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  1. Ahh....I was wondering if you forgot about Zero. Yeah REmake looks amazing too. Im still hoping that one day higher color backgrounds are found for RE2. It would be amazing to play that game without the PSX color limitations.
  2. You think so? I thought Zero was more impressive. It still looks amazing today. I'll have to try out CV again, the last time I played it was when it was new on the DC.
  3. Duke Nukem 3D is $1.59 on newegg for a few days https://www.newegg.com/gearbox-publishing-duke-nukem-3d-20th-anniversary-world-tour/p/N82E16832528019
  4. We are getting a pretty big surprise release on June 10th.....Horizon Chase Turbo! Im sure they will go fast so make sure you are ready https://youtu.be/3BNht5AfzLU https://www.play-asia.com/horizon-chase-turbo-limited-edition/13/70ej9l
  5. Dont blame you at all. Some of the best games on the system can only be obtained through third parties now. I recommend Duke Nukem Megaton, Earthworm Jim HD, and Outrun Online.
  6. There is probably only a few hours left for this so get one while you can
  7. Cool stuff. I thought the 3DS was done after the Atoii Collection. It looks like they might be selling elsewhere too. On the page it says total of 5000 and 3000 are available on their site. Found another store selling in USD: https://www.vgnysoft.com/product-page/andro-dunos-2-nintendo-3ds
  8. Technically they are a lot closer than you think. Im sure we are talking 320x240 vs 256×224 and both at 60 fps. The game doesn't look to push either system really.
  9. If anyone was wondering this will be at noon Central Time tomorrow. I might get one if I can. Im sure they will go very fast.
  10. The SuperFX2 is probably better suited to a game like Doom than the ST018. I couldn't find much info on the processor though. Regardless, last I checked the ST018 wasn't emulated in flash carts so there is no point in this large endeavor.
  11. Pod Racer is very good. If you liked the game bitd then you will love it now.
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