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  1. I didnt realize there were VV in the States, I have never seen one in my travels south of the border, whereas most mid-size to large cities here in Canada have one or more. My gripe with them is the price tags that DO NOT COME OFF and they place those price tags on the worst spot if they arent bagged (which they often are). Local VV used to price games @ 2-3 bucks but seem to be $6 and up lately.
  2. I need to create a new saved search on Ebay to go with my Colleco and Liesurevision
  3. I'd never heard of this but I experienced it this week...well I was on the other end as I was the buyer. Sale price was $232.50, after finding that it would be on hold, the seller refunded the money in full and asked me to make 2 payments of $116 each. Then it went thru for him, no hold. His feedback was < 100 To make it up, he delivered it free to me (he was local)!
  4. I appreciate the work and research you and Steve did on this. I am going to try a couple myself, havent used a die since junior high school metal shop class, here goes nothin'. Hey those folks at the knob place are good to deal with.
  5. Not sure why there is 2 labels on the bottom, maybe a serial number re-numbering, or something. The label on the top is common, been on pretty well every one I've seen but it is often soiled and or torn but it comes off easy and the glue residue comes off to with little effort. But yours is clean and new-ish looking. Good condition CV console compared to the grimey Atari adaptor. Craigslist has been hit and miss for me, I used to travel a lot and would place an ad a week in advance of me arriving in a new city, and try to drum up some goodies for my arrival. A lot of people wasted a lot of my time so I gave up on that. Once in a while a good score though...
  6. Go ahead and get the box then just send it to me. I will somehow learn to live with it....
  7. My story is that I used to collect then my (now ex-)wife wanted it all gone, I got an acquaintance to come by in his boat-of-a 1970's station wagon, we filled his trunk, back and front seats and the rest that didnt fit got trashed (sigh) Years later I found myself single and I went on a speedbuying binge, I bought everything on ebay, I mean 5 figures worth and hoarded. Supreme re-action I am thinking. I am not depressed and hopefully not a hoarder like that current TV show but it was psychological I am sure. Now it has balanced out a little more, I dont play everything I buy or bought, to me it is a collection. If I sell anything, it is 90% of the time a duplicate. I suppose my points are that I REALLY regret getting rid of everything originally, and understanding my motivation (even after the fact) of why I binge-bought helped me gain control over it. Anything to excess is not good. Balance is good.
  8. I have a whack of these European releases, that Danish site has many of them, I have a few that he doesnt. My scanner is boxed up since my last move so it may take me a bit to get these done. Pls send me a msg to remind me if you havent heard in a while.
  9. I'm loving the Spectravideo collection. I tried to bid on a Super Expander on Tradera but they wanted a week to register me. Then they refused to register me because "couldnt verify my information" which is crap. Its only when I complained on Twitter that they registered me immeditately then by that time the auction was closed.
  10. so, you either have 25 rooms in your house or you have 3 to 4 colecos in each room. this is going to sound strange but why would you have that many in one room, in every room of your house? Perhaps you assume that I have some kind of organization. Like I say, I buy every one I see. I bring it home. The room it lands in is the room it stays in. At one point you had to step over one or two occasionally. Fun at night getting a midnite drink of water from the kitchen with the lites off. Silence - crash - cat yeowl - oops gotta move that CV - drink - back to bed. BTW down to about 15 CV, sold a few.
  11. Where did that response come from? The seller should state in the auction whether they ship internationally or not - or at least the mindful sellers do... No its much more politically correct than that, its an Ebay message that you get on the bid confirmation page something more like "The seller has not authorized shipping to ....." and when this happens the seller has not stated USA only or lower 48 only (okay sidebar here, I saw one auction where the seller said lower 48 only and the prospective buyer's question was "Is Maine in the lower 48?" ummm, my reply would be yes, but maybe not the lower 32 .... Anyway some sellers will say no international shipments but most dont and you can only tell when you actually place a bid because other than that there is no other indication like shipping prices to Canada, etc. Another time this happened to me, I sent the seller a note saying - hey your item sold for $7.52, I tried to bid $30 but you dont ship to Canada, eh? I guess some have had problems with international shipping but I am sure they lose out quite a bit too...
