Vita is a new 16gb memory card I got for $20 from GameStop. Lastly from GameStop, I got Persona 4 Golden for Vita for $18. The Vita branded carrying case came from Walmart at the marked down price of $11. Then there are yesterday's finds. For $60, I got the the top loader NES and the Atari 5200 with box and 4 controllers. The 5200 still has the factory clear plastic covering the metal part. As for the NES, I only have the console at the moment but will be getting the dog bone controller and the power adapter when it is found.
  3. nightwheel

    Finds from the Wild

    This is an album full of stuff I have found at yard sales, craigslist, and flea markets.
  4. I haven't been around here for a while and decided to check if my INTV System III was finally added to the database yet. Well I found it in the database, but with a partially incorrect serial number. Instead of it being listed with the proper serial number "RH 169475", you instead have it listed as "A 169475". Everything else including the console's region was correct. Picture of the serial number:
  5. So I have a college class project I'm going to be starting on soon. Which I hope to use one of my Atari 2600's as part of the project. But I have a problem. My only (formally) good Atari 2600 power supply has died a while back. So I am in need of another one that works. Anyone out there have a extra working one that would be willing to part with?
  6. Just got a PS3 last Thursday. I'm nightwheel on PSN
  7. I was trying to be honest with my purchase. As for the price, compared to the other PS3's they were selling. This one was really cheap, and priced the same as their 3DS's.
  8. While not exactly an amazing deal. It does come with an interesting story to make up for it. So I have acquired a PS3 finally after a long time of wanting one. I found it at at a pawn shop for $109 before tax last Thursday. I got a nice large bonus from work and was allowing my self one large expensive purchase. So this fit the bill nicely. So promptly purchased it since I find it hard to get PS3 for that price around here. The PS3 it's self was a 160gb slim model. It came with two controllers, power cord, av cable (not HDMI), and a official PS3 wireless headset. Anyways I get it home, then take over to campus to show to some of my friends my newly acquired PS3. I start looking it over while i was there, and noticed this pawnshop put a inventory sticker on the bottom of the unit. Not exactly surprising if you think about it. What was surprising was that it said that this PS3 was a Nintendo 3DS. So i get home later and look at the receipt, and sure enough it was saying the same thing. So on Friday, after getting done with my classes. I head back home and called up the pawn shop I got it from to figure out what is going on here. Needless to say they are surprised by this too. So this lead to some conversations back and forth about the machine and the purchase it's self. Well after all of this, they decided to let me keep the PS3 (for now), and will call me if they have any other questions about it. So yea, interesting story.
  9. (I think this applies here.) After some bumps along the way. I finally got my first ever set of games for my Intellivision the other day thanks to OutlawTorn71! Not a bad way to start off my collection in my opinion.
  10. As someone who is just starting to acquire Intellivision stuff. (My first few INTV games should come in the mail tomorrow from a fellow AA user.) I am game for the newbie idea which ever way it goes. I'd even be willing to pay the shipping my direction if that would help. Then again, I'm not on the grab bag list so......
  11. Unless another one with a similar serial number pops up. (That is if Rev or Cmart has one that they haven't listed yet.) This is the only thing I have that could even remotely be considered rare. http://atariage.com/...m-iii-question/
  12. As someone who doesn't have much of anything related to Intellivison, could I be able to jump in on this?
  13. If that doesn't count, then I don't know what does! But seriously, that is an awesome find!
  14. While I haven't shipped anything in a while, I have almost always used a box when I did. I also try to both the best of my abilities and resources to make sure what ever i send has enough padding to keep it safe while in transit. Sometimes to the point that I can't shove any more padding into the box, and I can barely close it. Now I will say that my choices of padding has varied from package to package over the years. However, if I sold something and the buyer made a request (within reason) as to how they wanted the package sent. I would try my best to accommodate their request. Now as for stuff I have received in shoddy packaging. (Not from ebay.) Try a DS Lite sent in a small manila envelope, with a small amount of bubble wrap that must have depleted while in transit. Thankfully it still worked and looked as described when I got it.
  15. So I have recently acquired a Phillips CD-i console. (See thrift finds thread.) While looking around and researching stuff related to the CD-i it. I keep hearing about this MPEG DV cart that goes into the expansion port. As someone who looking at possibly getting at least a small selection of CD-i titles in the future. How important is it to have the DV cart?
  16. Nice to know the problem with mine is easily fixable. I'm also glad mine doesn't sound like a screeching banshee when it opens.
  17. Could the negotiations be reopened if you guys could show that there is interest within the Intellivision community?
  18. So I went to a convention on Friday with some friends. When we were not doing stuff at the convention, we went to places around city the convention was in.. (This happen twice during the day.) Well one of friends who was with me. Knew all the good places to go in this city, which included the local Goodwill. Well later in the afternoon, we were again waiting for something else to start at the convention. So we decided to go check out Goodwill. When we got there, I made a beeline to where the electronics/housewares section was. After looking around and not finding anything interesting besides some controllers. I started to look through their large stacks of electronic hardware. They had stuff like DVD players, VCR's, CD Players, and audio receivers in the stacks. While I was Iooking though one of the stacks. I glanced to my left to see what was in the next stack. I noticed one of the devices in the stack had a Compact Disc Interactive badge on the front of the disc tray. It didn't immediately register in my mind it was, apart from the fact that it was not normal. It was enough for me however to investigate as to what this thing was. Looking at it closer, I saw the input port on the front. Then I realized what it was, and the model number on the front confirmed it. I found a CD-I, something I never though I would randomly find in the wild. Specifically, I found a Phillips CDI 910. As for the price, It had a sticker on it for $9.99. But since the sticker was yellow, it was half off. So I got it for $5 instead.. It's in really good shape for the most part. There are some scratches on the top of the system. But being it was there long enough to be sold for half off. I wouldn't be surprised if they were done while it was at Goodwill. Another problem is that the tray doesn't close all the way when you press the open/close button. So I have to push it close the rest of the way, but I doesn't bother me too much. I also couldn't find the controller/remote for it, but I can one off feeBay eBay if I need to. Lastly, It didn't have the power cord either. However, since it does use the same kind of cord a desktop uses. That is not a problem for me at all since I have plenty of extras. Anyways, It does seem to work just fine as far as I can tell. I got it plugged up to a TV in the house, and the picture looked clean. It also had no problems loading the Music CD I put in it. The best part about all of this. Is that is that one of my friends who was with me, has also been wanting to get a CD-I. He walked by it at least twice (from what I saw), before I found it in one of the stacks. Needless to say he's jealous right now. tl;dr: I found a Phillips CD-I for $5 at a Goodwill on Friday. Here are pictures:
  19. Both of the following are for the Apple II(e). First one: It was a racing game based around doing multiplication. The car always seemed to be on a constant curve until you finished. Second one: It deal with paper airplanes, and definitely seemed to have a educational flair to it. I think you were able to make them in the game too.
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