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  1. I'd recommend using the stdint.h for variable types, e.g. uint16_t etc to be clear on the bit sizes used.
  2. AtariMania: Shoot-em-up - Space Invaders Deluxe Invaders often gets good mentions
  3. Here are some labels I threw together back then but seeing as the AtariMax dimensions are smaller than most, someone with better scans can easily make a better job.
  4. Surely it would need to be well under that of an AVGCart as that seems to provide more features? [Edit] that's not to say it is redundant as of course they can be used for commercial production runs etc.
  5. Aside from ensuring your RMT/SAP memory is not conflicting with the G2F picture's memory the thread on non-50/60Hz also highlights you would have to be very careful with having sound playback routines running into areas where DLIs occur.
  6. If you are emulating in Altirra then set this on here: Don't we know it! But it depends what you were used to before on other micros. C'est la vie. Wait until you see Graphics 1 & 2, inverse is not inverse Try this (caps lock to toggle case and 'End' key to toggle inverse): and you get: So that's colours 0, 1, 2 & 3, e.g. "SETCOLOR 0,0,14" will turn the orange white.
  7. No, the 2 lumas cover the background and foreground. You have a separate border. Using Player/Missiles you can decorate the text area as you'll see in titles such as Manic Miner
  8. Leaderboard - assuming the island doesn't have its own course! (and will try and not lose the dongle! This just pips Hardball) International Karake (or the plus version) - avoid thoughts of hunger by listening to a crunching stomach punch 😟 Dropzone - "To not include one title, Mr. Maclean, may be regarded as a misfortune; to not include both looks like carelessness." Rainbow Walker - will always remain a "go-back-to" game Rescue on Fractalus! - still tops Koronis Rift or The Eidolon for me Alley Cat - "Love them mousies" Ballblazer - tough choice but pips Encounter! due to the fantastic music Telengard - can have an occasional giggle at the artwork in the manual (plus I can print this in A4 and call it "Wilson") Book - Mapping The Atari (with an up to date Addendum) Assuming base machine is a RAM expanded 600XL with ROM based would have the Basic ROM swapped with Phaeron's, the Luxury Item would be the MyIDE-II cart blown with onboard SDX + OSS ROMS, specifically MAC/65 for working on my WIP sources that would be stored on a CF card to do the development upon Who knows... if any rescue is delayed I might even have finished Elite!
  9. That's a Z4 title available not on the A8? Will work on my list...
  10. @electrotrains should be able to confirm, but if you followed the Excel article then I should think you are able to design your own PCB layout based on the connections from the breakout board? [Edit] and in doing so there could be potential for adding a second button which @flashjazzcat could take advantage of, e.g. for disk rotation. [Edit2] Another option is to move to the STM32F765VIT6 and use the extra flash space for importing 1MByte cart images from the SD card when as they don't fit in RAM, plus the extra MIPS would be great
  11. http://www.righto.com/2012/12/the-6502-overflow-flag-explained.html
  12. Consider: A = unsigned, B = signed if (A >= 129) and (B is +ve) then for A + B, 'C'arry indicates overflow if (A >= 129) and (B is -ve) then for A + B, there cannot be an overflow if (A < 129) and (B is +ve) then for A + B, there cannot be an overflow if (A < 129) and (B is -ve) then for A + B, 'C'arry indicates overflow So because the test on A is not a nice BPL/BMI a CMP #129/BC[CS] would have to be employed so might be be so efficient.
  13. Does Xagon count? Is D. Pentecost the Harper Lee of the Atari world and thought "Well I'm not going to better that!"
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