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  1. Again the picture provides few details. $260 is ridiculous. But there may be a nice title or two buried in there though. I love the CV but be aware of potential issues with the power switch and/or the joystick ports.
  2. Someone will see this and say "Hey I can do that too" and then will get $60 for it.
  3. Harvey has always been very fair and professional with me on several dealings. I would recommend 100%
  4. Give us his email address and 50 of us will tell him to take a hike. Seriously, though, I agonize about shipping to Europe. Buyers not wanting to pony up for express (as opposed to pony express, ahem) can expect up to 6 wks as per my experience. Never had anyone flip out on me though.....
  5. Bump and last call. Just a couple left then they are gone for good.
  6. In response to a couple of requests for "instructions", I must reiterate that this was a prototype of an unreleased game so it never came with a manual as such. In keeping with my theme of mimic-ing the Taiwan Cooper style there are tongue-in-cheek "instructions" on the reverse of the box. Just wanted to be clear on that so there is no misunderstandings. The game play is quite intuitive as you will find. Update - the response has been brisk but there are still a few unspoken for...
  7. Update 10 January 2010 I gave everyone several months to claim their reserved copies but a few didn't/couldn't follow thru so the last few copies are available in my store. No more will be made. http://raritynine.ecrater.com/ Last summer I offered boxed and loose copies of Colecovision Fireman game. All sold out quickly. After a few long delays beyond my control, I was able to produce a handful of boxed copies again. This will definitely be the last time I offer them. Those who expressed interest back in June/July who did not get a copy should already have received a PM from me asking if you are still interested. If all follow thru, I will still have about 9-10 more boxed copies available and will now accept orders for them. I will waitlist a few more if necessary as I found about 10% dont follow thru. If you missed the original post which included pictures, etc, it is here - My link
  8. In my 7 yrs of shipping ebay items I sold from Canada to US, I have never experienced much undue delays and zero lost items. In reverse, for items I bought from US and shipped to me in Canada, I have had 2 lost, in one case the seller's integrity is in question. It looks like however that some US shippers have had enough problems as I very often come upon items I'd love to bid on but they refuse to ship north of the border based on previous experience, this is a cause for much frustration on my end. Not sure if all US shippers are aware that if the item is valued over $20 that Canada customs may and likely will hit us Canadians with a customs clearance fee and two taxes totalling 14% of the value. If sent via courier like UPS or Fedex, bump that customs fee up to $35 or $40. And if Customs miscalculates the fees which has happened many times or puts in the wrong commodity code (video games are duty free but other items are not) you may wind up paying duty. then to get a refund, it takes 3-4 months and maybe up to 4 phone calls talking to some idiot who barely knows the laws themselves. Canada Post regulations are another source of frustration. A single cartridge in an envelope unpadded is too thick to be considered for First Class postage. I have received single carts in envelopes fromt the US with postage paid at your end of less than $2 but for me to send the same thing the other direction is closer to $7-8 Since I travel to the US on business regularly, I often save time and a few bucks by putting small shipments in my luggage then hit the first USPS outlet when I land to ship domestically.
  9. I got one with 2 Donkey Kong Yellow bursts. I hope to retire on the sale of it... -coleconut-
  10. I've not had much luck determining rarity of Leisurevision games. Ill have a quick look at my dupes for you, I have many titles but they are from various manufacturers.
  11. I Google'd it, its the original glue stick. I had used a glue stick - seemed like a logical idea - not Pritt brand. Didnt work, but then again it was a no-name drug store "permanent glue stick" Thanks for your patience, it was a learning experience and nipped in the bud, unfortunately not soon enough for a few of you. I feel bad. See my Ebay ad for 2 new and 1 slightly used Permanent Glue Stick.
