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  1. I finished The Last of Us (PS3) today for the first time. Obviously a fantastic game. Either the disc I was using wasn't 100% good or there were quite a few bugs in it that dropped the experience down a little. Nonetheless I would say easy top 5 for that generation.
  2. I hear you on that. I would totally by a beefed up Switch. Whats nice about the Switch (and the rest of this generation) is that most games heavily use dynamic resolution. Because of that we can get massive boosts in resolution and framerate without any patches. You can kind of make a homemade Pro Switch by hacking the system right now. I was watching this DF video the other day and was surprised at how unlocked the system was.
  3. Supposedly the Switch has already surpassed the Xbox one series. The Switch could possibly pass 100 million, especially if they release a pro version to keep up with the upcoming systems.
  4. 2020 will probably be another year of decline for collecting for me. After going the flash storage route years ago I just dont have the desire to collect physical classic games anymore. Almost all of my valuable games have been sold off and the commons just sit around around most of the time.
  5. Its interesting how many different numbers there are depending on where you look. Those are the highest numbers by far Ive ever seen for the PCengine
  6. Your article that you linked showed that the SFC sold more from 1990 -1994......
  7. I missed your earlier post. Going by software sales makes sense but Id imagine it would be very hard to get accurate numbers.
  8. I find it hard to beleive the PC engine outsold the Super Famicom from 1990 to 1994. The SFC sold over 4 times the amount in total. How many of those would have been after 1994?
  9. Im curious why you list two winners for the 7th generation? Also technically the 360 came in last for sales (barely) that generation.
  10. Probably the Xbone because it was over shadowed by the PS4 and then the Switch. The X version looks like very nice hardware and I could see myself getting one for cheap one day.
  11. Very cool. It will be interesting to see how much this goes for. Thanks for saying something
  12. I ran into the same problem years ago. Taking that pin out will fix it. Its kind of a pita to get it out without messing up other pins.
  13. For PS3. I was still hooked on the game and got back into it already. Only 3 hours in and Im close to where I was. Now Im backing up often to seperate saves just in case.
  14. I started playing The Last of Us for the first time this week. I got a little over 7 hours into it and the game locked up during the auto save and everything got lost After doing some research its a common problem. It amazes me that a game can ship in this state. Even after the patch to fix it. Still an awesome game though and I will get back into it but not for a while.
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