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  1. I too would like to express interest, PM sent.
  2. Havent seen this label variation before. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 261011325640
  3. Might answer all my own questions but asking anyway... I thought it might be fun to translate a CV game into a different language. Using a hex editor, I easily found all the text strings and translated them, but couldnt find the skill level select screen. Assuming therefore that this is not a text screen but an image. So wondering why they did that, assume it takes less bytes than a text screen? And for someone with minimal programming skills what kind of challenge would I have replacing this screen with a different one. I have an MSX game with the proper translated screen but dont know where in either program this screen resides and if I did, if they had the same number of bytes.
  4. The idea has been tossed around a bit here by a few members but there were some concerns with making a good product at a fair price and the time and effort involved to do so. I was going to run with it for a while but had challenges due to my schedule so put it on permanent hold.
  5. I also have both the DK & DK Jr. Rellik and I are the only ones I've seen comment as to having them besides you. They are definitely unique and it's a shame other games weren't released in the same style boxes. Congrats on the find! I listed and sold 3 Super Zaxxon sealed in 2010/2011 on Ebay. I got between $32 to over $100 for them, odd that the one in worst shape sold for the most $ The guy who bought the one that bid up over $100 left me a neutral rating because he unsealed the box (??) and found the plastic cassette case cracked. Huh?
  6. Colecovision module for Spectravideo computers. I thought this went for a fairly good price. They dont show up often. Have seen them listed in the past (and sold) for $300+ although I think fair value is likely somewhere in between. Might have gone under the radar since it wouldnt have shown up in a search for Colecovision items. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 110861931428
  7. By NTSC in the case of Colecovision, what does that mean to you? Its my understanding that there is no difference between NTSC and PAL Colecovision games, the region is set in the hardware, not the game. What did happen is that some games had two major cartridge/label varieties, the CBS Colecovision games for Europe were marked PAL and game on a different syle cart, then the N American releases, none of which were marked NTSC. But I cant think of one Telegames title that had two varieties, N. American vs otherwise, or NTSC vs PAL. I'v never seen games like Alcazar, Cosmic Crisis, Rock N Bolt, and Tank Wars that didnt have photocopied instructions. Unless you're talking the Bit Corp version of some of these, and I havent seen one Bit Corp manual in 30 years. Then Super Action Soccer was only released as a PAL type cart CBS Colecovision cart, never as a N American release (indeed its actually called Super Action Football - we only call it Soccer to distinguish it from American football) so you wont find an NTSC type manual any time soon.
  8. I wonder if that's something eColeco threw together to sell. The only time I have seen an original ADAM Grog's Revenge boxed it was in a small box just big enough for the DDP. I don't think it included instructions. Yeah that's the version I have. I think the only difference is a high score table. The title screen animation might be new as well, I don't remember. Unfortunately I dont have either the tape nor the box but the manual looks legit, especially since it is printed by Coleco Canada and is in both French and English, dont see our Texas buddy doin' that. Bonjour you'all....! Its the cart version instructions except for 3 places. ON the cover its Grogs Revenge for ADAM The instructions have a small paragraph talking about inserting a tape into ADAM and pulling reset, but the accompanying picture is a cartridge in the Colecovision. The last place where there is a cut and paste is at the end where it refers to the high score table. Otherwise identical to the bilingual cartridge manual..It came with a Kijiji deal for an ADAM and a whack of rare carts. Also came with a driving controller that was in a garage and has had batteries inside for 25 years. Whats that Ebay/Craigslist/Kijiji phrase? Oh yeah. "As is but worked great when it was stored"
  9. Resurrecting this thread because I just got a copy of the manual for the ADAM tape version of this. The manual is a bit of a joke in that they took the cartridge version of the manual and did some half-assed job of cut and paste to change it to the ADAM tape version. The pictures are all of a Colecovision, not the ADAM and part of the instructions tell you to insert the cartridge.
