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  1. This has gone oftly awry, and I don't think that its particularly a fair assessment. Much like the above poster, Game Gavel has always prided itself on great contests and great new tools/techniques to drive people to the site. In fact I have given over $1000 away in prizes starting since day one that GameGavel.com launched and will continue to do so while keeping the site free. Claiming that CtCW is unique in this fact is simply not true, and is uncalled for. Many of the techniques both sites employ to promote the site are the same as both sites are targeting the same audience with a very similar product. The comment about the name was nothing more than an observation as to why the Atari folks identify more with CtCW, its a game for the Atari. I don't think it was meant to be a jab at any one person or the other site, just a mere comment is all. To take it more than that is silly. We shouldn't be fighting over which site is better. Both are decent, and both will succeed where others have failed. Each have strong points to drive people to the site, each site has its weaknesses. Game Gavel will continue to ramp up promotion through our new promoter spots and buyers/sellers will all benefit. The comments were stated not to inflame, but just as a means to describe why I think GameGavel.com hasn't caught on here with the Atari folks. Any thing read further into that is simply to invoke argument. If you like maximizing profit, and want to stand up against fees and rules, check out www.GameGavel.com!
  2. I hope I can answer a few of the questions above. GameGavel.com was officially launched February 24, 2008. As the site owner I can say that discussions to the start of it started as early as December 2007 internally, hence the copyright. Externally, the site was discussed as a potential new resource openly at DigitPress in January 2008. Atari Age is a very large untapped resource for www.GameGavel.com, despite being free for everyone to use it seems the Atari crowd hasn't warmed up to it. I feel there is probably a few mitigating factors: 1. I didn't promote the site early enough here, mainly because of my ignorance of the site and the relatively lenient moderators. I posted the site up in the screw ebay thread to avoid spamming, etc. Until recently I haven't done much with Atari so I didn't want to come forth and just post up without contributing something to the conversation to the Atari Age forums. Now that I have a 2600 under my belt, and a Lynx on the way I will be more reliant on knowledge of the collective group so I hope to add more to the conversation. 2. GameGavel.com's name is meant to get the point of the site across, I don't have the benefit of a relatively rare/famous Atari Game for attraction. Seeing as how Atari Age would have a lean to the name of CtCW I can see why many people were early adopters for that site. 3. CtCW is a member here and self admitted Atari Fan, so it would seem that many would want to support a fellow Atari Nut. I think the big draw for GameGavel.com is that there are no fees, that being said we may have fewer auctions going at this moment but over 300 have closed in the past 30 days, so if items are selling then they are selling, I can't argue with that! As with any venture, there is competition, but I think the service and the price GameGavel.com offers can't be beat. There are all the features of eBay, with a great layout and back end but none of the associated costs, not even a fraction of the cost. In any case, the above poster is a promoter for the site and he can answer many of the questions (could you tell by his name?) and he operates a great store on the site which I have bought some great items for my collection. So not only is he a promoter, but a real life user too.
  3. Hmmm... I didn't think that it was super rare, and since I see them for pretty low prices generally unboxed (like mine), I think the AV Mod has to get done. Has anyone else done the AV Mod and been really happy with it? Disappointing?
  4. I will admit, I am not an authority on Atari. Until recently, the most Atari experience I had was a 5200 (I think) my roommate had in college. However, over the past couple of years I have sought to increase my video game collection, a lot, and I just added a 2600 to my repertoire. This particular 2600 is, what I think to be, a newer model as its the black non-wood version. I bought it off of a user on GameGavel, and it didn't come with an F-RF adapter which pretty much rendered it useless until I got the adpater in the mail. I got the adapter, hooked it up, and Missile Command fired up in 46" of glory on my LCD TV. The delay waiting for the F-RF adapter got me thinking about upgrading the Atari to have standard RCA AV connections. I know I have seen it done before by a guy on DigitPress, but before I jumped in to getting the modification done to my 2600 I thought about it's long term value. Does this kind of mod ADD VALUE since it will be able to be used on more TVs without extra components? Does this mod LOWER VALUE since it isn't original? I know the NES Toploader (2.0) tends to fetch a few more dollars when modified for AV Jacks, but then again what is good for one system isn't good for another. Thoughts? I anticipate more Atari related posts in the future, as I start to build this collection up in the game room but I have found myself doing FAR more research into this aspect of gaming than others because Atari was never popular with any of the groups of people I grew up with. Generally, it was all Sega so I feel much more comfortable with that aspect of Gaming. I look forward to your responses.
  5. No sign up required to listen. For the link, Seems that Atari Age is the only fourm I visit that doesn't make it a link automatically. Guess its time to edit the sig. Thanks for the tip!
  6. Thanks Rick! Glad you are still enjoying the PSP. The Virtual Boy still hurts my eyes everytime I play it! Thank you all for the Bumps. I figured this would be the place that the most people would be interested in this game, so why not let you know its up for auction. Jasen PS... and your right, I don't want your money! Just want to provide a sweet website with cool stuff for the Gaming community, free!
  7. As the title says, Chase the Chuckwagon for Atari 2600 starting at $.99 no reserve: http://www.gamegavel.com/Chase-The-Chuckwa...auction_details
  8. Today, the contest came to a close... I want to thank everyone who participated! Are you curious who won? Well, login to GameGavel.com and listen to the new Podcast: Let the Gavel Fall. Not only will you see the winners, but you will also hear about all of the contests we held this month, and the new July - August Contest! www.gamegavel.com
  9. Today is the last day to sign up and become eligible for the contest! I want to thank everyone who has joined Game Gavel this past month and helped raise membership by 70%! Don't miss out on this prime opportunity to win something, simply by joining the best Video Game Auction site! www.gamegavel.com -Jasen
  10. Still 4 days left to join up and link to your Atari Age Feedback and be eligible to win. Currently only 4 people are linked up with Atari Age... still a bit of a ways to go before Tuesday. I hope that you consider joining up! Be sure to keep an eye out, there is a wanted ad for an Atari 2600 and I will be listing up a copy of "Chase The Chuckwagon" for the Atari 2600 within the next few days!
  11. Hmmm.... interesting. Good catch! Naturally, If I was going to misspell something, it would be a two letter word! As for the car... I think I will pass, it doesn't fit the theme for the Video Game Auction Site Top Post Edited for Link.... Check it out! As for the 416 Finger comment, there is no need to lie about a site, it's pretty obvious there are more than 5 auctions going on right now at GameGavel. Which is actually more than at the other site. It comes in cycles and thats just the nature of the business. If you don't like GameGavel, that's fine. I respect that, but thread crapping is not fun for anyone.
  12. If you like paying Fees, then yes in that regard that site is way better, he gladly charges them! GameGavel.com is a free resource! Well I can count your active auctions on one hand, CTCW currently has near 500 active auctions. When the writing is on the wall most wise folks try to read it. Cool... you have 416 fingers!
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