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  1. Strangely, this sounds about right. I was pretty shocked to see this cart still listed as a 9. It's a relatively common 9. $50 is a pretty good estimate with manual. Thanks for responses. Turns out I paid about that for it. It was one of those deals where there were 40 carts in a picture in the C-list ad but the text only described 35 of them. And the ones not described but in the pic were things like Master Builder, Montezuma's Revenge and a couple more R5+'s Dad was selling the games for Sonny Boy who was abroad and Dad didnt know squat except Sonny said "Get $100 for the lot and dont split the lot up" Well without the aforementioned better games, I wasnt about to hand over a C-note for ET, Ms Pacman, etc so had some convincing to do to pry Bumper Bash out of the lot alone and got it for $35
  2. Spotted a loose Bumper Bash plus manual no box in a lot on craigslist with a bunch of commons, whats a good price these days?
  3. Got around to a full list for those interested.
  4. US = US version English Colecovision CBS = Europe or Australia - sometimes contains US cart, all play 100% no difference on N. American Colecovisions CDN = Bilingual Box but cart is same as US version NTSC SR = shrinkwrapped TG = Telegames Telly Turtle used Space Panic US used Venture CBS used Montezumas Revenge US used Defender 1xSR 1xused Rolloverture yellow box 1xnew 1xused Gorf CBS used Mr Do TG US used Popeye 1xSR 1xused River Raid used Threshold used Omega Race 1xUS used 1xCBS new Smurf Rescue 1xCDN used 1xUS new Victory CBS new used Qbert US used Fraction Fever SR Beamrider SR Zenji SR Jumpman Jr CBS SR Cabbage Patch Kids CBS new Smurf Paint N Play 1xCBS new 2xUS SR Subroc US new Super Cobra used Pitfall II SR Carnival CBS New Super Cross Force new Mountain King silver box new Space Panic CBS new HERO SR Schtroumpfs new Rocky CDN used Kung Fu Superkicks new Motocross Racing TG new Tournament Tennis TG new Rock N Bolt TG new Cosmic Crisis TG new Frogger II Threeedeep TG new Wing War TG new Jungle Hunt TG new Choplifter TG new US cart Alcazar TG new Tank Wars TG new Fathom TG new Carnival US used Smurfs US used War Games US used Burger Time US used Carnival US used Flipper Slipper TG new Evolution TG new Super Action Footbal TG new Made a youtube so you can see condition of each. Interested mostly in selling so I can pay off the taxman but will entertain some trades. Currently interested in a handful of SMS titles and the 3-D glasses, have a couple of holes in the CV, Atari2600, Intellivision collection to maybe fill.
  5. In the last 2 months I have sent strangers cash for Craigslist deals where they agreed to ship because: a. I am a trusting person, sometimes to a fault b. A little googling around on their name and email address came up with some "evidence" that they were likely on the up-and-up c. An online search of the phone book came up with an actual person with a listed phone number at an actual address so far so good. I realize if I continue this practice I will get burned ultimately....
  6. Thanks Dan, glad they arrived. Oh yeah and Carnival Super Cross Force Gorf Space Panic Strike It Tank Wars and a whack of Telgames in the plastic box Some of the above and of the original list are CBS versions, European. But the so-called "PAL" carts are the same and play identical as N. American.
  7. I have spares of the following: Alcazar Beamrider Burgertime Carnival Cosmic Avenger Defender Destructor Fraction Fever Super Action Football Hero Jumpman Jr Kung Fu Superkicks Montezuma's Revenge Motocross Racer Mountain King Mr Do Omega Race Pitfall II Popeye QBert River Raid Rocky Rolloverture Smurf Rescue Smurf Paint & Play Schtroumf Space Panic Subroc Telly Turtle Threshold Tournament Tennis Venture Victory War Games Zaxxon Zenji Some are open/used some are new or new/sealed.
  8. Again I stand to be corrected but will take a stab at this. If I recall the INT command was there inherited from Applesoft BASIC. In Applesoft, one could switch from the default floating point basic to integer basic using the INT command. Programs would run faster if variables were all integers and it wouldnt have to deal with decimals. The prompt would change to flag the user which "version" they were using. If this is the case, typing FP should take you back to floating point basic and change the prompt back. Despite being able to type both commands in SmartBASIC, I believe nothing happens to the interpreter and you are not really toggling between the two, just changing the prompt.
  9. I have started to upload YouTubes of my collection, it will take several videos. Starting with loose, next will be boxed. I have approx 150+ unique boxes all CV, but this includes varieties, eg US vs Canadian bilingual vs CBS French, UK, Multilingual but still represents more than 100 unique titles. My youtube handle is yyzonian.
  10. Pretty sure SmartBASIC 1.0 doesnt. Cant say if other versions added it or not. I know of the existance of SmartBASIC 2, Australian SmartBASIC to name a couple, not sure if they added it or not, not up to speed on the other versions.
  11. I will be there for the weekend for sure, perhaps all or part of Friday as well if I can arrange the time off. This will be my 4th ADAMCon. Went to #1, #2 (fast fwd 19 yrs) #21 I will only bring items for sale/trade if an interest is made up front. J-F I do have an ADAM expansion #3 if you dont find one elsewhere. As far as agenda items go, I wouldnt mind hearing about ADAM storage options in some detail, like how to get a hard drive, zip drive, or some kinda flash memory device up and running.
  12. Its less than 2 months away BUMP Registration Info Any other updates?
  13. Hey Daniel thanks for bringing this to our attention. I enjoyed the clip and thought it was kinda cool to have out little console once again brought to others' attention.