  10. I've got dupes of about 15 of those, will PM my list. But over and above those 15 or so, note that some of those games are Telegames which normally came with photocopied instructions, thats how they came. I have some of those photocopies as well. A few others would be impossible to find I'm thinkin'
  11. I only own 12 of these, I guess I better get busy...
  12. I'm in the GTA and ran into a similar problem finding someone so even though I am challenged with a soldering iron I still managed to recap my own. Wouldnt want to offer it as a service in case I trashed someone elses's system but it wasnt that bad actually to do.
  13. One game that has eluded me CIB is Galaxian. I was watching both these auctions but I slept in having gone to a wedding the nite before. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 170821338842 Then the same day this one closes, look at the ratty condition. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 120892752313 Go figure!
  14. Holy crap that looks horrible!!! I hope you didn't haft to pay for those! Yeah I did have to pay. Compensation was offered but he never followed thru now its a year later.
  15. Yes this is exactly why I have refused all request for more. I wouldnt want to A. go back on my word and B. undermine the potential present and future value of the original small run. Having said that, I did hear a rumour that a warehouse in Venezuela unearthed another skid of them. I hope they are in as good a shape as some of the other games I was shafted with bought previously http://img857.imageshack.us/slideshow/webplayer.php?id=ed011.jpg :mad:
  16. Dont mean to hijack the thread, but on the topic of re-releases of carts that had a small initial run I have to ask what the consensus is on this. Since Fireman sold out a couple years ago I have had lots of requests from those who missed out on it and are asking me if I would ever do another small run to which I have always replied NO, since I said initially I wouldnt. I mean I wouldnt want to tick those good folks who got in early when it was available. I dunno, I'm caught in the middle a bit on this....
  17. Having owned both the C64 version NIB and the CV version NIB, I can confirm that there is no difference between the manuals. I was concerned about the manual because the scan of the manual on Colecovisionzone seems to be very Coleco-specific not like some of those multi-platform manuals you see for other games,
  18. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 310391843251 Well I will let you know first hand about the C64 sticker, normally I wouldnt open a sealed game but I'm making an exception with this one. Either I have a box for my cart or a really expensive Commodore disk game. BTW I asked the seller if he had more than one and the answer was NO.
  19. When I got my ADAM for Xmas 1984 it was faulty and I was directed to go to Dale Integrated in Toronto and got an immediate replacement console. Business was brisk as it appeared EVERYONE was there to swap out their faulty ADAMs.
  20. The only time I ever saw one in the 80's was at a souvenir shop (?!) at an airport in the States (I'm thinking it was probably Tampa or maybe LAX) for $50 and I said forget it, too much. Too much because I had just bought a lot of sealed games for $5 each at some record store - titles like Wiz Math and Sammy Lightfoot. Then I went home and sold them for $10 each at the next MTAG (Metro Toronto ADAM Group) meeting. ACK! pains me to remember that....
  21. Yep! A VERY rare ADAM only cartridge indeed. As I mentioned in the MarketPlace/Auction thread, I would venture a guess that upwards of 1,000 were produced for Coleco's In-House needs, supplied to repair centers throughout North America and Europe and given to ADAM Users Groups/Mail-Order companies after Coleco's annuncement that they were abandoning the ADAM. Actually, 1,000 copies may be a bit much, but there are no definitive numbers on this one. Anyhow, the $500 RESERVE was a bit much in my mind, but when you gotta have it... YOU GOTTA HAVE IT and I had to have it. This cartridge is coming home!!!! Congrats. I did not bid as I was a little concerned that this might just have been an eColeco or worse yet a bootleg version of this cart. I sincerely hope it isnt!
  22. Do what? Overcharge or go on and on with a friggin history lesson? I concur with others. No deal but not the worst I've seen. Dunno about you but my experience with Craigslist/kijiji is that people want to pay garage sale prices. No one's gonna buy this.
  23. Yeah I am a little wary sometimes of the plastic boxes. I know some of the Australian CBS releases came in boxes like that. But I have also been a little tricked by plastic boxes where someone along the line has apparently printed the box art or cut a cardboard box up and put it in the sleeve of a plastic box.
  24. Looks like that was a plastic box. Was this not available in a cardboard box?
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