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  1. Your surprise/disbelief is based on what? I agree with the others, that number seems about right. I show most of them in a Youtube I did earlier (channel yyzonian). No my collection shown there is not 100% complete and yes, my video shows a couple of homebrews, and I own some games boxed only not loose.
  2. I dont own any but assume that its the same rom. Some of these bootleggers add or remove a little something from the title screens - like some of the South American bootlegs change some language, etc. These show up on Ebay from time to time. Rumour has it that some of these Cooper Black are showing up in Venezuela in a warehouse find and may become available soon, likely at a much more attractive price. Likely the seller will post something, he is currently offering Atari Cooper Blacks in Marketplace. RE Fireman, yeah retroillucid did a great job making these boxes up for me, I came up with the idea of using this style, mocked one up and he ran with it. My son-in-law Chris Coles did the artwork for the box and label graphics (he's doing the artwork for the new Pitfall release by pixelboy as well - talented boy). I showed him examples of other Cooper Black art styles and he did it up for me. 5-11under did the rom dump, soldering and cart manufacture. A fun project and a lot of great help from friends and family.
  3. I like the Taiwan Cooper so much that I did a little tribute of my own...
  4. See previous reply, the European variety of the DK box is different. So I infer that the English (shall we say "American") boxed DK which is rare was not made to satisfy any demand outside of N. America.
  5. Yes it exists, and pops up fairly regularly on European Ebays, no special rarity to this one, pretty common.
  6. Listing needs a few more exclamation marks to get some attention!!!!
  7. I wholly support this initiative. My input is as follows. 1. I don’t think it is accurate to say that 100% of all Coleco games were also produced with the CBS type cartridge and label. I have some games in CBS packaging that is the US version of the cart/label. 2. This will be a bit of a chore if you try to take into account all cartridge, label and box varieties. 3. I had little dealings with Telegames USA so cant comment much there. But a substantial amount of dealings with Telegames UK. From the latter, I saw a lot of games released in those green plastic cases with photocopied manuals and sometimes photocopied box art. The carts/labels themselves were sometimes standard Coleco (eg Choplifter!), sometimes CBS Coleco (eg Donkey Kong), sometimes generic carts (eg Mr Do’s Castle). By this I mean that the cartridge was not a Coleco cart with the Coleco logo on back but similar cart design with no other markings on it. For example the version of Mr Do’s Castle sold by Telegames UK was a standard generic cart not the typical Parker Bros, with the same or similar label on it. Same with Frogger II Threeedeeep, same with Flipper Slipper – not the usual Spectravideo cart but the "generic" cart style. 4. From my research Castelo was not released on a Splicevision cart but made available by the programmer giving it to someone and that 2nd party released as a ROM only, I stand to be corrected. IF we open the floodgates to Splicevision and others, it would be very difficult to get a comprehensive list of all the South American and Taiwan bootlegs for this list. 5. I have seen 2 distinct boxes of H.E.R.O., I have assumed one to be American and the other for the rest of the world. This probably applies to more carts as well other than those CBS-specific varieties already mentioned. 6. A version of Jungle Hunt exists with a blue label with white text and no graphics – I believe this to be distributed by Telegames or perhaps them and CBS. 7. Schtroumpfs was also released as Schtroumpf but I believe the latter was only the French Canadian label provided separately with the Canadian release of Smurfs Rescue, this renaming was true for some other French Cdn labels 8. The following seem low on the scale to me, I’d be tempted to add 1 to 2 to the listed rarities for Alcazar, Alphabet Zoo, Amazing Bumpman, Boulderdash, Skiing 9. Zenji seems one or two high on the scale to me. 10. Some Imagic games came with coloured and black and white labels. 11. Assume we are going to ignore those white labeled games – jury is out as to whether they were CBS or Ecoleco offerings unless someone knows better. 12. My copy of One on One from Telegames UK is like the Jungle Hunt as noted above, a totally different label and cart from the original.
  8. Common misconception. You dont have to remove the screws from behind the label to open a colecovision. Take the screws out of the bottom of the unit and then it will come open. I didnt say it was easy, some take some coaxing, kinda pry and lift and twist and shout and it will come open, the secret is to unattach the snap-in do-hickies in the front. Takes a little practice without breaking the snaps off or giving up. For me, I owned an ADAM first, then in '85 when stuff started disappearing from store shelves, I scoured ads in BuyAndSell/Pennysaver type weekly newspapers (we were years away from Craigslist, Kijiji) and although I was just looking for used carts and software, had to take a CV or two as part of the deal. Then over the years I turned to buy and sell forums on various BBS's, then Usenet Buy and Sell groups, and now Ebay, Kijiji, Craigslist, and garage sales. I have yet to see in my years of searching a single CV in any Goodwill, Sally Ann, Value Village, or other thrift store. Not once, ever....in 15+ years. Just N64, PS1, Gamecubes, and Genesis. Not even a 2600, not ever, and I make it a point to go to a lot of thrift stores. Nowadays at any given time I probably own between 15-20 Colecovisions, then go thru a blitz where I refurbish them about 10 at a time, have the AV mods done and Ebay them to feed my habit of buying more stuff. I usually have about 8 ADAMS kicking around too.