  12. Thanks for your feedback. Personal reply sent. For others, my sincere apologies about the glue I used for the first half dozen shipped. It may turn out to be insufficient to hold long term. I did change glue to something stronger for later shipments. If it comes unglued, it should be a very simple matter to reglue it using white glue or equivalent. As for the PO handling, you should note that I used as much cushioning as possible in all cases but what the PO does with it after that, I shudder to think...... David
  13. I had great response to the prototype I recently released for the colecovision and the team was fantastic to work with. I want to put in a special plug for the artist who did my original label and box art as he is a nice young gentleman and was very good to work with. Some of his work lends itself to potential video game box art so if you are contemplating a release and want a very reasonable flexible quote, get a hold of Chris via the contact link on his website at: http://www.ccoles.com/ He has some examples of his portfolio on his new (work in progress) website above. I also understand he can do brochures, bookets, manuals, etc. Tell him coleconut sent ya
  14. Oh yeah, back to the thread topic. I have one of Mark Gordon's Powermate unit for the ADAM which contains 2xMFM HD, a 320K doublesided 5.25" and a 720K 3.5" (maybe 1.44??) all in a self-contained unit with its own power supply. This came from the same guy where I got the Eproms. Trouble is I dont have the card to match it. Makes a nice doorstop now but would love to get my hands on that Microinnovations card that goes with this unit. In the mean time, at the recent 21st annual ADAMCon in MI recently, BobS had a presentation on various configurations of storage for the ADAM including floppies of various sizes, ZIP drives, IDE hard drives of 1G and less (yes they must be partitioned - I forget what the max is, but it is in megs not kb) and even SD cards. Part of that presentation is shown on one of newcoleco's youtube videos that he put up in the last week. Search youtube for newcoleco or adamcon. -coleconut-
  15. I bought out a guy a couple of years ago who was collector and small dealer. Part of the horde was what looks like 2 or 3 sets of loose Eproms which I believe were meant to mod an original 160K drive to a 320K (maybe but not likely a 720K). They were in envelopes that I believe came from Eve Electronics who used to mod drives and/or sell kits to do so. Was going to attempt a mod on one of my own dead 160's but I am handier with a clothes iron than with a soldering iron. Ultimately I'd like to have the mod done but if someone needs them dumped for some reason, we can work it out I am sure. -coleconut- Do you have the file that needs to be programmed to an EPROM within the disk drive for this conversion?
  16. Fan? Dunno, you tell me. I own about 25 Colecovisions and about a dozen ADAMs. I am not sure why I need so many....its about buying every one I see. They are in every room in the house. I cant walk by one without..... All started at Chrismas 1984. I wonder how my life would have evolved had I got a Leisurevision instead. I'm gonna have my name legally changed. My wife is worried about me. She likes our real names.
  17. Ok, I'm gonna toss this out and see where it lands. I am considering a 2nd small run on this CIB version. In an attempt to be fair to the current purchasors, I am thinking of changing the box colour. Owners of the red box will still have something unique but gosh, there are several of you who I'd like to see get one - guys who I have dealt with in the past buying and selling - many I know wont turn around and Ebay them but wanted one but except for a matter of minutes or hours just missed out by a hair. If you have a loose (or will get one soon), you could get box only - and cheap to ship if I mail flat. What's the consensus on this? I want to be fair to all.....
