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  1. I pulled out my 2 Gemini's after reading this thread and noticed for the first time that one was considerably heavier than the other. Put them on a postal scale and sure enough the one weighed in at almost twice the weight of the lighter one Guess I have a " heavy gemini" Didnt crack them open as curious as I am about it as I read somewhere that the screws often strip on these things. I can say that I found the controller paddles pretty easy to clean the black gunk outa and then they work pretty good.
  2. I saw that Kijiji ad on the weekend but London's like a 3 hr drive for me so I didnt pursue. Nice pickup, hope everything works well for you.
  3. I have many dupe carts and Im in Canada too, pm sent.
  4. Just to clarify that, the boxes in Canada for the games in which these labels were supplied were bilingual as well, the labels werent always black and white - indeed black and white and full colour variations exist for the same game title - and the Consumer Packaging and Labelling Act which outlines the requirements for bilingual packaging in Canada is a federal statute not provincial, meaning that bilingual labels and packaging was not local to say Quebec or New Brunswick where French is "dominant" but Canada-wide. Theres the odd Canadian cart shell that I have come accross as well. So it wasnt just a matter of tossing in a bilingual label in a US box. English-only US releases of games also were offered for sale in Canada as well. I also saw CBS versions of games for sale in stores in Canada back in the day.
  5. In reading this thread, I recall that I had some Eproms that I had bought a long time ago when I bought a bunch of drives working and not, upgraded and not from a guy in NY state. I never got around to trying anything, I cannot guarantee anything but if I got the $20 shipped that I paid for these I would be ok with that. Have a look at the pic and let me know....
  6. I have seen references to your work and congratulations. There hasn't been much or maybe any chatter on here about it that I am aware of, most colecovision fans seem to be more interested in the MSX-to-CV conversions of course. Although a world-wide forum to be sure, I am guessing that most here are from N. America where MSX is not shall we say fully embraced. I have 3 MSX machines myself, 2 are Spectravideo and I finally picked up a Zemmix after searching for a while. Next on my list is an MSX2 (Sony? Panasonic?) so I can play some of my MSX2 games I have never played.
  7. Just be prepared for a wait or. ..?I ordered one of these a few weeks ago from him along with some other stuff. He replied next day that he has more outstanding orders than time to fill them. When I hadnt heard back I emailed again to which he replied again he was backlogged and anyway I wouldnt be happy with the condition of stuff Id ordered so forget it. Umm I knew what the condition was and didnt make any demands or stipulations so am confused by this response a little.
  8. Ack, by the time I found that you'd ship the Ramses to Canada someone grabbed it...
  9. When I got Fireman with some other stuff, included was a cart that said "Mr Robot 1984 unfinished" but alas when I put it in my CV, it didn't work. Realizing that the eproms were in upside down, I switched them around 180% on the board and voila - it was Frenzy. But that prototype might still be floating around...somewhere.
  10. It does suck because since they introduced it, I have ordered less on Ebay and I buy a lot typically. Sorry but I would never buy anything from any seller using Global Shipping program based on the added cost alone. Compare a single game manual selling for buck and change. If the seller sent it first class, probably cost under $2 to send, sellers usually charge about $3 for first class, but those using the global shipping, it comes in at $30. I know to some degree that's apples and oranges - different services, but for a manual worth a dollar Id have to be nuts. Colecovision ads I watch. Console sent via priority post is probably $25 and it has tracking and I have to sign for it, with global shipping cost becomes $50 or more. Its whack. I can receive an item under $60 in value absolutely duty and tax free. This program seems to ignore that fact and charges some kinda brokerage fee for doing nothing.
  11. I have bought stuff from them too and was happy. Seems to me at the time he was in NJ before moving to FL. Yeah, he might take weeks to get back to you, he does usually give a heads up that he is routinely behind in processing orders.
  12. Oooh you could print out some racy RLE's with that setup. Hubba hubba. Sound of the DMP reminds me of my years working at the airport, they had printers like that at every gate up to a couple years ago to print out manifests and the like - actually might still do.
  13. I didn't order a SGM more through procrastination than luck or otherwise. For me and perhaps others who have read some topics but still don't have a clear picture, is an SGM game only playable using the module perhaps without taking full advantage of some features and/or is it still playable on an ADAM or does it depend on the specific game. The answer may have me change my vote. thankyou
  14. Bought a large lot recently and have a few items I want to recoup some expenses on. These arent on Ebay. I really not wanting to ship it so hoping there's interest in the GTA (Toronto) region or southern Ont within a reasonable distance from me. Lets say along the 401 Central Toronto to Newcastle? First is a very clean 400 with a nice dust cover, power supply, tests well, 16K, prior owner added a kb port on the side. i dont have the keyboard to test it but the guy was the original owner and some kinda engineer and everything I got was clean and working. $35 Then theres a boxed 600XL complete, manual, again very clean and complete. 16K $40 BTW thats not yellowing on the back of the box at the bottom right corner, some kind of light effect when I took the pic. Also have a tested working Coleco ADAM in that big blue box. It is on Ebay.eBay Auction -- Item Number: 121281833400 due to a request I had received earlier.
  15. Seeing that K-Tel produced some memorable games, I always watched for a sequel
  16. Interesting what someone's done with an ADAM power supply. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 310612271943
  17. I only caught this one too late. Not sure how I would have arranged a purchase being geographically and language challenged but I think I would have taken a flight down there if that's what it came to. Sigh...... Splice Vision
  18. Touchy subject. If its deliberate and thought-out, it is suspect. Then there are the oddities. Like look at this Decathlon. I dont see this box documented anywhere. No one deliberately tried to fake a Decathlon to reap a reward, but here it is. Fake or oddity? I think the latter. That Venture is something else again, eh?
  19. I think it was the last cache, unless our Italian uh...friend...finds a stash. FYI I cleaned out direct4games entire inventory of Alcazar and Tank Wars among others in 2007 on a side deal after they started listing them on Ebay. I've none left except a few non working copies, failure rate was high on these carts.
  20. Thats a switch, my experience is that the many of the Telegames re-releases carts were flakey. eg I bought a bunch of Alcazar carts from the UK and 25% of them didnt work.
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