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  1. Oh, Great, thank you very much !
  2. ask to @pseudografx he is best of the best !
  3. I would like to see this games on A8 atari 2600 double dragon - YouTube Kung-Fu Master for the Atari 2600 - YouTube Stay Frosty 2 - Atari 2600 Homebrew - YouTube
  4. Poison


    It should be great to have one simple device which make every atari to powerful beast I call it Poisons Ballscutter Device (PBD) ! 512kb + Stereo + Covox + Q-Meg + AVG cart with SIO cable Easy to plug In to every XE without any soldering and you can play and see all games and demos (sadly not the best 1MB demo Prototype) And may be some HDMI output, but it is not necessary
  5. can you add savestate here?
  6. hi there are not only gameplay footage. There are many kinds of videos. Music clips form 80s, 90s, game intros, movie trailers. This format is not good for movie watching, i think. Which kind of videos do you need ? Your Account (archive.org)
  7. great, thank you very much. I have all in paper version
  8. hi, i would like to ask if is somewhere list of atari games, which i can buy Last game I bought is Star Vargant, but . . . is possible that I miss many of them. regards
  9. This is demo where i sampled and mixed all tracks it is really 20 years old ? ufff Imperial a8.fandal.cz
  10. many thanks to homesoft for xex versions of Last Squadron and Oxygene Be! Great Work
  11. ST Version is terrible, looks worst than 8bit. A500 is absolute amazing!
  12. Poison


    I have short AVG2SIO cable. Is possible to buy somewhere SIO cable extension ?
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