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  1. Software based 80 columns on a graphics 8 screen, as I recall.
  2. There is an upgrade that makes the 1050 DD without adding RAM - the Turbo 1050. More info at: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/277204-some-new-not-really-hardware-made-by-tfhh/
  3. Only Cart based adventure I can think of is Powerstar by Pandora, a cart from the mid 80s that was a graphic, not text, adventure. http://www.atarimania.com/game-atari-400-800-xl-xe-powerstar_4079.html
  4. So: there are cheap 7" touchscreens for the Raspberry Pi. There's the TKII for the Atari. Program the Pi to put up the necessary keys on the touchscreen, determine the keypress and generate the serial sequence for the keypress and send it to the TKII. Get fancy and include images instead of letters. All you need is some hardware and a better programmer than me.
  5. An Ontario, Canada artist has put out a series of paintings inspired by the summer of 1983; one of them is of the iconic Atari joystick. The painting is up for auction now at: https://www.32auctions.com/organizations/38855/auctions/85954/auction_items/2372678 The full set of Summer '83 works are at: https://www.32auctions.com/organizations/38855/auctions/85954?t=all Auction runs 01 Sept - 15 Sept. Note: I have no connection with the seller, but thought the AA community might be interested.
  6. The Best Electronics paper catalog (revision 10) lists that part on page 84 at $4.00; their website indicates that the price has gone up to $8.00. Atari 400 Cartridge guide CO10421 $8.00 http://www.best-electronics-ca.com/addendum.htm
  7. If you run SpartaDos X with the AtariDos.SYS driver loaded, you can access any Sparta (or family) and DOS II (or family) disk. The market share of DOS 3, DOS 4, DOS XE etc is slim to none.
  8. If you are programming for a current version of SpartaDOS X, there are tools for system memory allocation (including expanded memory, but not 65816 memory) and native relocatable programs. http://sdx.atari8.info/index.php?show=en_docs
  9. The current warning is not against Polish Post, but against the low-cost Polish Post option. However, there's a FedEx option to Canada at about $43USD as well; choose that instead and it will add another $20 CAD or so to the bill. (And choose the FJC version of the UMB and that's another $24 USD or so as well). I would confirm shipping options before ordering, of course (or probably pay the extra bit for FedEx anyways).
  10. When I estimate shipping (to Ontario) I'm getting $30.78 USD (Polish Post Parcel - service to Canada is available, per the link on his page) for a 350g package - which would cover a SIDE 3 plus U1Mb. That would be $98.76 USD (SIDE 3), $66.64 USD (U1Mb) and $30.78 USD (shipping) for $196.18 USD or $260.33 CAD for one of each.
  11. The other wrinkle in allocating screen memory is that you must be mindful of 4K blocks; should the video memory cross a 4K boundary, the display will be distorted. Allocating memory to the display without considering the 4K issue can lead to problems.
  12. The G: driver from ANALOG did the same; LIST G: would print using the current default font. Supported Gr 8 and 7.5 dumps, too.
  13. Doing some cleanup, and found this: the price list from Irwin Electronics (Canadian Atari distributor) from January 1st, 1983. (Divide by about 1.25 to convert from Canadian dollars into US dollars). Atari Canada 1983 Price List.pdf
  14. The best tool I found for printing like that was the G: driver in ANALOG #35 - it would print with the current default character set, dump graphics 8 screens... a quite versatile and useful utility.
  15. Xetec Graphix AT manual.pdfFound my copy of the manual. Hope it's useful.
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