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  1. Then is it a "borderline" personality disorder I have? Whew! Uh, 4 I guess Oh wait, then theres the one on top of the book shelf. Oh yeah theres also the one I got last week sitting on the desk. I should check the basement for more and get back to you..........
  2. I got my variety of Montezuma's Revenge from a street vendor taco in Guadalajara
  3. I dont own a Colecovision, I own 25 of them.
  4. Je suis desole, c'etait une blague stupide. L'offre etait de $950 compose de CPK Picture Show, ca vaut $330 et $600 pour DK et $20 cash. C'est parce-que je viens de lire les messages dans le forum Ebay. Mais j'ai dit aussi que vous avez une piece exceptionelle. And you can tell my French is much worse than your English and I hope you do well on the sale.
  5. Offer $950 1 CPK Picture Show - worth $330 plus 1 DK - worth $600 $20 cash Sorry, couldn't help it. Nice Piece to be sure...
  6. This is an old posting but I just had a look both my Illusions and one is cartridge made in USA, cart label printed USA, Box printed USA and the other one is cart made in Canada, cart label printed in USA (with a black and white loose French label printed in Canada) and box printed in Canada in two languages. Is there indeed a confirmed Canadian-made English only box? I have my;doubts.
  7. Just completed a trade and I am pleased with the results plus I must mention the great communication and liberal amount of patience with me due to my busy schedule, vacation, etc. Highly recommended.
  8. I knew I had an unused French/Canadian Venture label so I just rummaged thru my collection but alas its a green snake one. Had a blue one at one time though, and in a moment of weakness sold it on Ebay years ago in a lot. Here's the picture I took for Ebay.
  9. I'll try that thankyou. What I was doing was testing the drive, then powering down and turning the resistor a bit, then rebooting, then repeat. Didn occur to me to try it on the fly as you suggest.
  10. Reviving this as I now have 3 160K drives all with the same symptoms. Used to work fine, then only worked when they had a chance to warm up for a while, now wont read/write. All the other functions are normal, i.e. power on they spin, power up the ADAM and they stop spinning, put in a disk and pull reset, they spin again and lites go on, I mean I have owned them forever and know what to expect when doing different things. If when turned off I move the disk head and power up again it re-homes itself. None of the caps appear leaking or bulging. The drives have been babied so theres no dust, dirt, crap, corrosion. I tried the variable resistor thing, didnt want to be too aggressive with that, made the recommended 1/8th turns to the left and right, maybe turned it a total of 3/8ths rotation each way. Nothing. Its not like it continually tries to read and re-read the disk, it doesnt seem to try to read it at all. Recommendations?
  11. PM me, I have a bunch of spare ADAM stuff
  12. Auctions end tonite. All the Atari 8-bit went to BIN, still got the Vic 20, Colecovision and Intellivision left.
  13. Dragons Lair copied on a Loran Tape - 1 beer Dragons Lair copied on a Sony audio tape - glass of water
  14. Singapore, untracked by air would come in at just over $40 for one lot weighing up to 1 kilo. Tracked international shipments are closer to $70 Id leave it to your judgement as to which to choose, I have never lost a shipment internationally to date but others claim not so good a record. Well thats not 100% true, I made a shipment in Feb to France that hasnt arrived yet and the guy's been patient but is ready to submit a claim by tomorrow....sigh.
  15. I put a bunch of my Canadian Bilingual boxed games up, condition varies, and a few other items as well. No Zaxxon. eBay Seller: raritynine
  16. Items listed were on a 7 day auction ending Sunday. Im adding a couple more items tonite on a 5-day so they all end around same time.
  17. Atari 400/800 Chalkboard carts, Vic-20 XONOX, Intellivision Canadian varieties in lots of 4, CV misc. eBay Seller: raritynine
  18. I will do better on the price for an AA'er Ad on Kijiji
  19. Received in the mail. Coleco cart, black cart shell, black label, no country of origin, all text in English. Nice mint condition.
  20. I used to use the rule of thumb for identfying visually whether or not an Atari xonox cart was PAL or NTSC. I thought (as others have reported) that the diagonal type label meant NTSC and the horizontal type label meant PAL. Although "usually" true, in another thread others have reported this to be incorrect. Regardless, when it comes to the Coleco double enders, I have never seen personally nor pictured a double ender with the horizontal type label. Always the diagonal type. Well until this week when I spot this one. All I have is the picture at this point so what leads me to believe its Coleco is 3 clues. #1 - the profile of the cart end seems bevelled not square like Atari #2 - the lines of text beside the pictures on each side left and right of the pictures is not the same as the usual Atari cart The Atari cart usually has 2 lines of text on one side of the picture and 1 line of text on the other. This picture shows one line of text on two sides and 3 lines of text on another side and one side with no text at all. #3 and finally the most compelling clue is the 4 ribs inside the cart slot itself. CV carts have these ribs, dont think ive seen an Atari cart with them. So have i just not seen this label on a CV cart or is this truly rather unique? Maybe some of our European members can chime in on this one.
  21. Couple of members have asked me in the past about some of my boxed CBS dupes, put a few eBay Seller: raritynine on ebay with some others. For US buyers shipping will be about 50% less than if I sent them from home in Canada.
  22. eBay Seller: raritynine
  23. New job, 6 weeks boot camp in Michigan then back home to Canada.
  24. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 251217101967
  25. Valid point, ok will put my 2cents in.
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