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  1. Holy cow......crazy stuff. Sad those kids dont have a mother anymore. Good job sleuthing
  2. Today is the last day to get the game on cart. Better get it now before the only way is Ebay. https://limitedrungames.com/collections/nintendo/products/switch-limited-run-77-star-wars-episode-i-racer Also, I got a chance to play this on a friends Switch a few days ago and I thought it was amazing. The graphics look amazing and the controls are excellent. I just have to have the patience for a sale.
  3. Its free on epic right now too
  4. I think it looks terrible. You can probably buff it out if they aren't too deep.
  5. If you have a N3DS or N2DS then you totally should hack it. It makes the handheld pretty incredible. The older models have a tough time nowadays though. Everything is geared towards that much more powerful CPU in the "new" systems.
  6. https://amp.reddit.com/r/Roms/comments/i0bkd6/super_mario_64_3ds_compiled/ Its farther down in the thread
  7. Someone on reddit was nice enough to post a cia version with updated graphics. It looks really nice now.
  8. I just tried it out and it looks and plays great. Thanks for saying something. Its good to see the 3DS homebrew scene is still thriving.
  9. Is it available in CIA format? I was just reading up on this and it looks like the game now supports the newly found 800 pixel mode. This should look really good!
  10. Just finished with Claire in one shot tonight. First time I ever beat the game without saving.
  11. Finished RE2 (Leon) on Gamecube tonight. Got 280 points out of 300. Could have got 285 but I chickened out and saved before the final boss.
  12. Because thats the way Sony spells it.....
  13. Repaste it. Im sure its dried up and not effective at transferring heat anymore. You will be amazed at the difference.
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