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  1. Looks really good! Have you considered using a narrow playfield for the display? With a display area that's 32 bytes wide, some transformations / calculations might be easier and faster.
  2. Thank you to all for taking on these roles, and thank you to all departing members for all your work in support of the Atari!
  3. There are 7" screens with a composite input on eBay for pretty reasonable prices. For example, this one.
  4. Look at the ANALOG magazine with the G: printer driver.
  5. If you have 16K carts that bank the lower 8k only, you could (in theory) build version with each driver in a different bank. Have another bank with the BOOT logic: try to load a specified config file, if that fails, get config info input from user then set the bank for the selected input device. That would avoid having to do any bank selects other than the initial, as driven by either the config or manual input. Is that confusing? Then view it this way, assuming a 64K cart $A000-BFFF: 8K: MAIN - Always resident $8000-9FFF: 8K: BOOT - loads the Config or, if not present, gets the config info from the user (gives option to save); after either, jump to the appropriate handler $8000-9FFF: 8K: Joystick - joystick handler and any residual code fitting in 16K combined $8000-9FFF: 8K: Touch Tablet - per above $8000-9FFF: 8K: ST Mouse $8000-9FFF: 8K: Amiga Mouse $8000-9FFF: 8K: Other device $8000-9FFF: 8K: Other device
  6. I was a fan of the G: printer driver from ANALOG issue 35 https://archive.org/details/analog-computing-magazine-35/page/n81
  7. So what we need is a "PBI-2-Atari 800 Slot 3" adaptor - so hardware developers can design things for slot 3 of an 800, and use it on an 800XL / 600XL / 130XE / 800XE.
  8. I have a 400 keyboard (somewhere) in my Atari stash. Let me know if you need it...
  9. Best lists them at $19.95, if you decide to replace instead of repair. And then repurpose the old case & cable for SD reader...
  10. For those interested, the Pixels Past boards are available to order from OSH Park.
  11. Why reinvent the wheel? Use a standard SIO 2 PC type device, create a HID driver for the PC, and write software to run on the Atari which sends those keypresses over SIO.
  12. For the first time in my life, I almost regret having an Android phone
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