  14. There is a on the subject, it provides some good pointers. He talks about cutting the unit open with a dremmel but I have heard (but not tried) rapping it a few times on the sides near the seams with a mallet to open it up without cutting.
  15. They all humm although I usually have to put my ear close to hear. And they all get warm, Id be alarmed if warm turned to hot, and a spare is always a fairly good idea.
  16. I have tried to play this game without any manual and could never fully figure it out. So maybe there are others in the same boat so I am posting the game instructions that I got in the mail today from a European guy, hope this helps someone. Joystick - direction of player movement, goalkeeper movement, and direction of ball to be kicked Keypad - game options, team formation, strengths Action buttons on super action controller: Yellow - kick ball or throw-ins Orange - tackling and gain ball possession Purple - use with Yellow to make stronger kick Blue - use with Yellow to kick in a lower projectory, if not used, ball is kicked higher in the air Yellow and Orange used to transfer control intentionally from one player to another when not in control of the ball (I assume from this that otherwise, AI will select player closest to opposing team's ball carrier) When controlling goalkeeper Yellow - left or right dive Orange - not used Purple - position goalkeeper on the goal line left or right one step Blue - use with Yellow to dive in a lower projectory, if not used, dive higher in the air At beginning of the game, you choose team strength and formation Team strength - keypad 1 avg goalkeeper 2 - strong goalkeeper 3 - star goalkeeper 4 - avg defense 5 - strong defense 6 - star defense 7 - avg offense 8 - strong offense 9 - star offense Formation * - defensive 0 - balanced # - attacking Game duration - 2 x 12 minute halves. During game 0 = pause, * = resume
  17. I'm kinda intrigued by this modification you mention to use a small power supply. The one in the picture looks like it is for the battery eliminator for the driving controller not the Colecovision. And since a Colecovision requires 12V, +5V and -5V, I have never seen a "small" power supply with those specs, regardless of connector type. Do you have more info on this? Apparently this can be done if you replace the DRAM chips inside with similar ones that only require +5V input. Since there were no immediate takers on this one I'm going to crack it open and see if that's actually what is going on inside. I'll PM you the result if you're interested. Ok so I did a little more research on my own and yes, if you switch out the DRAM, you can get by with just the +5V. Only downside I suppose is that this does appear to render the roller controller inoperative since it piggybacks off the regular PSU. Interesting though...
  18. I'm kinda intrigued by this modification you mention to use a small power supply. The one in the picture looks like it is for the battery eliminator for the driving controller not the Colecovision. And since a Colecovision requires 12V, +5V and -5V, I have never seen a "small" power supply with those specs, regardless of connector type. Do you have more info on this?
  19. There might be a heat sink on it but the main clue is the video processor. NTSC machines will have a TMS9928A and a PAL machine I believe will have a TMS9929A
  20. My first job in IT was first level support at an airport. Plug and play was an unknown term at that time. I must have spent 50% of my time day in and day out installing/troubleshooting modems to connect to the mainframe for various applications. Big royal pain in the butt. The least painful were the new US Robotics Sportster 9600 modems but some users inherited these god-awful Gandalf modems that always seemed to drop the line or crap out on the file transfers if you could get them configured in the first place. Everyone had a modem, no LAN to be seen. You had to "talk" to the modem in some terminal program in "AT" language to set them up. Then I went home and played with my ADAMLink. I found I was able to whistle into the phone at the same pitch as a modem carrier. HAH! Most of this went away when they installed a Token Ring network at the airport and then all my time was spent as LAN admin on Banyan Vines or Netware. My favourite story is when a user found a mouse nest in their Olivetti XT clone. So the boss bought a kick-ass vaccuum and instructed us to go around and clean out everyone's PC. My student intern colleague on his first gig went to some high-ranking boss's PC and opened er up and proceeded to vaccuum up all the jumpers off the motherboard and the cards in the slots, rendering the guys PC to a doorstop. Ummm, were gonna have to buy you a new 386 computer...ummm...Sir. Used 1 or 4 meg memory simms were like GOLD. If I advertised selling a few on the BBS's people would literally fight on the lawn to get them first. Wow things have changed since then.
  21. This topic has been touched upon a few times here over the last couple months. I can say from direct experience that the answer is definitely NO. Not all hardware and carts labelled CBS is PAL. And from what I gather this is because excess cartridges and consoles were used in both United States and Canada to produce "regular" NTSC product, probably late in the market. I purchased a CBS Colecovision console from a US seller and opened it up and verified this myself. I remember back in the 80's seeing CBS Colecovision carts on store shelves here in Toronto. Oh and perhaps it was true however that the Victory cart you speak of was PAL, if so likely on the box it would have indicated mfg in somewhere like England or France ?
  22. I had a look and I dont see it on Ebay. If it is still active, can you provide a link, please. Best of luck.
  23. Oh yeah and I also used the modem to gather submissions from other folks for the MTAG Newsletter when I was the Editor for about a year or two, late 80's timeframe. I'd setup times with others to download files from various sources, then again use the modem to transfer those files to my Mac+ using 2 modems then pretty it up and print out on an Imagewriter printer for distribution. We had 100+ subscribers in our heyday. And although I didnt do any major hacking, it was a hoot to connect to various businesses, sometimes you could guess at their modem phone number (eg voice line was 416-555-1111) so you'd try on the modem 555-1112, 1113, etc and invariably hit it. The wargames dialler as talked about earlier automated this find-and-seek process. Then you could poke around at will or if a login name and password was required, it was fun to try and get in.
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