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  1. PM'd you, I am in S. Ontario, have an SUV and would like to take a large lot of about everything not fully spoken for in one trip at your convenience.
  2. For joysticks with keypad issues, I imagine one should first try cleaning the contacts and looking for broken traces or cold solder joints but I have not really found anyone documenting troubleshooting diode issues and the idea of having to desolder them to test seems a little daunting. Anyone had success with fixing keypad issues
  3. Normally I would be interested but $118 CAD to ship is taking a little of my excitement away.
  4. Id love to pay only 15.50 for a shipment from the US. Its like if I want to buy anything anymore on Ebay I have to beg the seller to send 1st class because they all want to use Priority Post or even worse the dreaded Global Shipping Program and its not uncommon to get a quote of $40 to $100 dollars to send a game from US to me in Canada.
  5. Its called economies of scale. Giving a programmer a small honorarium to port a game from MSX etc, costs of printing small runs of boxes and labels and manuals, cost of carts and PCBs etc - there is not huge profits to be made by selling 50 copies of a homebrew @ $50 bucks. More a labour of love really.
  6. Im just curious on how you opened the brick. Dremel, vise, hammer...
  7. Found a site with reviews. About 10 positive saying it worked great for their application and about 10 negative saying it was a POS. So there we go, nothing definitive.
  8. I dont know if I am talking thru my hat but PAL-M I believe is a little different in that its 60Hz like NTSC which I believe means that it wont scroll. But the colour coding is different meaning the display will be in black and white. The crux of my question is really - does anyone have any experience with those Far East Chinese $14 converters on Ebay or is it a waste of money?
  9. LOL and it wasn't $5 either. That one and Pole Pos,n were $6.99. and in answer to the 2nd question asked earlier, I don't recall the name of the place but it was in Houston.
  10. Irks me when Ebay wont do anything about a seller who is so obviously shill bidding on his own crap.
  11. Reviving this topic in case members have more current feedback on the topic. I see cheaper converters on Ebay now as low as about $12 CAD from far east but don't want to buy one if they just don't work. Any one got a Brazilian PAL-M console they use in N. America on an NTSC TV with some inexpensive converter? thx
  12. I just ordered a Digiplay Inty II console yesterday then today I am thinking shoot, am I going to be able to use this thing on my TV? Do they display in PAL-M and if so that means black and white only right? How about those converters you see now, kinda scary buying one of those Chinese $12 units if it doesn't work? Anyone have input on this topic? thx
  13. I do a fair amount of travel for business and one thing I do is visit flea markets, used video game stores and pawn shops. Last trip to Texas I dropped in just at closing time , asked if he had any Intellivision games. Owner says he has just some sports titles mostly that most people aren't interested in. $5 bucks each. Holy crap, I filled a few holes with this lot pretty cheaply.
  14. Big Rally-X fan, if you haven't shipped my box yet, let me know what it would be to include that one..
  15. And maybe I,m being too critical. But stuff like heres what the experts are saying - Coleco is making a console. I mean its a little underwhelming if thats supposed to be an endorsement to generate some level of excitement or legitimacy .
  16. Is it just me or is this flyer kinda...whats the word I seek...lame. And not just because they misspelled ColecoVision on page one but it looks like the whole thing was written by an amateur and not very polished. E.g. paraphrasing - Coleco went on to sell 2.5 million cabbage patch dolls then 20 million were bought in one year. Umm, huh..
  17. Reviving a very old thread to add pictures of this item,
  18. Speaking of high, aren't these pictures taken from about 5 feet too high? eBay Auction -- Item Number: 252278326363
  19. When I lost my high score in Frogger. George Costanza
  20. See a one-piece Parker Bros Australian box on Ebay, I believe this to be an update since all I could see in the latest update was reference to the 2-piece parker bros australian eBay Auction -- Item Number: 321977584143
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