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  1. You're not using it by design but by accident
  2. If the AUTORUN.SYS is extracted and run in Altirra you see this: EXE: Loading program 0006-0196 to 2E00-2F90 EXE: Loading program 019B-019C to 02E2-02E3 EXE: Jumping to 2EA3 EXE: Loading program 01A1-03FB to 2508-2762 EXE: Loading program 0400-0401 to 02E2-02E3 EXE: Jumping to 2508 EXE: Loading program 0406-0686 to 0480-0700 WARNING: Invalid Atari executable: bad start/end range. EXE: Loading program 068B-0AB7 to 0349-1ED0 EXE: Launching at 2E00 so maybe correct that first [Edit] along with the entry point at $2E00 being just a string [Edit2] feels like there's no MAIN block which would be super weird, so please generate and attach a MAP file for us
  3. please just generate a the test xex and lst or label file with it, it'll be far easier to debug. the only real activity before main is called is the calling of entries in the constructor table but in theory you shouldn't have anything there.
  4. let's assume that's ok as he's told us that this is part of the banking so internally I would think the offset is being split to make a bank # and then offset, e.g. into $4000
  5. have you tried accessing the file as "D:" or "D1:" rather than "D0:"? Also, what is the spec for this call? aux_memcpyto (j, &auxbufx, i); as both i and j are unsigned (integers)?
  6. more detail needed command line to build are you just running the exe in a emulator or making an ATR image with a DOS upon it and adding/running the file from that?
  7. memory area definitions don't use optional. If you don't want it output to the generated file then use "" for the file. PRNBUF_: file = "", start = $03C0, size = $0028;
  8. Err, I thought Gunslinger was a work-in-progress I'd posted to Wilheim in Oct 2020, have done a quick search on AA but don't think I released that so shouldn't really be being shared around? So far we have; Dark Crystal, Serpent's Star, Mask of the Sun, Magnetic Scrolls compilation (Pawn, Guild of Thieves & Jinxter), Winter Challenge/Olympiad 88
  9. If you already have a multicart with ATR support then the single ATR version would be fine as it should save within that same ATR
  10. @Wilheim already did that with the AR:Dungeon if I recall and so the same principal could apply here.
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