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  1. Coleconut, would it be possible for you to share a photo of what ecoleco's label on this looked like Sure, here it is:
  2. Ecoleco used to sell them, I have two so I can let one go for the price I paid. PM me
  3. Allright! ZeroWing for Intellivision, you heard it here folks!
  4. Nice to hear from you. Reading this thread prompted me to bring out the controllers I got from you way back when.
  5. I have a couple of tested kb , I am in Canada but am travelling to the US 2 trips both this week and next so could bring them with me to ship domestically. PM incoming
  6. Boxed versions and loose were made available in 2009. Boxed sold out quickly and none more were ever made (by me)
  7. Authentic copy of FIREMAN for Colecovision on Ebay. This was put up for sale to counter the bootleg copy also currently being offered at a higher price. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 121991671508
  8. Fireman for Colecovision, no reserve auction starting for a penny. Authentic copy, not one of the many bad copies appearing of late. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 121973030477
  9. I have a question. Assuming the final value is approx what I think it is, are you aware that the Global Shipping Program you chose to use means it would cost me well over $100 Canadian just for shipping one game if it sold for the current amount and maybe double that based on final value? I shall not be bidding.
  10. Authentic loose Fireman for Colecovision cart ending today. Not the repro's the other guy has been flogging lately. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 121954333360
  11. Pronounced "Leftenant Lethbridge" BTW Carry on then...
  12. The whole lot is Telegames, every one of them. I own them all, some would come in green plastic clamshell cases, others in plastic baggies.
  13. My experience with Alcazar is that some carts are faulty. I have two of these I bought brand new and both of them the game doesnt work beyond that opening screen seen in the pic. QC at Telegames I believe was all but non-existent. If you are going to bid on this one, ask the guy if the game goes beyond that screen!
  14. I dont know if its an Etsy thing or not but the search function doesnt work well. Search for Intellivision for example and get Atari, Colecovision and Intellivision Also dont know if this is configurable at your end but one loose cartridge to ship to Canada is over $20 Cdn, two are $37 Cdn. Huge show-stopper
  15. OMG buyer vgsale2012 strikes again. Left me my first ever neg feedback. Thanks Andre. My advice to Ebay sellers - Put this guy in your block buyer list.
  16. Not really obvious for the reason you suggest, the exact same behaviour I speak of happens no matter what the exchange rate is. In the not too distant past the Canadian dollar has been worth more or it sat at par for quite a while. Its not like some feeding frenzy starts when the gap widens. No matter what the rate is the bank tacks on their ~3% fee and profits no matter what the exchange rate happens to be at the time. Come to think of it my "dime incident" happened when the Canadian dollar was worth more. I was giving her 11 cents...
  17. I "think" in Canadian dollars so I convert currencies in my head when I am on ebay.com. When I am on Ebay.ca, then ebay does the conversion for me. For example if I see a listing for an item for $100 USD on Ebay.com, if I look at it on Ebay.ca, the same item, it shows the item in both currencies. As far as whack shipping options, obviously the shipping choices are USPS-centric which of course then doesnt allow me to select "real" choices offered by Canada Post, I resort to "standard shipping" and "shipping from an international location"
  18. If I am a Canadian seller selling items in Canadian dollars there is nothing to exchange for me. My point was if you as a US buyer for my item in Canadian dollars, you the buyer pay the exchange fee to change your US dollars to Canadian dollars to pay me. I only pay the normal paypal fee to receive the payment, again I dont pay any currency exchange fees.
  19. I have been a buyer and seller on Ebay Canada ( EBAY.CA) for 14 years and I typically buy and sell in $USD. Ebay Canada just notified me and I assume everyone else on Ebay.ca that we will no longer be able to list in any other currency than the Canadian Dollar. As a Canadian, I am used to dealing in USD, its not uncommon to get US coins in change when I purchase items in a store in Canada, most stores will take USD in Canada even though the exchange rate in a retail establishment might be less than optimum. I can readily buy USD in any Canadian bank with no muss or fuss - a common transaction. I note however the opposite is not true in my travels to the US. I rarely see anyone - except perhaps Duty Free stores at the border crossings - ANYONE in the States want or accept Canadian currencies. On my first trip to Florida I expected to be able to go to a bank and exchange my Canadian money for US dollars. Most banks wouldnt touch it, and the one that would wanted to charge some extortion rate. On the extreme side of this I recall that rather than change a $20 bill, I gave a restaurant in Michigan a Canadian dime and the Manager literally ran out to the parking lot to bring me back in to change the $20 instead of accepting the friggin canuck dime. Wow For Ebay under the new policy I can make all my listings on Ebay.com in USD thats not the problem (well shipping options presented to me are a bit whack on ebay.com) but... And maybe none of the above has to do with my question but I will ask it anyway. So my question to my American brothers and sisters is would you have any concern or issue with having to pay for an Ebay purchase in a currency other than US Dollars? Note that paypal takes about 3% off the top for currency exchanges. Example an item sells for $100 Canadian. This translates approx to $70 US. To pay the Canadian seller, paypal will charge you $72.10 US
  20. Bugs, sent you a PM, I have an 800XL in the reasonable range, plus I am local to you,
  21. Purchased CV homebrews priced right, great condition, well packaged, smooth transaction.
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