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  1. Well I got my refund....well sort of...Paypal shows a refund then they put a hold on the refund. Nothing for Opcode to do, its between me and Paypal but WHAT JERKS. Whew, feel better now.
  2. And I'd forgotten how great it was to pick up a magazine off the shelf new and read ADAM articles and see a dozen ads in the back for ADAM goodies.
  3. ADAM Family Computing Magazine from Scholastic ultimately became Family Computing Magazine instead and was devoted to all the 8-bit computers of the time, I used to buy every issue at the store when it came out. (because a Canadian subscribing to a US magazine often means paying more than the sticker price) so you saved by buying off the shelf. As I now look it up under Wikipedia to prompt my memory "The title was changed, first to Family & Home Office Computing and finally to just Home Office Computing with ever-diminishing coverage of home computing topics" Oh way cool, just found that these magazines are all scanned and archive here I typed in every one of those BASIC programs and when they didn't work, was so pleased with myself to find where the typo was....
  4. Turn of the century CRT TV's - a 2004 15 inch Electrohome and a 32 in. JVC. After trying 3 light guns, two TV's, two games, and both a SMS and SMS II with the exact same behavior, I come to the conclusion that my TV's are too new. I think I will try my circa '84 Commodore 1702 monitor next.
  5. Couldn't find this topic by searching around here nor Googling-in-general but I have a Sega Master system and I have tried multiple light guns and multiple TV's and both Gangster Town and Safari Hunt and the behavior is consistent - it doesnt shoot straight. Which makes it almost impossible to put in your initials to even start a game of Gangster town then make any score. What is mostly consistent is that it shoots about 2 inches to the right of where you aim, but even that is not 100% true in all cases. Weird, eh?
  6. What an amazing job on the latest update. One minor contribution I can make on the Consoles and clones tab. Some systems like Laser,Spectravideo, etc had CV adaptors and are described as such. However, for the Pencil II it is more accurately described not as just the Pencil II itself, but better as the PEN-621 Colecovision cartridge adaptor for the Hanimex Pencil II Definitely an R10
  7. Ahh, Madam7, the hours I spent with you....
  8. Or at least facing the same direction, I hurt my neck reading the game titles. Shoot now I have to take some time off work to play recover
  9. Timing is everything. Very pleased to log in just in time to snap this one up that has eluded me all these years. Not a pristine copy but hey.... eBay Auction -- Item Number: 151900439311
  10. I see why he needs the money. That vial of blow in the one pic is almost empty.
  11. Along with a carton of `Parliaments But that was my 2nd choice.
  12. Wow I got mine CIB at the thrift store for 2 bucks!
  13. In a search, I didnt see this documented but just wanted to share an observation. I loved Spectar in the arcades back in the day, and regularly played it in Mame since, but only just recently got the CV cart. When I first tried it in my ADAM, it crapped out regularly - random resets, didnt acknowledge 5=insert coin, lockups and freezes. Tried it in my CV and its fine. Noting that not every ADAM is the same (viz. some play SGM games, others dont) so wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue.
  14. I wish. The cart was labelled as such but in dumping it, it turned out to be a common prototype/lab loaner. Popeye or Frenzy, I forget which. Sigh....
  15. I showed mine at ADAMCON a few years back @ 1:13 of this youtube but I dont have the CV adaptor and will someone ask my wife if its ok for me to spend $1000 CDN on this please? https://youtu.be/I7igfsHSKSQ FYI before that I show my Spectravideo colecovision adaptor and after that, the Creativision and after that Fireman.
  16. These appear on Mercado Libre (sp) for way cheaper but I am hesitant to even try to make purchases there
  17. Ditto, #1 And I want on the preorder list if and when you have one. I missed out on the first one by a hair.
  18. Picked up a C64 and a 1541-II on Craigslist and the drive has this same switch issue. Computer works fine and was told the drive works but before investing in a new switch, want to try the jumper to ensure this thing works. I can handle the soldering to do this but because I am a noob at these things, need to know exactly what I am jumpering. The connections are 1 thru 6, and I added them to the picture below. Which ones are to be connected to bypass the switch?
  19. I had eBay Auction -- Item Number: 121584103742 on Ebay, I could do better for an AA member
  20. Shouldn't have looked at those pictures now I wont sleep tonite....
  21. Includes the hardwood flooring. Ebay rule - include what's pictured.
  22. The CBSA regs are a difficult read but in that calculator you point to, the amount shown is GST or HST depending on the province you live in. So if I put in a value of $100 and province Ontario in that calculator, it says duty and taxes = $13. That equates to 0$ duty and 13%= $13 HST If it came in via Canada Post they'd tack on (I believe its) $7 more brokerage or if the seller sent it UPS or some courier, hold on for a whacking $30-$40 brokerage charge. But I maintain theres no DUTY Ebay can call it whatever they want. Another link spells that out: http://www.crossbordershopping.ca/duty-tax-import-guide/canada-customs-duty-rates-tariffs-and-taxes Category 5 - video games - 0% duty
  23. Brokerage fee not duty. Theres no duty on video games. Any value over the magic numbers you state will incur GST tax and brokerage. Under those numbers you get charged nothing. But zero duty in both cases
  24. And while there is GSS, I wont buy it. I think that what many sellers using the program may not understand is that whereas they might be doing mostly well, they are missing out on many many more sales opportunities to folks like me that avoid anything sold with this program like the plague. For things I purchase, that I am interested in, the extra fees associated make them cost-prohibitive and provides me with absolutely nothing tangible to justify the extra charges. I have been Ebaying for 13 years and have had nothign go missing nor damaged using 1st class international that is a fraction of the price, has tracking, and is delivered right to my door.
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