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  1. Time flies huh? It felt like less than a year for me. I tried a bunch of different options in the game and everything worked. Even the save function thankfully.
  2. It works! Surprisingly well too
  3. Im playing it on PC but its on consoles too. Dying Light is my current obsession. I finally bought it on GOG when it was on sale a month or so ago. Its one of those rare games that suck me in and nothing else matters during that time. There is just so much to do youll never get bored and the graphics look incredible for 2015. It definitely has its challenging moments but you always feel rewarded when you conquer them.
  4. Yeah I much prefer the smooth textures on the N64 over the Playstations warped ugly textures.
  5. Star Wars Episode one Racer. Best racing game on the system IMO. Resident Evil 2 would be another good game to pick up. I picked it up cart only for $20.
  6. Another good reason to go with flashcarts. These days I only buy carts if a new game comes out.
  7. They were $20 in store too. I was surprised at how heavy the box was. Must be decently made at least.
  8. Wow! Thanks for the heads up. I finally pulled the trigger and bought a few for that crazy low price.
  9. With the bigger bezels on both there is the option in the future for both models.
  10. They left room for a XL version. I wont be getting a Lite but it doesnt look like a bad device.
  11. This made me think. Does the Xbox one X even have any native game discs? Id imagine you have to download patches to play in higher quality. That would be pretty bad for the future.
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