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  1. Traded some Coleco titles for Intellivision plus cash, smooth transaction, I would recommend as reliable.
  2. Thought I had one but it turns out it is a Wico Boss, similar but without the button on the base. Original box as well. Did u find your 5.25" disk box?
  3. That's still not totally clear to me. Yes, you say "you dont need an adaptor to step it down", but then you go on to say you use a step up transformer on your own consoles. Do you only need one to step UP, but not DOWN? BTW, the reason I'm being so pedantic is of course because one wrong move with my coleco power supply, and... DEAD! Oh gosh I am sorry it wasnt clear. I should have left out all that crap about what I do accross the Atlantic. Your question was whether or not you could use a UK power supply on your American Colecovision. Short answer was yes. So how were you able to use the American power supply in the first place? Since it was made for N. America it required 110V input. So I am assuming you had some device in between to convert the voltage, yes? So you had to "honour the input voltage" of 110V didnt you? Well now you no longer need to use that converter with your UK power supply. It expects a 220V (240V?) input and will get it from the wall plug, no voltage converter required.
  4. That's good news. When you say "honour the input voltage", what does that involve precisely? Yes, that sounds dumb, but I don't get that part He means if you use a UK power supply the input voltage is 220V you dont need an adaptor to step it down. I own a multitude of European consoles. I have a step up transformer with the "normal" 110V input but it puts out 220V for my "foreign" consoles. Also bought a PAL TV to use them on. One thing I do need now is a power bar with the various plug types on it. I bought one from Hong Kong for REAL cheap but I got what I paid for and I am afraid of starting a fire by plugging it in....
  5. PM sent, I'd be interested in the tape because of the 200+ tapes I own, I dont have an original of that one.
  6. Going to be listing soon some harder to find ADAM and Colecovision items soon. eBay Seller: raritynine I'll put some links in Marketplace forum as they are listed.
  7. Bought some Vectrex stuff and it was a smooth transaction, I would not hesitate to recommend.
  8. We've had a couple of successful transactions, I would not hesitate to recommend.
  9. Easy to work with and ships fast. Reliable seller.
  10. I have 3 of the one on the left and 2 of the one on the right, today is the first time they have been taken out of the box and seen the light of day. Shipping from Canada might be a show-stopper for you though. Edit: Hmmm, not sure what those white things are on the one on the right, there is no flaws, my camera is playing tricks.
  11. Should it not then be possible to take a working card complete with Eprom and then dump it and then burn some copies? gosh i remember from last ADAMCon Bob S. talking about this but I was tied up taking some pictures of other stuff and didnt catch the entire conversation. Seems to me Bob said they were GALs that maybe were not too easily copied or something along that line. Paid my dues, shoulda paid more attention :!:
  12. I had a look at the back issues one by one, and thanks, and whereas there are some pics in there of some of the hard drives and there are references I think to this unit, I didnt see this unit specifically described nor pictured - but since it has no model number on it, I am not sure which one it is. I note there seems to be about 3 missing issues in that time frame, just my luck if one of them showed this unit. If my assumption is correct, this unit may have listed for $1100.00 originally. :!: Well here it is in all its glory: I opened it once upon a time, seems to me those are 2x 5.25" hard drives (?? Megs each) (MFM/RLL?) 2 floppies, not sure what those connectors are for on the back, maybe for a printer, serial, maybe one to interface with the card in the ADAM - which of course I dont have. I think I will bring it to ADAMCon to show the folks. If nothing else, maybe we can prop the door to the convention room open with it....
  13. Was contacted by a small local dealer who wants to retire and asked me to Ebay some of his inventory items. First on the block is a boxed CV and Atari adaptor. I personally tested them and can verify perfect working condition and boxes are pretty good for their age. More to come: eBay Seller: raritynine Items not showing yet as at 9:15pm EDT, for some reason I get a lag time between the time I post listings and when they actually appear Ebay didnt give me a great answer as to why that happens. If you cant see them, check back later.
  14. It was just the console by the way. The original listing had a start price of $15 for everything pictured but the shipping was so astronomical, no one bid. I mean there was a complete printer, plus a power supply taken from a printer, a kb, the console, some books, everything looked like crap and shipping was ridiculous, especially cross-border to me. Once the original auction closed, I told the guy to re-list just the console for $15 BIN, charge shipping at cost and I would take it. Thinking that I was taking a chance on the cards being toast. But a couple days later, they did just that and I jumped. By the way, Ive tried to use a laser printer with a centronics interface with the ADAM to no avail. It was via an Eve Electronics card not one of these Microinnovations ones. But now I dont own any printer with a parallel interface, they are all USB or network these days it seems. Although I do see some of the old Okidata 24-pin printers showing up at the local electronics place, they were real workhorses.