  9. For me, I have about 154 loose (that includes some label variations) and I have a on that, and about 140 boxed. I am not big on emulators so dont have ROMs except for a few that are not in cartridge form - eg Burgertime and BumpNJump variations. I dont own a mulicart. When I want to play a game, I usually play it off a floppy disk on my ADAM, I find this most convenient because whereas I have my ADAM set up at all times, my Colecovision is packed away.
  10. I paid $329 for a shrinkwrapped one almost two years ago and thought I did OK. Ebay is hot and cold, you might get $200 or $400 hard to say, they dont show up that often and when they do is is most often boxed.
  11. Methinks DK and Turbo were not boxed games. Right?
  12. Sounds like a string of bad luck. I have received items via 1st class post from the States in 2 days in one instance and almost always in less than 2 weeks. Our rules for sending 1st class is different though. Even one cartridge in a thin envelope is too big for 1st class if you go by the rules, but only by a millimetre or so, I have cheated and sent things anyway and have been lucky. For small items Cda Post is way more expensive. Larger items sent Priority Post seems about the same rate as our Expedited Mail.
  13. To the best of my knowledge the use of the word "clone" is not 100% accurate as these carts actually wont fit in an Arcadia 2001, you need a console from the Orbit family. Maybe "first cousin" might be more accurate, right? I'd be interested for curiosity sake but sorry they'd not be worth much money to me. I currently have about 60 games for 3 other families - Emerson, MPT-03, and Palladium but none of these.
  14. I was a 100% Coleco enthusiast until a couple years ago when I was intrigued by the MSX roots and started to acquire computers made by Spectravideo. Over the last while I have amassed a horde of stuff and share it now on my Youtube Channel should you be curious.
  15. Pretty well all games that came on the Colecovision type carts had those slots on the back to hold overlays whether or not overlays were produced for that game, i.e. there were not 2 different types of carts depending on whether overlays existed or not, they used the same carts regardless.
  16. Honest, great communication, 100% reliable. I'd deal with them again with absolutely no reservations.
  17. I have only had two dealings with them several years ago for two software purchases and those went ok. What I have heard from others on the forums here and at the different ADAMCon conventions I have attended is: 1. They dont have any floppy drives in stock but if you want to check with them feel free. 2. They dont sell hard drives and the IDE hard drive cards they sell are defective, you will wind up wanting a refund. 3. For a 256K memory expander and the requried addresser card, they want over $100, you may get one less elsewhere. For hard drive alternatives, I am leaning towards else's SD-card solution, a lot less hassle than trying to set up a classic IDE hard drive and good for many different applications.
  18. I have one but you know I have never tried it once. After reading the other replies, it sounds like it perhaps its value is for collectibility but not for playability so I wont be pulling it out of storage soon.
  19. My 2 cents based on my experiences only as a buyer on Ebay for 8 years. Much of what I buy from Ebay comes from the States. If the seller does not specifically quote a shipping price to Canada, I ask in advance and if they say NO then that is their choice, no hard feelings. The only thing that does bother me is seeing something close at a price that was well under what I would have bid, but again what am I to do about it? The $5 plus 13% charge upon delivery here applies only to items over $20 by postal service and my experience is 50% of the time, it slips thru with no charge so I dont know if Canada Customs just does random checks or what cause a lot slips thru. If on the other hand you use a courier like UPS or Fedex, and the value exceeds $20 it rarely if ever slips thru without those border charges and whereas the 13% tax is the same as by mail, often the "brokerage" charge is $35 or $40 NOT $5 like the post office charges. It is for this reason that I would suggest to the seller to use USPS, about half the time they refuse if they have listed shipping by courier only, I suppose a courier to them is more convenient. I find items are opened by customs less than 10% of the time. I have had Priority Post items arrive in 3 days but I usually count on 2 weeks. First class can be a week to 3 weeks or more to arrive. If a month goes by without delivery, it is only then that I ask the shipper for an update. Buyers that complain about shipping delays beyond the sellers control are just idiots. If the item is less than $100 but over $20, I will politely ask if they can reduce the value for customs to $20 and I will take the responsibility. Sellers agree about 75% of the time. If they refuse, no hard feelings, I can force them and I shouldnt feel bad if they want to protect themselves. Documentation I cannot comment on much except that some items from the US will arrive to me with just a simple green sticker indicating contents and value, others have multi-part printed forms affixed. I will often suggest first class to save myself some money but half the time, the shippers opt for Priority Post as it requires my signature on arrival and will include tracking. I dont use the Ebay calculator when selling myself so I cannot comment on using it but I do know that some items on Ebay from the states have real whack shipping charges that I assume are calculated and I always question the seller to see if that unusually high amount would be the actual amount charged and often it is not. Again all the above is my experience only, not meant to be "gospel".
  20. My experience with this console and its games is sometimes rarity does not necessarily translate to dollar value. I've been watching auctions of this console and its games for quite a while and they often go either unsold or for less than you might expect. Dont get me wrong, I like this console, I own a Leisurevision, a Schmid TVG 2000, and a Hanimex HMG 2650 and a whack of games.
  21. I suppose by mushy he means that you press a button and may or may not get a response without repeated attempts. I'm not an Intellivision guru but I believe there is a FAQ on the subject. I have not attempted repair. At least you can disassemble them, apparently you can also disassemble Intellivision II controllers but I havent figured that one out yet without busting them.
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