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  1. I have a spare Coleco Vision and my schedule is busy so prefer not to ship it, if you are in the GTA area then you can pick it up or I may meet you half way, cosmetically very clean, joysticks have been serviced and are responsive, good power switch, brand new power supply. 10 commons cartridges, all tested working $70 I can do a pair of ball knobs on the joysticks with 24 hrs notice add $15 I have more games as well in the not-so-common range, we can discuss. Canadian funds. Its on Kijiji now for more money but this is the Atariage price.
  2. Pick up a few Canadian bilingual varietieseBay Auction -- Item Number: 120823859454
  3. Do you know and/or recall if it is an E&T Software/M.M.S.G. or Orphanware/C.L. Digital converted drive? Not sure. Maybe Walters Bros...? Walters Software never made Disk Drive Upgrades / Kits although they helped E&T with a lot of different drivers for other hardware and testing software. Jim Marshall wrote the updated drivers for the E&T version and I assume Tom Clary wrote the drivers for the Orphanware version. No biggy, the main thing is that IT'S WORKING !!! Also, EXTREMELY RARE as you have stated. Good Luck with the auction. Shoot man, gone in 10 minutes....
  4. I plugged it in and played Pitstop and the lights dimmed and I got 3 cars with oversize tyres.
  5. Do you know and/or recall if it is an E&T Software/M.M.S.G. or Orphanware/C.L. Digital converted drive? Not sure. Maybe Walters Bros...?
  6. Dont think so, Its got a button on the side that appears to just connect the circuit from the 9V battery connection then theres a 3-position toggle switch on the top then that added board at the bottom. I'm afraid to plug it in..... 5-11 Under's guess was some kinda autofire but would that need external power? Guy in UK wanted 20 pounds, I did an offer for 10 and well, here it is...
  7. Autofire perhaps? Could be. The funny thing is I don't believe the seller even knows it's a modded controller. I was curious too, so I will let you know whats up with it once I receive it in the mail.... Cool - please do. Congrats on the win. Cant seem to upload pics to this thread, I'll try in the main CV forum...
  8. With much regret, I am selling my Coleco ADAM 720K drive. Mention you are an AA member and I will ship free (if you BIN I will refund the shipping), if its an auction win, I will invoice less the shipping. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 120825955149
  9. Autofire perhaps? Could be. The funny thing is I don't believe the seller even knows it's a modded controller. I was curious too, so I will let you know whats up with it once I receive it in the mail....
  10. I have a whack of controllers. In testing them, some work flawlessly, some need just a cleaning, and others the keypad is not 100%. My question is to do with the latter. I use a joystick test utility on my ADAM to test these things. Looks like it is either a bad solder joint or one blown diode in the matrix as per another message link to a doc on the subject. I think I will try scavenging from another controller in worse shape to see if that helps.
  11. Ok I was calling them resistors but looks like they are diodes. One blown diode on the board would result in the behavior I am seeing (or a solder joint needing reflowing). Thanks for this link.
  12. I suppose I will try to reflow some solder joints that I have narrowed down as being possible offendors. This is just an example of one controller with one issue. I actually have several others where pressing one or more keypad button returns the wrong value, I might learn something to pass on to the gang.....or destroy them
  13. Aw David !!!! SHAME !!! Appears you have a controller with slip on wires to the control board.. They are notoriously brittle and break easily. Take more controller apart in order to match it to this controller; this will probably show a couple of wires switched or just plain off. Get it working and either solder the wire onto the correct position or carefully crimp the end down a little, not much or it will break and you WILL have to solder the clip onto the trace. No this is a controller with soldered wires no clips. And if the red wire was not making a cicruit, then I would assume #, 4, 8, 5, and 9 which also use the red wire wouldnt work, but they do. The only glitch on the entire keypad is 0 returns 6.
  14. Might have been to just meet the UL standards vs our CSA standards, i.e. 2-prong plug vs 3-prong plug.
  15. Oh thank goodness. I couldnt sleep last nite worrying that you'd agree. I didnt really want to sell...
  16. Dunno, everything has a price I suppose. BTW I have more than one cart and just getting rid of the dupe. How bout I bundle a boxed HK version complete one with the other multicart for say....$600 Or do you want a Dick Smith Wizzard w/o power supply? Thanks for the link to the videos. Lets see, there are 27 titles on it I believe which includes a few versions of cart BASIC. 2 versions of the multicart. 100 numbered copies of the sold, numbers below 61 werent compatible with one specific console version, a German Mark II IIRC Notice the keypads on the controllers, together they make up a QWERTY kb. Imagine typing in a 400-line BASIC program on that baby.
  17. Any tips on re-inserting the ribbon cable on a controller? I've done it several times and each time it took me eons of time and a lot of frustration. Any tips?
  18. How should I approach a keypad that returns the wrong value? I have several but for instance 1 controller that works perfectly except pressing the 0 returns 6. Looking at the schematic, and I dont read them well, and I'm not up on the vernacular, but it looks to some degree logical to me that the 6 closes one specific circuit and the 0 closes the same circuit plus another one so this 2nd circuit is not closing. Ok great, then what should my approach be? The resistor, traces? Nothing seems obvious by just eyeballing it. Any help appreciated.
  19. Next listing in the DUH category is an ADAM that was purchased a year and a half before they were generally available to the public. See the receipt for the "proof" http://saskatchewan.kijiji.ca/c-buy-and-sell-computers-ATTENTION-COMPUTER-COLLECTORS-W0QQAdIdZ331055183
  20. This was a limited release that sold out a couple years back. CIB new. --SOLD--
  21. Cant comment on how much you might pay for a unit in Aus, likely a little more than the N. American auctions. But main problems, and they are discussed in other threads here, are as follows: Power switch original dielectric grease dries out and causes screen "noise" garbled graphics or worse. Repair, replacement necessary. Desoldering required. Joysticks become unresponsive, often a cleaning helps but if the foils break, they need replacement, i.e. desoldering, replacement Joystick ports IC's fry, symptom is inserting a game then the game starts without prompting for skill level and/or on-screen character moves in one direction with no control over it. Replacement necessary, more desoldering, replacement Power connectors loosen up a bit, then even an otherwise good power supply doesnt fit tightly enough and moving the connector results in intermittent connection problems. There are other less common problems that are ultimately fixable but sometimes hard to trace and harder to fix.
  22. I'm in for all 6. Contest is a great idea, well done Luc!! Hows this for a deal.....If you source and include the 3 game carts Amazing Bumpman, Skiing and Tank Wars, I will buy all 75 copies of each of your six releases....umm on the 10 year layaway plan.
  23. I'm in for all 6. Contest is a great idea, well done Luc!!
  24. I've read that although the carts are different in size/shape, the games for MPT-03 and Palladium/Polybrain/Etc and others are compatible. If so, does this open up the possibility of some of those games? I realize some are the same games you list but with perhaps an alternate title. I am thinking for example of Devilman.
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