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  1. I wish to remain engaged by this thread, please do not disassociate me.
  2. AV 417493 133 Looks like someone went bonkers with the date stamp on this one:
  3. Out of curiosity, have the available offerings changed since last year, when this thread first began? Like the OP, I'd like to archive my collection of floppy disks while they are still readable (knock on wood). If not, I'll post my own results once I've got everything on hand.
  4. I didn't write features so I've only got one or two columns reprinted in the Replay book, but I had no idea it was happening until I saw the table of contents. I'm assuming it's the same way with anyone else who wrote for the magazine. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. Unless there have been unannounced changes, I believe David Craddock is still onboard as EIC (his first issue was the most recent).
  6. Are you posting progress details or updates anywhere? I'd love to follow along and try it out as soon as it's available for beta testers. :]
  7. Yeah, I like what Parish etc are writing, and Kohler's collecting columns have been a fun read. As far as brick and mortar stores go, RETRO is available at Barnes & Noble and various local game shops now. Still wish Retro Gamer had the $50 US subscription plan going, that was a hell of a deal.
  8. Unfortunately, there's no consumer software out there yet that'll transcribe audio in a way that's useful for interviewing – no separation of speakers, word recognition is iffy under great conditions, awful under standard (crazy google voice transcripts anyone?), rough use of punctuation, and so on. What DO exist, and they are super useful, are programs that will allow you to pause, repeat, skip around, etc while typing in the conversation, allowing you to go through the whole process without lifting your hands from the keyboard, a major time saver when you're dealing with multiple hour conversations. There are even free web apps available (I haven't used the one linked, but it looks decent). For serious transcription work, software based around foot pedals is available to offload the repetitive tasks from your hands, speeding up the process even more! (Oh God I hope I never get to the point where I'm transcribing enough interviews to be searching for foot pedals. It's drudgery.) So yeah, huge thanks for doing this, triverse, sounds like it was a ton of work.
  9. Good lord, nice novella. Hope you at least had some decent transcription helper software to keep the constant pause/play/type from driving you batty. Thanks for doing this, looking forward to the interview.
  10. Great to hear! I'd be in for a couple of the Seagull 78s as well.
  11. Thank you! Have the panel details been posted anywhere yet?
  12. Hah! I had Bront as a kid, seriously tempted to take you up on these just to display em in the game room.
  13. One of these days, someone will hopefully release an MVS flashcart. Would be nice to flip through all my titles on the cabinet without having to sort through all the garbage hacks that're always added to the multicarts simply to fill out the number count.
  14. Hah, good ol' Kid Stuff. Whatcha looking to get for them?
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