  15. I just bought an MIB3 card from a dealer for $90 and a 256K card for $70 so you got a very good deal. I wouldn't mind if you'd be bable to take some closer pics of the connections between the two cards as the documentation is a bit sparse on that. I have the manual that came with the MIB3 card in pdf format if you'd like a copy, in exchange for your assistance of course I have a couple of Walters carts, one for ramdisk and one to boot the powermate hard drive but not the one for Desktop. Yes I'd love to see the docs on this baby. I can take some pics as best I can of the cards. Seems to me that it is 8 pcs of 64x4 ram chips so this should translate to 128K I believe. The utility only seems to recognize 64K so perhaps I should have a look at the connections myself, I would expect it to be 128K I should also post a picture of my Powermate. One of the early models but I DONT have the corresponding card for it so it sits unused.
  16. I have owned several memory expanders of various sizes for the ADAM over the years but not seen one like this before. Picked it up off ebay, listing was for a very ratty-looking consolebut one pic captured my interest and that was showing some expansion cards in the slots. Booted it up for the first time today and rather than going to SmartWriter, it boots to something called ADAM's Desktop, from which you configure a dot matrix printer and/or ramdisk. Seems to be one of Mark Gordon's creations from Micro Innovations. Anyone seen one before? Kinda cool but a little annoying to go thru the desktop and a bunch of keypresses before you can actually run any programs.
  17. I didn't know the Dina was ever sold in stores; I was under the impression that it was only available by mail-order. Interesting. Do you remember which stores sold these systems? I never saw these either and Coleconut and I l live in the same province. Coleconut, where in Ontario are you because I've never seen or heard of these until this post. Which stores in Ontario carried these? Do you remember approximately what year it was? I'm really curious. Crappy Tire had them. I would have been living in Mistersauga at the time but it could have been a store anywhere between there and Scarberia. Actually at one point for a period of time, they had a bunch of Coleco stuff on liquidation - ADAMs for $199.00 or less. Year? Hmm, gonna estimate 1989-1990. A little earlier Consumers Distributing had a liquidation warehouse at Victoria Park and Eglinton in Toronto and I remember seeing skids of expansion modules for $4 - driving module, roller controllers, etc. I guess many of us has stories like this and hindsight is 20/20 (guess I better translate for our American friends - they were sold in a store called Canadian Tire in the Greater Toronto Area)
  18. Not sure, never seen a used one for sale but I don't follow Coleco stuff. All I can say is less than $140 since you can buy a new one for that. Telegames used to sell them (new) cheaper than JC (Atari2600.com) but I think they have long been sold out of them, maybe JC bought out telegames stock? I don't know, not really a Coleco or Japan sega guy. Some things I remember about these, and again these are from my sometimes faulty memory - The Telegames ones dont all say DINA on them, they are called the Personal Arcade. The pause button doesnt work with the Coleco games. There was an overheating/overvoltage issue with a lot of them and they fried easily. Cant use games that require a player-2 keypad press, cant use the Atari Expansion module, cant use super action joystick games. I remember shelves of these at the local stores back in the day liquidating them for $9.95 new. I passed. I have seen used ones on Ebay once in a while. The price seems to have dropped a little on new ones - they used to spark bidding frenzies a couple years ago.
  19. On a buying spree lately so time to maybe let go of some of my CV dupes to replenish my overdraft. Cash preferred but I would entertain some possible trades. For trade bait, what I collect is basically pre-1985. I am in the midst of 2 Intellivision trades so not looking for much more there. Would like some MSX carts. 