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  1. I am more of an 8 bit Atari guy but couldnt pass on a $25 lot I found on Kijiji. 520ST plus manual - fair cosmetic condition JVC SC1224 colour, bright, no burn in SM125 mono, bright, no burn in SF314 drive, looks like it has some miles on it. power supplies and cables, no disks or other software. If the seller's story is true, he got it at a garage sale and never did anything with it and now due to a pending move, is unloading a bunch of stuff. Because I am totally unfamiliar with this computer, but am totally intrigued into getting it up and running, I have a couple questions please. Tried researching here and there over the last 24 hrs but dont have the info I seek. 1. Manual says boot TOS from disk but it must be in ROM because it boots to the desktop, cant tell what version, would assume 1.0 2. Manual suggests that I should see 2 floppy disk icons and a trash icon on the desktop, I see none, no icons on the desktop. 3. Menu choices from the manual are a little different, eg Under "Desk", I see no reference active nor dimmed out about VT52 emulator or Control Panel or setting up printer, etc. I am assuming much of this may be because the disk drive is duff. The power supply hums, the drive does receive power, it spins, but nothing on the desktop to reflect that it is connected. Is what I am observing consistant with the computer seeing no disk drive?
  2. You'll need to consider that the European ones use a different power supply and default to PAL video mode. Neither of those are show stoppers, but you'll want to get an external A1200 or A500 powers supply from the US or Canada. I have a number of European and Australian consoles in the collection so I have a newer PAL TV w/SCART RGB and a couple of voltage transformers already. Keeping an eye out for a local 1084 or similar monitor down the road. What I would really like is a european power bar/surge protector. Not easy to find the type I need. I did buy a real cheap one from HK but it is kinda crap, lucky it didnt cost me much. I was in France last year and kept an eye out for one but they only had those round 2-prong french connectors, looking for something a little more universal. Update - I just put in a best offer on a 1200 from the UK at about 90% of asking price, he counteroffered another 5% LESS again(?!) so its on its way. Looked at his feedback, he's sold a number of similar kits with VG feedback so that looks promising. Plus he researched shipping charges which came in a little less than I expected so wasnt a bad deal.
  3. Very timely thread, I am in the market for an Amiga, never owned one. Not too many for sale it seems in Canada here except a few overpriced ones, the ones I saw on Ebay in the States the shippers wont ship internationally, so I have been browsing European sites. Some nice ones from Germany but I dont sprechen sie. The UK has a steady stream to offer, I am thinking a 1200 with the 4G CF option then I read this thread which for the most part seems to validate my original thoughts. Thanks all
  4. I suppose the point would be if you have to have one of everything like me. So yes I have not only the Exp #1 and I do use it 50% of the time but also own a Sunnyvale heavy sixer, a light sixer, a 4-switch woody, a Vader, and a Sears 6-switcher, and oh yeah a couple of Gemini's and a S American clone (umm, dynacom?) For the other 50% of the time, likely to break out the 4-switch woody. Just talking about it makes me wanna play Enduro again.
  5. That thing is strange looking - Taiwanese looking in fact. Was it a Telegames release or... Taiwan Cooper.
  6. Oh nice, I can hear it now. "Leave an EFFIN' message at the EFFIN' tone..." eBay Auction -- Item Number: 170599276812
  7. Well there is no harm in asking. The way I usually put it is along the lines like "I understand if you choose not to comply, but can you set the value for customs to $19.00" and this is only because we Canadians risk being dinged for customs clearance fees (could be up to $40 or more per shipment if via a courier, less if by USPS), plus a 13% tax. My success in asking is about 75% and if they say no, I take my chances or take a pass. People should be asking up front though, and not buying then demanding you do this, thats definitely not kosher.
  8. Hanimex made a number of game consoles. Pongs, an Arcadia 2001/Leisurevision clone, a Creativision compatible, and a few other proprietary cosoles or with some compatibility with other European or Aussie consoles, most of them PAL machines.
  9. The pencil look like a MSX computer with keyboard I show mine at ADAMCon at 1:13 of this Daniel Bienvenu . I have 3 carts which I believe represents the entire collection! The difference between the Colecovision adaptor for the Pencil II and other Colecovision adapators for things like Spectravideo and Creativision is that the adaptor does not have its own cart slot, you use the same slot as the Pencil carts which have the same cartridge profile.
  10. Bought a few games from Jeremy at a good price, packed well and happy to do business with him.
  11. I have been keeping an eye out for one for years, never seen one offered for sale anywhere. Maybe that warehouse in Venezuela has a skid of them in the back row....
  12. I'm looking for one with the serial number 82184354 on it.
  13. There was some nicer items in this eBay Auction -- Item Number: 380308858497 lot but I came in 2nd. Too bad, woulda filled a couple of holes in the boxed Intelly collection.
  14. Dont mean to stick my nose in this but does this fellow have an ADAM or know someone with an ADAM and if he was to get a copy of the cart on a tape or disk via Copycart+ or similar would this help? Just a thought.
  15. Ok so we have Yellow Boxes and Silver boxes then we also have silver cart labels and gold labels. Were these mixed and matched or does one label variety belong to one box colour? Another question I have is that most of the games that pop up NOS are not shrinkwrapped but I bought a number of them from Telegames UK and when they arrived, some silver Mountain King were shrinkwrapped and others were not, what's you folks' experience with this?
  16. I bought stuff from them too and they are good to deal with.
  17. That's why I mostly use Amazon. Amazon Canada sucks big time. The only way you can sell something is if someone else is selling the same thing, i.e. you cant create a new listing for something not selling already. Sheesh...
  18. I am a pet lover so can kinda understand but every one of this guys auctions talk about his "suck dog": eBay Seller: gamemaster489
  19. Between the lousy picture and is it just me or is the inappropriate use of the apostrophe not just plain annoying! Colecovision: eBay Auction -- Item Number: 280609707875
  20. I agree, I've dealt with Coleconut myself in the past, and have nothing but good things to say about him as a person, and his love of the Coleco video stuff. I didn't mean to imply shenanigans-- was just trying to put some pieces together. Happy New Year! Thanks to you and the others for the supporting comments. For the record the prototype was returned to else last summer.
  21. I hear you, uhh read you, but under the circumstances she had the right to demand I return the incorrect game, which she didnt. Woulda cost me quite a bit to airmail back to Australia. I have to look at the positives here. Seller doesnt seem to sell a lot of video games, I have to assume an honest mistake. And as it turned out I subsequently won thiseBay Auction -- Item Number: 130467393289 from a Canadian seller. Again I believe this to be the NTSC version based on the diagonal type label despite the note at the bottom of the listing.
  22. I had bid on and won a XONOX double-ender Robin Hood/Sir Lancelot eBay Auction -- Item Number: 290509428377 that even though it was from Australia, appeared to be the NTSC version. At less than $20 I thought I was doing well. Got the game today in the mail and sh&%, it was Chuck Norris and Artillery Duel, a much more common double-ender. Sent an email off to the seller in Aus and she sent me a full refund including shipping charges within hours of my email. I expressed sorrow to her that it all happened and just wanted to pass on to the gang here an Ebay story that turned out well for me unlike some other horror stories I have endured.
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