  18. Yes, yes. You had me on your list of back in Feb and I am still interested for a set of 2. Can contribute some j/s too if needed. -coleconut-
  19. FAQ to answer some questions I have been asked. Q. How many were made? A. I ordered 50 cartridges total made and 25 boxes in total. Of these 25 boxed and 25 unboxed, I offered 20 of each here. Remaining copies are - 1 for me to keep , remainder either sold at ADAMCon last weekend or a couple were given to contributors to the project. I'm not going to order any more made - I'd love to but it wouldnt be fair to those that purchased these ones to all of a sudden say "Hey theres another hundred on the way..." Q. Where's the manual? A. No manual as such, I tried to keep to the true Cooper Black style by putting bad English instructions on the reverse of the box. No offense intended to any group, I had a lot of fun with that. Q. What's with the 9.99 price tag A. Every box will have one. My sense of humour, hope you get a smile out of it too. Q. Is this your first release? When's your next one? A. Yes to the first question. Dunno to the next one. I had an absolute blast with this one and would love to be part of a similar project. I came up with the concept, yes I "borrowed" the style of the box. I charged my son-in-law with the artwork, this was about the 4th iteration - my only instructions were to make it "retro-like" looking and I had him tweak it a few times. A few good friends helped, already named above. Contact me if you want to discuss a similar project. Q. I only see X number of PM's sent to you, why are you now saying the CIB is all spoken for? A. Not everyone who PM'd me also left a message in the thread that they PM'd me, in fact the majority didnt. CIB was all spoken for in less than 24 hrs. I created a waitlist for those who want to see if someone doesnt follow thru. Everyone in the waitlist is also reserved a loose copy if they want. Again ALL CIB are spoken for, there is a waitlist of about a dozen people for CIB, and almost all the loose are spoken for, there may be one or two left at time of writing.
  20. Ok, all systems a go. Here's the details!
  21. I am excited to now be able to accept orders for the unreleased Colecovision FIREMAN game. Update July 2 8:30pm EDT - boxed copies all spoken for - still a couple of loose available Update July 7 1:19am EDT - pls see my msg near end of thread for info The official announcement of the release was made at the 21st Annual ADAMCon convention in Grand Rapids, MI this last Sunday where Daniel Bienvenue received the very first copy. This is NOT a homebrew, it is a prototype of a fully playable unreleased Colecovision game. screenshots The release was done in the style of Taiwan Cooper Black. A total of 20 loose cartridges are available as well as another 20 boxed. Important – these are all manufactured and ready to ship NOW, no waiting for production. I hold the original prototype and artwork and no further copies will be made or offered by me, making this release limited so please don’t delay in ordering. Note as well that I did not accept pre-orders until I determined final quantities but those of you who previously expressed interest should receive a PM from me tonight asking you to confirm. To order, send me a PM first here on AtariAge. I will need the following information in your message to me: 1. Which do you want? CIB (Cart, Box, Instructions on reverse of box (in the style of Taiwan Cooper Black)) or Loose Cart only. 2. Where are you? State and Zip OR Province and Postal Code - To determine currency to use and shipping cost. Special AA pricing is as follows Loose cartridge only - $29.00US Dollars OR $32.00Canadian Dollars plus shipping CIB - $41.00US Dollars OR $45Canadian Dollars plus shipping Unsold copies if any after Aug 01 will be offered (at a higher cost) on auction site(s), etc. I want to keep shipping/handling cost to minimum (only actual S&H charge) so it will vary as per your location. For example least expensive will be to Ontario and Quebec, then a little more for the rest of Canada and N. Eastern US, a little higher again shipping cost would be to remainder of US. I will ship overseas BUT I lose sleep over the cheapest ground shipping as it takes about 6 agonizing weeks with no tracking so I would REALLY like to use airmail, more expensive yes, but it takes days not weeks. I will reply within 24 hrs on actual shipping cost and my PayPal details. I’d like to be flexible and accept money orders as well but I’d have to receive them ASAP. FYI for those that don’t know me, here is my 100% feedback on Ebay. Finally, special thanks to the following: ChrisC – artwork extraordinaire in the true Taiwan Cooper Black style 5-11under – ROM dump and quick turnaround on cartridge manufacture retroillucid – superb job on making the boxes and labels quickly and professionally exactly to my spec provided. Quality materials are used. A 100% Canadian project, thanks team!
  22. Everything is ready to rock BUT the pics I have tried to take tonite using flash are garbage. Gotta wait to tomorrow using natural light, then I can proceed. Thanx all for your patience. -coleconut-
  23. By popular demand it is indeed to be made available on a cart, and an interesting cart indeed. Target release date June 30. Details on ordering to follow in the next week to come. Very limited quantities, Please no pre-orders at this time until final quantities are determined. Ordering will commence on or about June 28 at which time photos of cart and box will be posted here. -coleconut-
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