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  1. Just wanna back up Al on this, there's no functional reason for a "glop top" to be on anything other than something that was manufactured in large mass, so my guess is it's a retail game missing its shell. FWIW I actually didn't know official Atari games ever got made this way, so I learned something new today.
  2. Just to record this somewhere: This was hand-assembled by bunnyboy, not built cleanly as they would have at the time, as we don't have a complete repo or understanding of the build tools. It is POSSIBLE that something is wrong here, but probably not. This project was by Atari for Namcot in Japan for the Famicom specifically, this was never a planned U.S. title, it's an unreleased Famicom game. Documentation in the repo shows that they halted development when they realized they didn't actually have the full rights to the game. There was some discussion about re-theming the game to a space themed Millipede clone, but that probably never went anywhere.
  3. We have been successfully nudged and are closer now
  4. I just wanted to say that I am enjoying this thread very much, I love when there are still obscure things to discover in the past when you look past the known "full sets" on common systems. I'm very happy for you obtaining that Euro longbox game to make your complete set even more complete!
  5. Buildable source code and ROMs now on GitHub: https://github.com/DickBlackshack/Days-of-Thunder-NES-Unpublished And since nobody else linked to it, here's our original story on rebuilding the game: https://gamehistory.org/days-of-thunder-nes-unreleased/ If you don't know us, we're a charity of volunteers dedicated to doing this kind of work.
  6. The only reference to this game existing is one programmer interview, and the interview isn't crawled by Google, so if anyone figures it out they're probably a time traveler.
  7. He told me this as well in 2013, but I believe that his memory is the ONLY source so we shouldn't take it as fact necessarily, he could be misremembering.
  8. Supergun is confused, the games mentioned were programmed by HAL in Japan, not by Atari. They were actually commissioned by Nintendo as first party titles, to use in their pitch to Atari when they were meeting to discuss the possibility of the Famicom being an Atari system in the U.S., so in a fun way they're arguably unreleased first-party titles that later got picked up by third-party publishers. The Ed Logg games have not been found. If they existed and are anywhere public, they might be in the Atari Games archives at the Strong Museum of Play, which has not been completely processed yet.
  9. Hi it's me. In the context of the article, I was explaining how I felt in 2002, literally 17 years ago, and how I've changed my perspective over time. You can be angry at young me but this is not a blanket feeling I continue to have had after nearly two decades of growth.
  10. ...the game has been reverse-engineered and has a source code repo available to tinker with, there's even a GitHub that has a bunch of fixes already documented. It's been that way since the ROM was released last Christmas: https://github.com/g0me3/bfs_nes_sims
  11. Feature request, if it's possible: Can re-selecting the run cartridge option while a cartridge is already running do the equivalent of a power cycle instead of a "soft reset"? Currently I can't think of a way to get back to the SD2SNES menu to switch games other than loading Super Turrican to flush out the cartridge, and then booting the cartridge again.
  12. Yeah I was just quoting this article, I don't have any insight into Kevin's career other than what I read in the papers
  13. Oh that's an even MORE interesting way to think.
  14. Assuming someone is going to do months of fulltime work for free is an interesting way to think.
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