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  1. Great, Thanks. Keep in mind that i don't think this is actually NTSC though as the game scrolled when playing on a system.
  2. its definitely PAL. Just tried it and the screen just kept rolling.
  3. FYI. Game FAQs shows this as a North American Release.
  4. I got this game in trade, Mission Survive. I was under the impression this was a PAL game only. But the back has, what looks to be, a really old sticker saying NTSC. Any ideas? Anyone know the value of this game?
  5. Hi, We got a 7800 in trade and have the same issue. Please 2600 games fine, but not 7800 games. Did you actually wind up fixing this? If so, what did you find out? Thanks, Tom
  6. Sounds interesting and I wish you the best of luck. My two cents. I think the membership cost is too high at $12.99. I think Gamefly works because you can play a $50 game for only $16 a month. But why would I pay $12.99 to play a $5 game? My fear is that people are going to subscribe to play the high dollar games and then just not return them to you. Like I said, i wish you luck, but I don't know if the Gamefly business model works for games I can get for $5 (and free shipping) on ebay.
  7. Thats what i thought too. But i guess the first post is too old because there is no edit link next to it. I guess i will have to start a new thread for each issue.
  8. Video Game Trader Issue #28 is now available to pre-order. Game Over Video Games Point and Click NES Games Just 4 Qix - Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Ron Gilbert Interview Hidden Gems: Three Dirty Dwarves Press Start Comic Full Retro Video Game Price Guide This issue will be available in Very Limited print run. Visit our Store in order to purchase print issues of VGT.
  9. For a limited time you can subscribe to Video Game Trader magazine for only $19.99 per year. PLUS – you wont be billed until AFTER you receive your first issue. If you don’t like it, simply cancel and pay nothing. If you are happy then you get an additional 4 issues. Thats 5 issues for only $19.99. And as a BONUS, renewals are locked in at $19.99 for the life of your subscription. Please visit the Video Game Trader store for details and to subscribe.
  10. We are also on the iOS. You can also order a paper copy and we ship overseas.
  11. Instead of clogging the site with a thread for each issue of the magazine, I will simply update this post whenever a new issues is availalbe. Video Game Trader Issue 26 is now available in digital format (Print should be out by the end of the month). This 48 page issue includes: * Going for the Record * Bit for Bit - Dave Swanson and Dan Baker of Madden NFL * Battle of the Eras * Made in Japan - Aquapazza, PS3 * The Cover Project * Press Start Comic - Stage 13: XY/XX * Full Retro Video Game Price Guide You can purchase subscriptions and single issues at VGTraderMag.com.
  12. Ok, i see what the problem is. If you click on the Store Link in the top menu you will be able to order from that page. I need to fix the Post on the front page. Sorry for the confusion.
  13. Ugh.. i thought i fixed this. I swear it was working earlier.. I will try and fix it tomorrow morning. Sorry about that.
  14. I can't believe you beat me to this Issue 25 is now available via print and digital editions. Visit www.VGTraderMag.com for info and to purchase. (please don't mind the mess with the site as it is being redesigned)
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