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  1. To get snazzy: Find a safe piece of memory. Write a routine that does the following: MAIN Set an OS timer to some length of time (say 4 minutes) Set $4D to $0 Return from the interrupt INIT Set an OS Timer interrupt to point at MAIN Set that timer to some length of time Return from subroutine Assemble the routine, and create the file to LOAD at MAIN, and RUN at INIT. LOAD that program from disk before running the other demos etc and you should be fine (unless the demo or other program uses the same OS timer or memory location).
  2. Back in the day for BBSing, I loved BobTerm (with XEP80 at 2400 baud). Plus the stand-alone ZModem downloader. Now, there's ICE-T for your 80-column software VT100 goodness.
  3. ICD used the same pinouts as the 850, which are not the same as the PC serial port pinouts.
  4. I don't disagree, but most of what we do in this hobby isn't worth the trouble - but it's that trouble that's so much fun
  5. Believe the source for BBK Artist is available (ANALOG archive, if nowhere else) so a motivated individual could create a mouse enabled version.
  6. David_P


  7. Is that multiple carts connector available anywhere?
  8. If you do the check at 48, you've already overwritten the old contents; you have to check before you plot the character to see if it's a collision.
  9. There are several challenges: 1. Hardware address differences. GTIA, ANTIC, POKEY and PIA are all in different places, so there needs to be a way to shift around those addresses. 2. Hardware difference. The 5200 joysticks are different; you'd either need a port to plug in a 5200 joystick, or a mechanism to translate a "normal" Atari joystick to the 5200 inputs. Since there are more buttons (including a keypad) on the 5200, that's a big potential problem, 3. Software difference. The 5200 has a small (2K?) ROM that isn't present in the Atari 8-bit line.
  10. See, I'm hoping for an 80 column card with a 65816 co-processor, 16Mb RAM plus SD mass media storage plus WiFi plus...
  11. GeNIE had a program called (I think) Aladdin for the 8 bits. In fact, I believe its author is an AtariAge member. EDIT: Here's another thread with some discussion of Djinni, by our own Alfred. It was a clone of Aladdin on the 8-bit, which was impossible, until he did it.
  12. There was a similar setup published on GEnie (I think); with both BASIC and ML routines to pass info. I think one version did a Token Ring sort of thing using ports 3 and 4 on the 400/800.
  13. I traded my XEP-80 with Roy for a registered copy of Daisy Dot III.
  14. I've had no problems with the Atarimax cart version (1Mb); if all else fails, I can use my original disk...
  15. Thank you for preserving this part of computer history!
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