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  1. coleconut


  2. Ive been approached by the Mame team but havent heard of a means to get them dumped that didnt involve me sending them off somewhere with firm assurances that they'd get there and I'd get them back with zero risk.
  3. Successful transaction with a reliable buyer. Many thanks.
  4. coleconut

    WTB Atari XE

    I'm in Whitby and I have a 130XE and a 1050 but I havent fired them up in a couple years. If you're not in a huge hurry I could get back to you within a week on them.
  5. Nor of their carts. I purchased several new copies of Alcazar years ago and pu them away. Turns out more than one of them had faulty carts and I only found out well after the company that sold them to me was no longer operating. The fault was common between the carts, it would start at the opening screen then no matter what you did, it would just return to the opening screen and was unplayable. BTW they were all in the green plastic case.
  6. Here is the Fireman prototype, note 2 EPROMs, no year but I might guess May '84 and someone wrote FireMEN on the sticker.
  7. Mine cart looks slightly different, label looks the same. With or without manual and a beatup box. Prob cost about $12 to ship since Im in Canada. Other than that if you dont find one local, not sure what to ask so open to an offer.
  8. I second that, I find that is the case as well. Often I note the listing number then paste it in the ebay.ca search and voila, it pops up in my home Ebay. sometimes wont let you pay that way though and it will warn you to go to the foreign ebay to pay.
  9. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 273188899182Finally added this one, maybe it slipped by a couple of people or maybe thats what they go for now but the title has escaped me until now.
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