  12. Dont get me started! Here is my pet peeve, and it happened again yesterday. A must-have item. Bid is at $3 I am willing to go $25.00 I put in my bid in the last minute for $25. The response is something along the order of "I dont sell to Canadians". And sometimes if I ask the seller in advance they will open the auction up, sometimes not. IN this case there is only a minute left. The item sells for $3.25. Ouch. His loss I suppose but still this is really annoying....
  13. Ok there were some folks here looking for a Coleco ADAM Disk Drive. Here's your chance. Tested, working, complete. http://cgi.ebay.ca/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=120503994359
  14. OK I am biting the bullet and put a tested working drive up on Ebay. Starting price $1
  15. I would absolutely start off as an internet business, at least until you get the whole cost/expense idea down. You don't want to get burned on overhead, especially when this type of business may not even need it. No major point to make but just sharing some ramblings. Acquaintance of mine runs a store, rents 2/3 of a plumbing place in an industrial neighbourhood, not sure what he pays since his landlord is a relative. Took him about 8 yrs to get established enough to make it a full time thing, before that it was evenings and weekends only after the day job. He does no internet business as such unless a few Craigslist and Kijiji ads count. I have thought about doing this too but the rent for commercial space is likely way beyond what I could manage. I too have so much stuff it takes over 3 rooms and 3 closets of my 3 bedroom apt, and threatens a 4th room. I agree that the main drawback is that I dont have instant availibility for something I get a hankerin to play (where is that damn Leisurevision anyway...anyone seen the Vectrex....) I am now leaning towards an internet business to start things rolling. I see other small operations come and go in the surrounding neighbourhoods unless they are handling current gaming merchandise - which I have no interest in. I hope to retire in about 7 yrs so maybe I can get established between now and then to the point where a storefront makes economic sense. Maybe move to a house in a mixed use or commercial zoned area and have some kinda operation attached to the house.
  16. These are pics I got off the net, the "handlebar" type are in shrinkwrapped box, again there are 4 of them, the other is in the open box, 1 only.
  17. I have a 4 boxed shrinkwrapped Quickshot QS-129NL joysticks and 1 open boxed Quickshot Python 2 - looks new unused but again the shrinkwrap is broken open, box has minimal wear. Open to offers...
  18. I dont collect them but received along with other lots 1 x C64 cart - BCQuestForTires 6 x loose Atari carts - Dance Fantasy, Linking Logic, Popeye, River Raid, DK Jr, Pole Position 1 x boxed Atari cart - Defender (never opened) Also a couple of Atari Basic books, and finally an Atari power supply brick C061982 7-pin connector Nothing on your list above grabs me but I do collect 2600, CV, Arcadia2001, Intellivision but I have most of the commons for those.
  19. Hmm, my PAL Creativision uses the TMS9929A, my Spectravideo the 9918, what else do I have here in the obscurity closet...? Why not reach out to MADrigal, he's not real active here all the time but I'd consider him more or less the Creativision guru.
  20. Whereas I dont usually have a Colecovision hooked up at any given point in time, I always have the ADAM ready to go, and yes to play CV carts either on the cart but just as often from disk. Also use the ADAM to test hardware as I have some diagnostic software. Once in a while I will boot up something else for the heck of it. I also have 2 hard drives but never got them up and running because I lack the necessary card and cant seem to find anyone who has a spare....
  21. Let me wade thru my parts dept, I am sure I have a couple spares in a box...somewhere. For routine daily use, I have a 320K double sided drive but I am all but certain I have a couple originals as well here.
  22. Hey wait a minute, isnt that a hundred copies of "Dance Fantasy" or "Linking Logic" with a few phoney labels on top? All kidding aside, cant wait for the release....
  23. OK this makes the most sense to me about it...
  24. I very much like the ADAM...hey, I am the Coleconut. But your chances of getting $200 are slim to none. I have a couple spare ADAMs myself and watch what the units on Ebay go for and the average is approx $25. Throw in some attractive software, some cartridges, and you may get more. I wish it was otherwise but I am trying to be realistic...
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