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  1. Not 100% on topic but reminds me of back in about 1990 when I got my first job in IT. Someone's PC at work was misbehaving so we opened 'er up to find a mouse nest in it. Word started to spread with other users so our glorious team leader went out and bought a powerful vaccuum and advertised that our swat team would come around and do a thorough cleaning of everyone's PC. First customer, my colleague opened up the PC and merrily vaccuumed up a half-dozen jumpers off the motherboard. Were talking some noname clone XT or 286 machine here, no docs, no idea where the jumpers came from, how many, etc. Toast!
  2. When I go to a thrift store my routine is to head for the electronics area, check the CD area for games maybe mixed in with the music CD's and then scan the glass display cases where they keep what they consider to be their "good stuff" - jewellery and often video games and stuff. I usually dont pay much attention to the kids toys area where there are old stuffed toys and 498 pieces of a 500-piece jigsaw puzzle. On a business trip, I swung by the kiddy toy area at a Dayton, OH Goodwill recently and there was one of those Coleco mini arcade Ms Pac Man for 99 cents in great cosmetic condition. Had 4 c-cell Duracells in it but wouldnt power up. Bought it anyway thinking I could revive it if it was not functional but turns out the batteries were dead and fresh ones powered 'er up fine. Better condition than the one I paid $40 for off Ebay. On another note - my pet peeve for the majority of my thrift store finds are the placement and permanency of the price stickers they use. Value Village here in Canada is especially annoying. They must use superglue on them price tags and ALWAYS placed in the worst spot on the item you buy.
  3. Yeah, saw it when it was first listed. The shipping to Canada was $99. LMAO
  4. Anyone need a picture of an actual, real, not fake, from all angles, overpriced Jungle Hunt cart? http://cgi.ebay.ca/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewIt...em=200316751509 Act fast.
  5. I'd be interested, and I have a small horde of controllers, you need the white ADAM-style ones, right?
  6. For the Spectravideo line of computers. Some of this stuff was on CTCW recently and I missed it... The SVI-601 or SVI-605/605A/605B Super Expander with or without any modules SV-603 Colecovision adapter SVI-902. Single drive unit Other what-have-you
  7. Yes, thanks for bringing up the MSX version. In the CV version instead of a pyromaniac to lob the bombs, etc, they just float around chasing you, and there are more hydrants it appears. Other than that, very close. Cool. Like to see Pyro-man.
  8. One lot on Ebay Item number: 150326136939 50 Euros each, line up starts to the left...
  9. Some are now offered on Ebay Item number: 150326136939 50 Euros each. Going....going....going...going?
  10. In answer to earlier questions, yes the green plastic is dark but see thru. And unfortunatly no joysticks were included with the purchase. Thanks to those that responded.
  11. There is sound effects throughout and simple music at the beginning. There is no jumping fires or gaps in the floor (a la DK), you can walk thru a fire with no damage. If you fall thru a gap in the floor, he is obviously hurt but I dont think he dies (will have to check this again) Game starts with Fireman on his truck, bottom/right. Start with 4 hand-held extinguishers, that run dry after a while, then you have to go back to the truck to get a new one. You can replenish supply with a new hand-held if you pick one up near top centre of screen when they pop up for a couple of seconds (see green thing in 2nd picture). When the hand-helds run out, you must run a hose from one of the hydrants (those oval on top of triangle things on most floors). Hose from hydrant wont go far, if you try to pull it too far, it retracts fully and you have to go back to get it again. Red ladder on left and the white ladders are stationary but the one running up from the truck goes up and down so you have to be quick to catch it to the upper floors. You dont ride it like an elevator, you must climb. Fires start spontaneously at the beginning, if not extinguished, they burn thru the floor and then you have a gap in the floor with two fires, one on each side of the gap plus one on the floor below. After completing a level or two, you get bombs, dynamite, and candles chasing you around that kill you if they touch you. You can extinquish them from a little distance away if you are quick enough but if they fall thru a gap, they start another fire on the floor below. - I dont think the scene changes, just more of the same with fires all over the place. I only played it a couple of times, only got to level 3 or 4. Game ends when all players are killed by a bomb, candle or dynamite or the damage to the building exceeds a certain %. I think game also ends if fires reach one of the two objects at the bottom of the screen - barrels of something nasty? Not a complex game but entertaining for a bit due to its curiosity.
