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  1. I'd take one. Have some commons for you. PM sent. Looking forward to trying this out on my Tele-fever.
  2. Oh Brother, now I have heard everything..... "I'm not gonna take any returns on this item 'cause then it wouldnt be one owner since I bought it from the original owner and I dont count." eBay Auction -- Item Number: 310348079099
  3. Yes thats right, 25 boxed plus 25 loose then a 2nd run of 25 boxed. First run of boxes had the $9.99 price tag on it but otherwise 2nd run was identical.
  4. I've got a nice boxed 800 unit, I am in Aurora, Ont. Currently just the original 16K RAM but I am pretty sure I have all the modules around to upgrade it to 48K <edit> Ok now I re-read that you dont necessarily want the box. so shoot me a PM with an offer for the machine only, maybe I can keep the box. I have a spare disk drive as well.
  5. Very nice. I like the Spectravideo stuff, and FYI did a on my collection.
  6. You are right Murph, here's what was included with the Stand Alone ADAM (Complete List): - 3-to-2 Prong Power Plug Adapter I dont recall getting one of those with my new ADAM but I did get the plastic tray for attaching a controller to the keyboard - I suppose to use it as a numeric keypad. Also got a cloth impregnated with silicone to lubricate the printer carriage.
  7. Nice finds, havent seen all of these. This is my only bilingual cart.
  8. Until I hit your posting I was not sure how to answer, now I suppose it is the Fireman proto board since it is one of a kind. After that, a sealed Supersketch, many homebrews that have low release numbers especially my boxed Squares! and signed boxed Dacman which are unique, some of the harder to find Telegames like Boulderdash and Skiing. Like many might have similar stories, the ones I used to have but sold in the 80's keep me awake at night like a sealed Wiz Math for $10.
  9. Recommended buyer, easy transaction with good communication throughout.
  10. No more of the address appears in the manual.
  11. Très bien, Bonne idée ! NICE IDEAS Route des Dolines Sophia-Antioplis 06560 VALBONNE
  12. In the meantime someone told me an MSX version existed so when this appeared on Ebay France, I grabbed it. Added feature is that you have the Pyro Man which is another character that you chase around and who lobs the bombs, candles, and dynamite at you rather than just the floating ones in Fireman. Other than that (and being in French) its the same game.
  13. Although I am unable to help you with this request, I must say that I have been on the lookout for a Laser 2001/Salora Manager for some time. I watch Tradera and a few web sites but have had no luck so far, congratulations on finding a boxed unit. Should you hear of another I would appreciate a note from you. Thankyou. I am sure you have checked with Luca at Creative Emusite
  14. I was in Nice last fall, made some casual inquiries but came up with nothing, hope you are more successful. BTW, although I had J-F print the boxes and labels from artwork and a design idea that I supplied to him, he didnt "release" Fireman as such...I did. And I feel there has most certainly got to be more undiscovered Nice Ideas Coleco and/or Intellivision titles yet.
  15. I have a general question about this lot. I see references here and to many Ebay listings to "estate sale". Does this mean an auction? I keep an eye out for local auctions and they are usually of a few types. Farming equipment, heavy machinery Foreclosed restaurant inventory Works of art or collectibles (memorabilia, china, crystal, figurines, etc) Misc junk of overstock items and assorted crapola - anyone for a skid or two of canned veggies? Specific items like stamp collections, coins and notes, etc. Police or seized goods. One person's belongings - this is likely what I think is the "estate sale" ? Everything from furniture to any of the above. But not once EVER in about 20+ years of scanning auction sites or attending auctions have I ever seen video games, EVER... Just my (bad) luck?
  16. Had a few transactions and he's proved to be reliable and great communication throughout. Recommended.
  17. You're in luck. Something tells me that you had something else in mind....
  18. I was gonna bid but he wouldnt ship to Canada. Would have loved Galaxian, UpNDown and a few others.
  19. No its not one of those international edition boxes with the slits for the manual, its a US box with the german manual shrinkwrapped outside the box but inside the shrinkwrap. Doesnt look like a re-shrinkwrap either, looks all original. I just got it for curiosity sake.
  20. Thrift shop buys today. NOthing spectacular but hit a few holes in the varieties list for 1-5 bucks each. Mouse Trap CBS international Checkers bilingual Cdn Tron Deadly Disks shrinkwrapped - funny its a USA version 100% in English but inside the shrinkwrap on the back is a German manual (?). Mission X bilingual Cdn Locomotion Singapore box Plus a few loose R4-5 CV and 2600 carts for 1-2 bucks each.
  21. If you start out on Ebay with zero feedback you might not get your best price. I take into consideration new sellers when buying stuff, others might just avoid them. Paypal might also sit on your funds until feedback is left, delaying payment somewhat. Either choice can have a hit and miss factor. I have seen an item on Ebay sell for a very high price then realized "Hey, I have a spare of one of those!" and list it then take a bath, getting no where near the last price on something. Of course the flip side is possible too. i.e. getting more than expected. If I offer something here it is for two reasons, one is to save on Ebay fees, the other just as important to me is an effort to "give back" to the AA community that has brought me some good deals on some purchases I have made here. Kinda perpetuating what goes around comes around kinda thing. I dont see it often used but I would not be offended if someone listed something here auction style with a reserve price in mind and if the target is not met, then all bids are null and void. Should be stated up front, though. Maybe if not the actual reserve price then alluding to the fact that one exists.
  22. In marketplace
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