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  1. I placed an order yesterday so I can have all the Atari 8-bit carts AtariAge produces. Clearly, AtariAge needs to produce more Atari 8-bit carts!
  2. AtariMax sells carts you can install the new versions of SDX on. (Plus, the 8Mb cart is also good for Space Harrier). https://atarimax.com/flashcart/documentation/
  3. I seem to recall reading that that's exactly the issue - the programmer doesn't check and assumes no one would boot holding down OPTION.
  4. Best Electronics has the cartridge only on sale for $10.00 (https://www.best-electronics-ca.com/addendum.htm)
  5. Yes, but there are ROM files there you should be able to extract and use on atari800. EDIT Bah, never mind. It's a blob, not files.
  6. ... or download Altirra and copy over Phaeron's OS and BASIC...
  7. GTIA pin 11 is TRIG 3. That's GINTLK - sounds like it may be a homemade tool to softload ROM images.
  8. I think you can gain a little speed by reducing the number of lookup / ASC calculations: 1000 FOR X=1 TO LEN(URL$):Q=ASC(URL$(X,X)):IF Q>64 AND Q<91 THEN GOSUB 1020 1010 NEXT X:RETURN 1020 URL$(X,X)=CHR$(Q+32):RETURN
  9. The Reunion of Atari Montreal People (TRAMP) renamed itself to Montreal Atari Club Atari de Montreal (MACAM) after the first meeting. Still have a few newsletters to scan, then a bunch of disk newsletters to preserve.
  10. Or try it on an 800 (or 400 upgraded to 48K), booting while pressing FIRE on a joystick plugged into port 3.
  11. So: Using narrow playfield and 16 character lines in ANTIC , you need 256 bytes per display. In 16K you can store 64 different displays, and flip between them by changing a single byte in the LMS. (Plus you'll need 1K for the custom character set).
  12. Look up the ANALOG series on "Atari Zucchini" which will teach all about SIO interfacing and using the joystick ports. You may also want to look at the source code for the 850 interface, which bit bangs parallel ports on 6532 RIOTs for serial and parallel ports.
  13. You terrible, terrible hacker.
  14. The article is at: https://www.atarimagazines.com/v2n8/missionaccomplished.html Volume 2, number 8, Systems Guide: Mission Accomplished
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