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  1. On 9/16/2021 at 10:59 AM, rietveld said:


    Hope to see some people there. 



    It was pretty good, looked fwd to meeting you but maybe you couldn’t make it after all.  Hope it becomes yearly.  Got lots of good advice on my Amigas which are in various states of repair.  

  2. Roland PR-2022 daisy wheel printer in box with manual and a whole box of ribbons (which may be dry, I dont know). I believe there may be a 2nd daisy wheel as well, it might be French characters. Hoping for a local pickup in the Toronto GTA/Durham Region area. $35 CAD  Really dont think I can ship this, it is really heavy but may reconsider if no local buyer is found.


  3. I happened to buy another roller controller at an estate sale on the weekend and plugged it in and it did not exhibit this behaviour.  So now I will try the other controllers I have and try to narrow it down to what is happening here.  Just a thought though, all the controllers that exhibited this phenomenon all have one thing in common.  I had opened them up to clean them - blow out dust, clean ball with windex, clean the rollers of built up gunk, nothing deeper than that. So maybe my issues were self-inflicted somehow?  I will report my test results in a little bit.

  4. Didn't see this topic covered previously, there are discussions on the Turbo drift where the vehicle won't just drive straight even if the steering wheel is not moving. No my question is about a similar behaviour in Slither using the roller controller. Not having played it in a while, I connected a roller controller and launched Slither. The shooting character started to drift in one direction until I put my hand on the roller ball then moving the character was fine and responsive.  Taking my hand off the ball, it would drift again. Not always the same direction, sometimes could be N,S,E or W.  Thing is  I don't remember this happening in the past at all so thought this controller itself was at fault. Switching over to joystick mode and playing Centipede, it didn't happen.  So curious about this, I proceeded to test 3 different roller controllers on two different CV consoles using 3 different Slither carts - it happened every time.  So I could conclude this is normal and as a result of how Slither is programmed but invite feedback from others as to whether this happens with you or not, thx 

  5. On 8/8/2019 at 7:27 PM, Trellot said:

    Ok, I finally, painstakingly opened my C017945 power supply and confirmed a bad fuse.  I'm new to this so what type of fuse will I need to replace this bad one?  The writing is too small to read on the ends of the fuse lol!






    Reopening an old thread, is it a 5A fuse?

  6. 21 hours ago, Ikrananka said:

    That's not a bogus one.  This was made by Telegames USA and sold with photocopied instructions in one of their plastic clamshell cases.  The only negative is that the label is in unusually poor condition.

    We can agree to disagree - I think the shell gives away that it isnt authentic, I have the full library of Telegames USA ans UK releases - except Bumpman unfortunately - and all the shells are the same and none of them say Coleco on them. And this is the same geezer trying to sell the ultra rare Super DK  so I dont trust him to begin with...

  7. 15 hours ago, stupus said:

    Yes, he isn't going out of his way to make it clear what he has there.

    Also for the record his meteoric shower thats up and the cosmic crisis that sold already are not real bit corp releases. 

    And now I see what appears to be a bogus Amazing Bumpman from the same seller.

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  8. Looks like the power connection just passes thru so any PC power supply would work, ribbon cable enclosed, some room for future enhancements on the board, there's a cooling fan, and the ribbon cable passes thru the front.  

    Other than that it looks like Ive been holding my phone upside down all these years....





  9. 2 hours ago, NIAD said:

    Coleconut... where does the IDE cable connect to the drive? Need some better glamour pics!

    I’ll crack open the enclosure and take more pics there seems to be room for an ide ribbon cable to come out through a gap  at the front 

  10. On 2/19/2020 at 10:31 PM, rietveld said:

    Just wanted to run a physical harddrive for nostalgic reasons. I could never afford a HD setup back in the day. This is the same reason I prefer to use my physical disk drive more than my ADE (SD card drive)

    Your post prompted me to unpack this.  I bought it but never used it.  The enclosure does not have an IDE drive in it.  I am fairly certain I can find the power supply too.  Are you interested in tinkering with it?  If so make me a reasonable offer.


  11. Hello and sorry for the necrobump


    Are these Pencil II carts still in your collection? I'm pretty sure there are no dumps around and I have the non-intrusive tools to dump them. (I've dumped many things for the MAME/MESS team before)



    Ive been approached by the Mame team but havent heard of a means to get them dumped that didnt involve me sending them off somewhere with firm assurances that they'd get there and I'd get them back with zero risk.

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