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  1. Alright guys lets get back on topic. Thread bans very possible if ignored.
  2. Best sales pitch I've ever seen on AA. Thanks for the good laugh!
  3. These days the stock Nomad screen is hard to look at. I would have to put a modern screen in it. A Genesis console is still pretty cheap. Id start with the console and go from there.
  4. Id love to have a high end CRT monitor. Right now I have just a plain jane Dell for my X68000.
  5. I got the ebay email. They said that the change is coming in November. For the last year its been hit or miss for me with getting charged taxes for online purchases. It sucks but most states are in debt and the extra money is needed.
  6. Its not retro gaming but still an interesting video about pro CRT modern gaming:
  7. I very highly doubt these new systems will pull off 4k with Ray Tracing. Maybe with very light rtx. I dont even think the mighty $1,000+ 2080ti can pull that off at 60fps and I highly doubt these new systems GPUs will be more powerful than that card. Unless we are talking 30 fps with dips.
  8. Playing Revolution X for me. I thought it was amazing playing on the SNES BITD and I still enjoy it now.
  9. I would get an amFilm glass screen protector asap. They fit and feel great
  10. 32" is a good size. These sets aren't very good at drawing straight lines so the bigger the tv the more it shows this.
  11. Do you get their newsletters? It was in there with other game updates.
  12. In a recent email they said they aren't getting the carts till October 23rd. So it looks like in November we will have them.
  13. Paypal will report the money if it gets to a certain point. I dont remember the exact number but I think it was around 30k. Edit: Its 20k. Yikes thats not very high. Could take years to sell under the radar.
  14. Bogus. I was toying around with getting another one for my spare Saturn but after opening it up I saw it would take a Rhea. I saw this surprise in there too. It looks like an encryption bypass.
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