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  1. Didn't see this topic covered previously, there are discussions on the Turbo drift where the vehicle won't just drive straight even if the steering wheel is not moving. No my question is about a similar behaviour in Slither using the roller controller. Not having played it in a while, I connected a roller controller and launched Slither. The shooting character started to drift in one direction until I put my hand on the roller ball then moving the character was fine and responsive. Taking my hand off the ball, it would drift again. Not always the same direction, sometimes could be N,S,E or W. Thing is I don't remember this happening in the past at all so thought this controller itself was at fault. Switching over to joystick mode and playing Centipede, it didn't happen. So curious about this, I proceeded to test 3 different roller controllers on two different CV consoles using 3 different Slither carts - it happened every time. So I could conclude this is normal and as a result of how Slither is programmed but invite feedback from others as to whether this happens with you or not, thx
  2. Reviving this old thread as I am trying to remove residue but it is tough, tried alcohol, acetone, goo gone, nothign will budge it. Heat maybe? dont want to warp anything. Suggestions? Those areas where it is gone is where it bubbled and I could pick at it with a fingernail.
  3. Replying in order of msg received, will let you all know.
  4. I thought to get this as a project but now realize Im not going to get around to doing anything with it soon. If I got the $8 I paid plus shipping from Ont, Canada then I'd be happy.
  5. Reopening an old thread, is it a 5A fuse?
  6. We can agree to disagree - I think the shell gives away that it isnt authentic, I have the full library of Telegames USA ans UK releases - except Bumpman unfortunately - and all the shells are the same and none of them say Coleco on them. And this is the same geezer trying to sell the ultra rare Super DK so I dont trust him to begin with...
  7. And now I see what appears to be a bogus Amazing Bumpman from the same seller.
  8. Floppies are very similar case but no fan.
  9. Looks like the power connection just passes thru so any PC power supply would work, ribbon cable enclosed, some room for future enhancements on the board, there's a cooling fan, and the ribbon cable passes thru the front. Other than that it looks like Ive been holding my phone upside down all these years....
  10. I’ll crack open the enclosure and take more pics there seems to be room for an ide ribbon cable to come out through a gap at the front
  11. Your post prompted me to unpack this. I bought it but never used it. The enclosure does not have an IDE drive in it. I am fairly certain I can find the power supply too. Are you interested in tinkering with it? If so make me a reasonable offer.
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