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  1. I made several orders from Venezuela last winter from 3 sellers. 3 from January still have not yet arrived. 3 from February arrived about a week ago. Except the ones that did arrive did so in terrible condition. It looked like they had been sitting in the rain unprotected for 2 months and then crushed under hundrends of pounds of other boxes. There was water inside the boxes as well. Seller 1 did not reply to my messages about the condition of the contents which I claim could have been saved with better packaging. Seller 2 has offered to replace the damaged items, it was mostly well packaged but some got crushed at the bottom of the box where there was less protection. Seller 3 is edintv and although I have not yet received items from January, I trust him to have both sent them and packaged well, I just have to be patient as I have been for about 12 weeks now.
  2. I have wondered about that. Now even after classicgamessource started selling this stuff, www.consoleclearance.co.uk continued to operate - I see the site is down at the moment but it was up until some time fairly recently. Now did Telegames UK not become www.consoleclearance.co.uk or are they not one and the same? So if classicgamessource got all their inventory, how is it they continued to operate and sell games? And there is another party in this story. A company that went by a couple names - one being direct4e claimed a few years ago to have acquired all of Telegames UK inventory as well. They sold on Ebay for a while. Once these things started to appear on Ebay I had an ongoing email exchange with them, they were based in the UK. They sent me these pictures of what they had at the time: I know they didnt sell everything because they disappeared as quickly as they appeared. And after they disappeared, it was then that I stared to see classicgamessource listing the same items. So I surmised that classicgamessource actually bought out direct4e and not telegames uk. Plausible?
  3. Made a deal on some ST stuff and was pleased with the whole process, even threw in some freebies. Recommended.
  4. Musta used the dogsled. Yes I agree, my dealings with atarileaf have been great as well. Prompt, well packaged, good price.
  5. I dont know really, I pick one up here and there over a period of years usually in a lot of other games so cant really say. If you feel you got a great deal from Atarileaf then I am sure you did.
  6. For me, its not totally unusual to get a Zellers cart or two in a local Craigslist type of lot or to see them on a shelf in a flea market. Certainly not as common as your usual Combat/Asteroids/MsPacman type of common. But I dont have ALL of them yet, even loose. And I keep an eye out for them. But yeah, I dont think I would BIN at $20-$30+ each to complete the collection either. Value is in the eye of the person wanting the item.
  7. Its driving me nuts with some of the stuff I see on the various Mercado sites. If I could easily get my hands on some of these items it would be great but without the language, it is difficult to do simple tasks like even register as a buyer or decipher the listings - some appear to be listings for many items but from what I can figure out, the cost is per single item. I have figured out how to buy on Tradera in Sweden, various European Ebay sites with listings in German or French or Spanish but Mercado really throws me for a loop. Any Argentinian Atariage'ers out there who could act as an intermeidary in my quest? I'd pay a fee and/or make some generous trades. I have a few Spanish-speaking co-workers but dont want to go that route unless I have to.
  8. The odd NTSC Spectravideo SV-728 pops up once in a while, an ok MSX1 choice.
  9. If you need a 6th, count me in. BTW I posted a msg in the Atari forum. I reported to Ebay a guy who had a shill bidder who made 240 bids on a single seller, 100% of his bidding activity on many items from a car to clothing to vintage gaming, including 3 bid retractions. Ebay did nothing
  10. Went to a flea market and spotted some interesting labels. You know the routine, flea market stall, all the N64 and Genny games in the glass display case low, Xbox and PS2 games up front and centre then some dusty corner that hasnt been visited in years there is the collection of Combat and Asteroids 2600 games in a pile of dust. So I get the guy to haul them out and they are Taiwan multicarts for $2 each with switches on them to select a game. Get em home and none work. These go along with some S. American carts I have that if you can coax one or two titles to work out of the 8 on the cart you are lucky. Hate to destroy the labels to open them up. Is this along other's experiences? Are these just typically poor design and quality? Oh and I dont think buddy knew much about the Atari, I mean I dont think they were $2 because they didnt work, he was a nice young guy and I DID also score an NTSC Gas Hog for $2 too along with some other titles and they work fine.
  11. How about a picture of your "little adapter chip" ?
  12. Wonderboy, great! This is a favourite on several platforms, especially looking fwd to this one.
  13. Ebayer eBay Seller: suprememanifestation7 has a shill bidder (self, I would assume) eBay Seller: bobbiemerchant who has made 240 bids in total, 3 bid retractions, won a few items, 100% of which are for items sold by this seller. All kinds of different items like vintage gaming, clothing, ebay motors, musical instruments, crafts. Reported them, pretty sure nothing will be done.
  14. Great updates, thankyou. Perhaps something that can be added at some point is those Telegames releases on DDP format. Sorry, cant provide a full update on these as the only one I own is Skiing. Justification perhaps for adding these is that you have the CV Telegames cart versions listed. Some were released on tape as well.
  15. Others have "about" 4 switches. Between 3 and 5 to be exact.
  16. Traded some games, benny threw in bonus items, good communication throughout, very well packaged, I would recommend highly!
  17. Forsurely gonna go to this auction. Still looking for Gonzo Media in this pic.
  18. I have 3 x 800's now so considering letting this one go. Due to size shipping could be a bugger.
  19. Bought some games from me, paid promptly, and good communication throughout with many thanks.
  20. I knew someone would say something. And I am not challenging anything you say. My recommendation was based on the premise that they are currently considered "broken" and he's ready to give them away and on that basis only, I am suggesting he can put some life back in them for next to no cost and for likely months at least. I did it on a couple of my CV controllers and it works for the purposes intended for quite a while now, they havent failed again and although not the perfect solution, it is one that tends to work albeit not permanently. The proper method of refurbishing a CV controller would be much more complicated and time consuming for many like me who doesnt know which end of a soldering iron to use. I admit it.
  21. Man, you did well because I am pretty certain the guy who sold it to you was offering it to me. Heck, I even offered him more money. This one, right? Damn, I was THAT close. Tell you what, if you see another (and you might since you are in France) SEND THEM TO ME. $$REWARD$$ I am jealous, but good for you....
  22. Quick and dirty solution (some here would not recommend this) that has worked well for me is to open them up and squirt a little WD40 in the little hole at the top of each firing button switch - the one where you can see the spring inside. Work it in by pressing the buttons repeatedly. Mop up any spills. I will bet 50% or more will now work. All you need is a screwdriver.
  23. I dont think I have anything on your trade list but wouldnt mind a chance to make an offer on some of the ST stuff before it hits Ebay. Let me know.
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