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  1. I have a FTe '816 board with gold pins that was inserted and removed several times, with several pins that have broken off because they are so soft... and a spare low profile socket. Thank you for the great idea!
  2. Am I imagining things, or does the underlying hardware not play nicely with FAT32 and work better with FAT16?
  3. I have a 212J merrily chugging away, providing a local cloud that's backed up to Google, plus running surveillance on two cameras. About time to start thinking about an upgrade...
  4. Set Altirra to run a 65816 with 65816 OS and 1Mb of 65816 RAM, added the TurboCalc .bin and success! Boots and runs. However, without the manual it's hard to figure everything out; it's only seeing base RAM. (Might also rely on parts of the Dataque upgrade / upgraded OS...)
  5. There are other storage solutions possible, too... Lots of design choices early on will influence things such as maximum memory supported, output options, DOS support, multi-language support, alternate CPU support, print functions, partial load of files bigger than available memory... lots to consider if a flexible maximum memory model is pursued.
  6. ANALOG's B-Calc source code is available. Believe it would need some effort to move the user RAM space into the $4000-7FFF area and enable banking, plus come up with a method to reference expanded memory. Screen display would be another challenge, since a generic E: device is not as flexible as memory mapped custom management. On the plus side, put it all in a 8 Mb AtariMax cartridge and you can add lots of functions, and speed things up with lots of lookup tables.
  7. Because Alberta doesn't suck But Calgary does...
  8. As far as I know, only SynCalc uses expanded RAM. It is possible that the Turbo816 spreadsheet sold by Dataque, based on the B-Calc program from ANALOG, may support 816 expanded memory - I haven't tried it yet on an Antonia equipped Atari. http://www.rts-software.com/8bit/bcalc.php And another discussion from more than a decade ago - apparently TurboCalc does support '816 expanded memory.
  9. My understanding is that as pieces become available, Simius goes down the list and contacts you for payment, so he does not take your money far in advance.
  10. Reading the SDX 4.49 manual (pages 145-146) it does warn: The vectors are created under the OS ROM to secure some backward compatibility with SD 3.2 and earlier versions. ... Each of these functions contain a jump (JMP) followed by the address of the function. It is good practice to always check for this JMP instead of assuming that the vector is still there. ... The vectors are not used by SDX itself and can be accidentally destroyed by software using the RAM under the OS ROM. So their use implies some trouble. In future versions of SDX they may disappear completely.
  11. Goes on sale Thursday, 04 March at 7pm EST. http://andrewkingstudio.com/www.andrewkingstudio.com/The_Sunshine_Series.html#12
  12. If you designed it from the ground up (and had chops I don't have) why not have $4000-7FFF for each user, paging between up to 5 simultaneous users (130xe)? Master control program $8000-BFFF; scratch RAM from LOMEM to $3FFF? Of course, you're limited to specific modules+user data not exceeding 16K combined, which would be a challenge...
  13. The typo in the title is actually a perfect description of why we keep playing with these 40+ year old computers!
  14. Only three? My current tally: One stock 800; one stock 800xl (boxed, serial numbers match); U1MB 800xl; 256K RAMBO 800xl with Sophia 2 and soon PokeyMax Quad; Antonia (4Mb, 65816 CMP) 800xl with Sophia 2 and soon PokeyMax Quad; stock 130xe (boxed, NoS from MyAtari with no serial numbers); and XEGM with TransKey and an old indestructible AT keyboard. But if my wife asks, it's only the ones she can see at the moment when she's looking...
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