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  1. Applejellyforbrains polished up the controller discs for the pic. WTF
  2. Heads up on a rare grey Colecovicovision in perstine condition! eBay Auction -- Item Number: 271833171066
  3. Successful transaction, good communication throughout, recommended.
  4. Gee do ya think s***l with his 27 bids on 17 items by the same seller is maybe a shill? eBay Auction -- Item Number: 151630612585
  5. When I have asked the sellers to not use it, they have told me in each instance that they'd have to end the auction and re-list it to do that. The other seller said if I won the auction, they would invoice me without the GSP but in the end when I did win, they said they couldnt do that and offered to let me back out of the sale. Is that consistent with your experience? I
  6. i rounded up a bunch with missing or poor labels for someone else to enjoy but took the mystery out of it by saying what they were.eBay Auction -- Item Number: 121606932263
  7. Maybe they just started to cross-utilize 2600 and CV labels at some point although I have never seen the gold label on a 2600 cart.
  8. Going thru my dupes I came accross these. Whereas the varieties for Qbert are documented, I dont see this one documented (unless I missed it) AFAIK there was only the 2-piece box for Super Cobra so its not like what was suggested above for Qbert in matching box style to label colour.
  9. I'd never played one before but in a final walkthru at a recent gamers swap meet when thet typically start dropping prices I grabbed a console, multitap, av cable, p/s, 1 controller and 5 CIB commons for $90 Cdn (~$75 USD) RF output to crt TV seems quite acceptable.
  10. Flea market. Most of the rest was off Kijiji ads
  11. Had a busy day yesterday, picked up a 2600 light sixer, psu, 2 Wico j/s paddles and 40 games $32 - not the deal of the century but much harder to find lately @ reasonable prices Working Sega 3D glasses and SMS adaptor $8 4 Sega Mk III loose carts @ $1 each MInt Gamecube and games $20 2 mint Colecovision Opcode boxed homebrews $20 ea. Complete working Colecovision - $23
  12. Ooo a little over the top but wait, its the Global Shipping Program. Pass.... (The Ebay Canada user forum on the topic of I hate the Global Shipping Program is 215 pages long. Anybody listening at Ebay? Didnt think so.)
  13. Jiggle power switch when its 'on' Try channel 3-4 switch a few times. Jiggle wire at the rf connector end. Try a different cable. Using a coax adaptor? Got a spare? Results of those tests will help narrow down issue.
  14. You need Expansion module 6 to play half of them.
  15. Sold an ADAM console, very smooth transaction with many thanks.
  16. Purchased Colecovision and Hanimex (Arcadia 2001) items well packaged and great communication througout. Highly recommended seller/trader.
  17. There's a fairly recent thread in the 8-bit forum if you do a search. Mostly horror stories about repackaging goods and a lot of Canadians like myself saying they'd NEVER buy anything if the seller uses this service. It doubles the cost to the buyer and for what?
  18. Ive got some EOS 6 ROMs originally from Walters Bros but others have come out with newer versions at some point.
  19. Bought a few CV games, paid promptly, courteous, would recommend.
  20. Thats my auction for HERO and I have a boxed Tutankham - I could do better than the listed prices on both to an AA member if anyones interested
  21. Nice pick up off Kijiji Never expected to find that here. Thats $75 CDN, about $62 US. I didnt have the heart to dicker.
  22. I pulled out my 2 Gemini's after reading this thread and noticed for the first time that one was considerably heavier than the other. Put them on a postal scale and sure enough the one weighed in at almost twice the weight of the lighter one Guess I have a " heavy gemini" Didnt crack them open as curious as I am about it as I read somewhere that the screws often strip on these things. I can say that I found the controller paddles pretty easy to clean the black gunk outa and then they work pretty good.
  23. I saw that Kijiji ad on the weekend but London's like a 3 hr drive for me so I didnt pursue. Nice pickup, hope everything works well for you.
  24. I have many dupe carts and Im in Canada too, pm sent.
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