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  1. After googling it, it looks like the highest you can get is 96 so you must be missing one thing
  2. I really enjoy Karl and Summoning Salt's speed run mini documentaries. Its fascinating to see what crazy stuff people come up with to drop times.
  3. I hear what you are saying but I find the hardware to be very interesting for the price. Its the cheapest way to get into ray tracing. The only snag is how much the storage expansion is right now. You would save money by just buying a X.
  4. My local Walmart had three S's in stock today
  5. First one that comes to mind is Beyond 2 Souls
  6. I've never seen this game but Im digging the awesome backgrounds
  7. I like the different trigger pulls on guns. Another cool future potential is emulating the very unique feel of the GameCube analog/digital triggers.
  8. Yeah I saw that DF video the other day. Good to see no bottlenecks with an upgrade. I much prefer Sony's decision to go with an off the shelf upgrade path over the Xbox proprietary way. More options and will be cheaper in the long run.
  9. I just now found out that the GameCube had a Hydro Thunder port. Hopefully this one fixes the slowdown in the excellent DC version.

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    2. Hydro Thunder

      Hydro Thunder

      I haven't played the GC HT, definitely worth a shot.  I recently played the Playstation port and was shocked at how well it ran (my expectations were basically 0 for that).  My favorite way to play is actually using a good DC emulator (since HT is one of the ONLY games that will not work on DC via HDMI conversion no matter what output you use or settings you try, super frustrating!).  DC emulation is really amazing, Plasma Sword and HT just look absolutely incredible.  Would love to hear what you think of the GC version if you get a chance!

    3. GoldLeader


      So are you talking about an unreleased prototype I assume?

    4. Punisher5.0


      Its on a compilation called Midway Arcade Treasures 3

  10. They unfortunately are probably stolen. I see this with Switch games too.
  11. Hopefully they can get Alyx. That would seriously make me consider getting the PSVR2
  12. Nice to get info on required specs. Hopefully more games use Kracken compression so 1-2 more TB will be enough.
  13. You can't say that and not post a pic!!! Edit: I took it as the actual T800 robot. Im not a pinball guy obviously lol
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