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  1. Bump - most ending tonite.
  2. Sealed World Cup Soccer eBay Auction -- Item Number: 120691642244 Sealed Championship Tennis eBay Auction -- Item Number: 120691643594 Tell me you're from AA and expedited shipping for both is same as for 1.
  3. I put your eBay ID on my exempt list so that you should be able to bid on my items. Ditto please, coleco canuck sending you a PM.
  4. Added 2 VIC-20 XONOX double enders, starting at $0.99
  5. One more before this thread dies a horrible death. Ok so I go to an Egyptian exhibit at the Royal Ontario Museum. Its here that I learn that I've been mispronouncing Tutankhamun all these years. How they know, I cant imagine. Maybe mummies speak. Anyway its like Toot-an-common not Tuhtanhkamun but I have never heard, not ever King Toot (except for my cousin who has a gas problem) So my point is...more carwash pics.
  6. I think now that it is over $900, it will plateau somewhat until close to auction close time then snipers will jack it up to $1500 final. Ummm, for a box .... Anyone want to trek over to Connecticut this summer for a week of garage sale huntings? We could knock on doors. "Uhh, hullo. You dont know me but you got any purple boxes in the garage?"
  7. Itellivision Sealed Championship Tennis, World Cup Soccer CV AV Modded console Boxed Roller controller Coleco ADAM Super Zaxxon Sealed eBay Seller: raritynine Past experience tells me that for some reason some of my items dont show up immediately in Ebay USA but usually a little quicker on Ebay Canada.
  8. Wanted tested working SF314 floppy disk drive including power supply and cable.
  9. That NES adaptor only has 1 Amp IIRC so it wouldnt have enough beef anyway. Most off the shelf adaptors wont either. Find an Atari part number C017945 as your most cost-effective alternative and hope the connector is long enough for your drive.
  10. Well then that changes things, sucks someone is probably going to get ripped off by the seller. Not to mention the shipping charges that are inflated about 80% 10 Kg (22 lbs) domestically is 20-something dollars and to the US is 30-something.
  11. Yes but they call it Super Action Cricket, old chap. Super Action Cricket, now there's an oxymoron for you.
  12. I use the Atari brick w/o issue. -GrizzLee Yes I have used them too but if you compare them side-by-side the Atari connectors are shorter and on some disk drives the connection is not always good. When I first got an Atari ps, on one disk drive that I owned it kept cutting out, and then I tried another and it was much better, seems to be some slight differences on either side of the connection from one ps to another or one disk drive to another.
  13. I've never heard it mispronounced. Misspelled yes (COLLECO, for example). I have seen signs, and I dont know the origin of them, but there is an accent on the E which from grammar school tells me its to be pronounced as a "long e" as in Lee not short as in bet or silent as in cole. Oh yeah, it appears that way on the Telstar for one example.
  14. 9V AC 31 VA (therefore 3.44 Amps) Since its AC, no polarity. I have a spare but shipping from Canada might be a deal breaker. There's an Atari equivalent but careful, the connector sizes are the same with circumference but the Atari one might be too short often making the connection intermittent.
  15. Both the Kijiji ad and the Ebay auction went up the same day. I confronted them saying that if they plugged it in and it wouldnt power up wasnt this a "test" albeit a failed test and therefore isnt the Ebay auction description innaccurate or even deceptive? Reply was something like "thanks for advising me that someone stole my picture off ebay and put it up on a fake ad on Kijiji." then the ad on kijiji immediately was removed. Yeah right!
  16. I see nothing in the listing to indicate this is a laser disk. Isnt it just this? which makes it overpriced by a whole lot. They are not uncommon.
  17. Saw this Amiga 500 on Ebay eBay Auction -- Item Number: 230589093611 Claims to be untested due to no availability of a monitor. Sounds fair enough. Then I see this on Kijiji. kijiji ad 500.doc Making the Ebay listing deceptive. Thought I'd post this if someone was hoping to get a working boxed Amiga cheap. May be DOA
  18. Hobbies takin over the apartment...

  19. Interested in a power supply only - taken out of a printer? Would save on postage. I had a bunch with protective covers like this - but sold all of them on Ebay quickly, they were popular. This one would be without cover, you could fashion one fairly simply and I would recommend you do so, especially if kids or pets are present. Also have a set of ADAM manuals to include. PM me if interested, we could talk trade or partial trade or ....? PS I hope this is all you need for your ADAM, hope it is just the printer and not some other issue.
  20. Spotted this auction eBay Auction -- Item Number: 270707202828 and sent the seller a polite suggestion that their "5200" was actually a 2600. Response back from them was that I was only 50% correct because the 5200 was only a newer improved 2600 and I see they didnt make a correction. I shouldnt have bothered....
  21. I bought some random Atari stuff, pleasure to deal with.
  22. Sorry the pic is not the best. Is this some sort of beta? Scarcity?
  23. The drive begins to spin -albeit slowly - as soon as the console is powered up. Never an activity light on the drive. Cable is likely ok, looks in good shape, fairly robust looking. Pretty sure the drive is fubar, my final check will be whether I am getting the correct power from the drive's power supply. Should be able to source that info somewhere. All in all though for 2 monitors in great condition and what at this point appears to be a working 520, $25 is not too bad. I'll keep an eye out for another drive. Thanks to all.
  24. I let it sit for a bit but the desktop doesnt change. No icons. Manual suggests upon boot, it should prompt to insert a disk, it doesnt, just boots right to the desktop. Desktop info shows GEM, TDOS, copyright Atari & Digital Research, no version reference.
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