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  1. Hi it's me. In the context of the article, I was explaining how I felt in 2002, literally 17 years ago, and how I've changed my perspective over time. You can be angry at young me but this is not a blanket feeling I continue to have had after nearly two decades of growth.
  2. ...the game has been reverse-engineered and has a source code repo available to tinker with, there's even a GitHub that has a bunch of fixes already documented. It's been that way since the ROM was released last Christmas: https://github.com/g0me3/bfs_nes_sims
  3. Feature request, if it's possible: Can re-selecting the run cartridge option while a cartridge is already running do the equivalent of a power cycle instead of a "soft reset"? Currently I can't think of a way to get back to the SD2SNES menu to switch games other than loading Super Turrican to flush out the cartridge, and then booting the cartridge again.
  4. Yeah I was just quoting this article, I don't have any insight into Kevin's career other than what I read in the papers
  5. Oh that's an even MORE interesting way to think.
  6. Assuming someone is going to do months of fulltime work for free is an interesting way to think.
  7. Since this is like the only place on the internet to check in on NT Mini updates can we maybe move the useless legality arguments somewhere else?
  8. I was just quoting Retronauts, I have no inside knowledge: https://retronauts.com/article/622/the-ultimate-nes-gets-a-super-follow-up-mdash-and-this-ones-priced-to-sell
  9. I happened to see this in person last week at the museum, it's in the right hands.
  10. No no no, your image is as large as the original! What I'm saying is that the PDF posted in the other thread was only scanned at 72ppi, and at a lossy JPG format. I think time would be much better spent trying to get better scans of the original (600ppi TIFF of each page) than trying to touch up what is already a bad scan. If that bad scan is all that ever exists, great! But to me, if the original is still available, I'd want to figure out how to help make proper scans from it instead of spending your time working on an inadequate scan. EDIT: To further clarify: no, you will not see the dot patterns at 72ppi at all. If you were to print those scans, they'd be very blurry, as they're less than 1/4th the resolution of the original artifact.
  11. Unfortunately the original seems to have been scanned at a teeny tiny 72ppi, you'd need at least 600ppi to restore a scan back to printable quality. I'd work on getting a better read of the original before I spent any time "restoring" what is basically a thumbnail.
  12. I can't imagine you're going to get much of a GUI out of the 30 bytes or whatever that's left.
  13. FWIW I think RF > TV tuner > Composite > Framemeister looks pretty cool, it's upscaled but with authentic ugliness. If you're going for RGB I'd just do an AnalogueNT Mini at this point.
  14. By the way, my Gamate loading bug has resolved itself at some point, it works as expected in the latest FW.
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