2010 --- $8.00 Antarctic Adventure --- $10.00 Artillery Duel / Chuck Norris --- $60.00 Baseball --- $2.00 BC II Grogs Revenge --- $10.00 BC Quest for Tires --- $8.00 Brain Strainers --- $13.00 Buck Rogers --- $5.00 Bump N Jump --- $10.00 Burgertime --- $5.00 Cabbage Patch Kids Adventure --- $7.00 Canadian Minigames --- $36.00 Carnival --- $3.00 Centipede --- $4.00 Chuck Norris --- $24.00 Congo Bongo --- $10.00 Cosmic Avenger --- $3.00 Dam Busters --- $15.00 Defender --- $5.00 Destructor --- $7.00 Donkey Kong --- free Donkey Kong Junior --- $2.00 Dukes of Hazzard --- $12.00 Evolution --- $15.00 Facemaker --- $11.00 Football --- $5.00 Fortune Builder --- $10.00 Frenzy --- $8.00 Frogger --- $4.00 Frogger II --- $15.00 Front Line --- $5.00 Gateway to Apshai --- $10.00 Gorf --- $5.00 Gyruss --- $8.00 Heist --- $7.00 Illusions --- $12.00 Its Only Rock and Roll --- $34.00 James Bond 007 --- $9.00 Jumpman Jr. --- $7.00 Ken Ustons Blackjack Poker --- $7.00 Kevtris --- $180.00 Keystone Kapers --- $10.00 Lady Bug --- $4.00 Learning with Leper --- $17.00 Looping --- $3.00 Miner 2049er --- $7.00 Montezumas revenge --- $18.00 Moonsweeper --- $10.00 Mouse Trap --- $3.00 Mr Do --- $7.00 Mr Do's Castle --- $30.00 Nova Blast --- $11.00 Omega Race --- $8.00 Pepper II --- $6.00 Pitfall --- $7.00 Pitfall II --- $9.00 Pitstop --- $8.00 Popeye --- $4.00 Qbert --- $4.00 Qberts Qubes --- $45.00 Quest for Quintana Roo --- $15.00 River Raid --- $6.00 Robin Hood --- $35.00 Roc N Rope --- $7.00 Rocky - loose --- $4.00 Sir Lancelot --- $26.00 Slither - loose --- $5.00 Slurpy --- $40.00 Smurf Paint N Play - CBS --- $14.00 Smurf Rescue --- $3.00 Space Fury --- $3.00 Space Panic --- $3.00 Spy Hunter --- $18.00 Squishem Sam --- $14.00 Star Trek --- $15.00 Star Wars --- $16.00 Stroumphs --- $3.00 Subroc --- $4.00 Super Cobra --- $13.00 Super Cross Force --- $19.00 Tapper --- $16.00 Tarzan --- $9.00 Telly Turtle --- $9.00 Threshold --- $29.00 Time Pilot --- $5.00 Turbo - loose --- $3.00 Tutankham --- $14.00 UpNDown --- $32.00 Venture --- $3.00 Victory --- $5.00 War Games --- $6.00 War Room --- $8.00 Wing War --- $18.00 Word Feud --- $50.00 Zaxxon --- $2.00 Zenji --- $24.00 I have a whack of manuals but havent matched up a list of manuals with dupes yet so ask if you need one to go with the game. Got a few overlays for the commons like War Games and Mouse Trap and a couple others for SA controllers like baseball, football etc. Discount over the individual price for multiple game offer.
  20. I know the original ones have a slightly different connector at the console end (smaller) but will a regular one fit? Never tried but curious.
  21. I stand to be corrected but the only utility I know of is for the ADAM to test the CV board in the computer, and even then I think it needs at least a 64K ram expander to run. Might be something else out there I am not aware of....
  22. Bump with latest update on availability.
  23. Are you kidding? This is one of the best threads ever. Just when I thought he was some kinda sociopath, in comes Sonny the board hacker. Then Sonny was exposed, and then the BIG plot twist - its a successful psych experiment, whoa nanny an A- !!! Shoot, I think I'd miss the final episode of LOST in favour of catching the next episode here.
  24. As if I didnt have enough already, just picked up a substantial Odyssey2 lot. Where will it all end???

  25. So I went to see a lot of Atari2600 carts that were in a Craigslist ad. Turns out when I got there some of the games in the picture, and sure enough the ones I was after, were not included. HATE when that happens. But the seller then asks me if I want to see an Odyssey2 lot. I dont really collect them but figure I had come a long way so why not. Wound up walking out with a boxed console, complete with 2 power supplies, the Voice module, and boxed games including: Alien Invaders Plus Alpine Skiiing Armored Encounter / Subchase Atlantis Attack of the Timelord! Baseball Blockout / Breakdown Bowling / Basketball Casino Slot Machine Computer Golf Computer Info Conquest of the World Cosmic Conflict Demon Attack Dynasty Electronic Table Soccer Football Freedom Fighters Great Wall St Fortune Hunt Hockey / Soccer Invaders from Hyperspace I've Got Your Number KC Munchkin Las Vegas Blackjack Matchmaker / Logix / Buzzword Math A Magic / Echo Monkeyshines Newscaster Nimble Numbers Ned Out of This World / Helicopter Rescue Pachinko Pick Axe Pete Pick Axe Pete Pocket Billiards Quest for the Rings Showdown in 2100 AD Speedway / Spinout / Crypto-Logic Speedway / Spinout / Crypto-Logic Sid the Spellbinder Take the money and run Thunderball Type and Tell UFO Volleyball War of Nerves Mostly fairly common as I can gather based on DP ratings except for a few, but Quest, Conquest, and Wall St. games were all 100% complete. All the manuals were there. Now not knowing much about this system, I was a little surprised to see them all in plastic flip-open cases. Every game I have seen before was in a cardboard box. And in scanning thru the DP ratings, some of the games listed showed only NAP and Philips versions yet mine in these cases were Magnavox. Maybe because 90% were Canadian versions with bilingual boxes, cart labels are all in English. Paid $80, he was asking $200 Anxious to fire this baby up and play a few...
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