  12. Bought a box of Atari stuff today - garage sale style. 90% was 2600-related but the guy said he used to own an 800 computer, indeed there were a number of 8-bit carts, an 800 power supply, and this thing. Look familiar to anyone? - The box has a dark green plastic front, a 25-pin female connector at the rear, the cable has the 25-pin male and at the other end of the cable has 2 x 9 pin female connectors. Label on the back reads Camerica Opened it up and I am no better off, just a PC board with few chips, resistors, etc. Dont know if it is even for the Atari or not. Thanks in advance...
  13. Lucked upon a few playable Colecovision prototypes recently - one is unknown to date to the best of my knowledge - Fireman. I'll make the .ROM file available at a later date. Also in the process of trying to put together a little YouTube video of the game play. Seems to have been developed by Nice Ideas - found some interesting info on them by Google'ing around. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nice_Ideas Here is a couple of screen shots and a (lousy, I know) pic of the cart itself. Last pic is one of a (sigh...) empty shell that came with the same lot. Mr Robot .... to be found still? - - Thanks to 5-11under for his help in dumping the roms.
  14. Yeah there was one included in a lot on Ebay and had several bids but the guy pulled the listing "No longer available". Hate when that happens....
  15. Probably one of those obscure Adam titles that no one ever heard of, except for those in the secret society of Adam users back in the day... Is there a way to tell if it is an Adam tape or not without loading it onto an Adam ? A clue as to whether or not a tape was for the ADAM would be whether or not there is a hole in each of the top corners of the tape so that the pins to hold the tape in place can fit in those holes. Regular audio tapes wouldnt have those holes. A picture of the rear of the tape would show that. I actually never heard of the game but that is not to say it doesnt exist, there were lots of obscure titles sold in the mid-eighties time frame.
  16. Closing tonite. http://search.ebay.ca/_W0QQsassZcoleco-nut
  17. These are not on Ebay yet (except for one only). Telegames Plastic Box - 50% have the usual Telegames copy silver label with photocopied instructions 50% are original Colecovision carts repackaged in Telegames box Coleco - European are typically the CBS Colecovision versions for European market Coleco - European French are typically CBS Colecovision versions for France - not French Canada Telegames plastic bag are the bagged versions either Telegames and/or CBS with photocopied instructions No description is the normal retail N. American release Cardboard box versions are mostly shrinkwrapped. All are pretty well mint condition other than the Sewer Sam Trade items I might consider are - Spectravideo SV-3*8 items, Creativision Items, Hanimex Pencil II items, other CV games I dont have - I do have a short list of boxed and loose carts I dont have and they are not all Holy Grail types. 1on 1 Basketball Telegames plastic box Alcazar Telegames plastic box Antarctic Adventure Telegames plastic box Cabbage Patch - Park Coleco - European Carnival FR Coleco - French - European Choplifter Telegames plastic box Congo Bongo Telegames plastic box Cosmic Crisis Telegames plastic box Dam Busters Plastic Bag - CBS Evolution Telegames plastic box Flipper Slipper Telegames plastic box Frogger II - Threedeep Telegames plastic box Gorf UK Coleco - European HERO Juke Box Telegames plastic box - relabeled cartridge Jumpman Jr Coleco - European Jungle Hunt Telegames plastic box Motocross Racer Telegames cardboard box Mountain King Mr Do Telegames plastic box Mr Do's Castle Telegames plastic box Omega Race UK Coleco - European Pitfall II (Pitfall 2) Popeye Quest for Quintana Roo Plastic Bag - CBS Rock N Bolt Telegames plastic box Rolloverture Schtroumf Coleco - European Schtroumpfs FR Coleco - French - European Sewer Sam 1 only unused but box has slight crushing Smurf [White] UK Coleco - European Smurf Paint N Play UK Coleco - European Smurf Paint N Play US Space Panic [black] FR Coleco - French - European Strike It Telegames plastic box Subroc [Yellow] USA Subroc US Super Action Football Telegames plastic box Super Cross Force Tank Wars Telegames plastic box Telly Turtle Tournament Tennis Telegames - Cardboard Box Victory Coleco - European Wing War Telegames plastic box Zenji
  18. FYI Here is the EVE PS-1 for those who have never seen it. Seems to work ok for me except there is some kind of minor intermittent interference on my monitor when I use it. Not being the techie type, it just occurs to me that it maybe isnt putting out the full juice it should. (?)
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