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  1. thank you, but there are not Peter Sabaths music, only demos in zip. Peter Sabath is not in ASMA too
  2. is possible to find somewhere saps of this great music ? I love his music http://a8.fandal.cz/detail.php?files_id=757
  3. OT - Elite is very boring game. Next game Double Dragon Iam just kidding
  4. There are not racing games on atari like lotus. Atari is not powerful computer for that ?
  5. I love this game, I love this conversion! Thank you very much for that. 4 colours are great and look more like a a8 atari game.
  6. Abbuc 327 disk 1 is the right thing Thank you very much!
  7. Few weeks ago there was adm.atr file in some topic. And one file was Sound monitor - music editor (presented by Torsten Karwoth). (next was games Think And work, Jump atec . . ). Can someone upload here adm.atr image, please ? Or where can I found Benjy Sound Monitor music tool thank you for help
  8. Wow! I love music in 16k Arena and Multi 10! That Man must be very gifted! Oh, and thanx for new Flop, guys
  9. Great people, great party!! thank you for all and iam looking forward to next year!!
  10. No, my last 3 CDs were unsuccessful and I have no further motivation. I have some depression or something. I've been doing a new CD every year since 2012 and people have had enough. I'm disappointed with the atari music scene. The music was much more colorful and variable when using real music editors like CMC, Theta, Protracker, Black Music Composer, Soundmonitor or what Tomasz Liebich use. Now everything is in RMT :( The best music was in the times of Hobby Tronic, Abbuc demodiscs, WFMH 3 or Sweet Illusion, Veronika, Cool Emotion and many others. But this is only my opinion and it does not interfere with the opinions of others.
  11. Hi, I uploaded with permission of Markus Rösner my CD from 2015 rePulsed on my Bandcamp. My production is now complete available here: https://poison6502.bandcamp.com/ And because SDCMC is no good enough music editor for today (I don't like RMT) and my music is still the same, I decided to stop composing music. The last music Iam composing now is for a secret project that I create with Fandal and PG.
  12. Nice Some pieces will be available on FUJIAMA
  13. I did, but there is not information which size of ram demo need. https://www.pouet.net/prodlist.php?type[]=demo&platform[]=Atari+ST&page=1
  14. Could anyone recommend me, please, some great demos for 512kb Atari 520 ST, TOS 1.02? Thank You
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