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  1. 1) Universe - I have the physical folder & discs but not sat down and tried it yet 😧 2) One Man and His Droid - at one point in my life I think I understood what was going on 3) Ace of Aces - even when moving from the tape to the cart version it still didn't do much for me
  2. I'm just imagining the Draconus or International Karate/World Karate Champ tunes coming out of those speakers 😎
  3. It seemed an odd choice of implementation that a PLOT of character 125 would cause a clear screen (along with PRINT)
  4. The chart shows the 'Z' character's color0-3 values at character 90 which is then repeated at 122 (lower z): which mirror the 'COLOR' statements results first 3 values but appear to have got the color3 value wrong, especially the values for "C.3" in the right two grids are the same as "C.2" in the left two grids. They should be updated to range from 224-255 instead.
  5. You don't have upper & lower characters in gr.1 mode, they are all upper of different colours based upon bits 6&7 of the screen character. Therefore your masks of the PnPF ($D004-$D007, 53252-53255) registers are a combination of any playfield the player is in contact with, +1 for PF0, +2 for PF1, +4 for PF2 and +8 for PF3.
  6. This listing: 10 GRAPHICS 1+16 20 FOR I=0 TO 255 25 IF I=125 THEN GOTO 40 30 COLOR I:PLOT I-(INT(I/20)*20),INT(I/20) 40 NEXT I 50 GOTO 50 gives: So the 'Z's are at 90 = 0x5A (orange), 122 = 0x7A (green), 218 = 0xDA (blue) and 250 =0xFA (pink) So as screen character for 'Z' is actually 0x3A, adding 0x00, 0x40, 0x80 or 0xC0 would give you the character in different colours So the listing: 10 GRAPHICS 1+16 20 FOR I=0 TO 255 30 POKE PEEK(88)+256*PEEK(89)+I,I 40 NEXT I 50 GOTO 50 gives: And here the 'Z's are at 58 = 0x3A (orange), 122 = 0x7A (green), 186 = 0xBA (blue) and 250 =0xFA (pink) So it can be concluded the 'COLOR' value does not directly correlate with the screen-code values, so consistently either use COLOR/PLOT or POKEs.
  7. Wrathchild


  8. 1) When searching you used to be able to specify a '+' before a word to ensure it was within the same post, e.g. "alternate +reality" Additionally, the search now recommends to use "alternate AND reality" instead but when you do this, the results highlight the word 'and' so I'm not sure if this is working properly? 2) Post headings no longer include the post number, e.g. "#6", and so this makes it harder (other than embedding a link) to make a simple reference in a subsequent post. (Spanish Inquisition) 3) the old forum defaulted quick searches to the context, e.g. forum / thread. The default is now "search in.. Everywhere" and so keeps having to be selected.
  9. Hi, I was able to get the listing from the MZF file (attached) and did make headway into reworking this for importing into the Atari. I manage this through a mapped H: drive and can then ENTER the text file. I'd also taken the approach to model the MZ80K charset as an A8 font (I think selectively as if I recall the Sharp has a 256 char font whereas the A8 has 128 chars) so the C64 would suit better in that regard This was done in Dec 2016 but looks like I editing the WIP in March 2019. Have you got a link to the C64 version or can upload the file here? (as people searching for the title seem to come across this post :)) Regards, Mark couporig.zip
  10. That's what I was thinking as it should be compatible with TB, go with Altirra Extended Basic and submit any incompatibility issues to Avery.
  11. Have a read through this thread where an equivalent of 'inkey$' was asked for
  12. You could give Avery's Extended Basic a go instead? Here's the 1Mbit image repeated into an 8Mbit one which you should be able to flash. atxbasic8mb.zip
  13. As those images are for a different bank switching model they won't work. If a 128KB (1Mbit) AtariMax cart image could be produced then often repeating that 8 times to make an 1024KB (8Mbit) image will work.
  14. You don't import them into a workbook as they are cartridge images for the full cartridge, so you'd use one of the menu options I've suggested instead.
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