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  1. Thanks for the reminder. Here it is. Enjoy ! ac2016.lnx
  2. I'm quite busy now, don't hesitate to remind me in about a week, I'll publish a "not for sell" rom. (except if you want to publish it in a "clean" way)
  3. According to schematics R33 and R36 are 2.7k 1%
  4. vince


  5. I used those signals for SPI purpose on the Ouragan's cartridge : accelerometer is connected to those pins.
  6. If you understand french, I suggest you to have a look to my translated version of the epyx doc (here for the sprite engine) and the memory listing (here to display all)
  7. I didn't payed enough attention, indeed. Sprpck makes it easy of course
  8. No. It is good as is. Remember : the line size must count itself.
  9. here a little video of how it works : https://www.mirari.fr/SuSW (plans made with OPENSCAD, pogopins for contacts, I still have to solder/wrap wires from pogopins to a DIL connector for having this working with my Batronix rom programmer)
  10. What "connexions" do you use between lynx connector and rom programmer to have it working with different rom sizes ? On my side, I'm finalizing a "custom" cartridge port in a "ZIF" approach. https://www.mirari.fr/FaKU https://www.mirari.fr/kY4S https://www.mirari.fr/2rwv
  11. Beware, last nible of each line must be zero-ed. To be sure, I recommend to end each line by a 0 byte. If you understand french, I made an explanation of literal/normal format of sprites : https://www.yaronet.com/topics/144007-le-format-de-sprite-normalliteral#post-1 If not, feel free to ask, I can "translate" it.
  12. I tried to print the STL files provided (because I have a 3D printer and as everybody I use it to print things ) but the step doesn't match with official lynx cartridges, A real cartridge's width is ~2mm less than the STL provided. (PS : sorry for the up)
  13. You can simply make the Lynx<=>RS232 câble working with a RS232 to USB adapter.
  14. In my effort to provide documentation for lynx, I've started a new task : "vectorisation" of the Atari Lynx Schematics. I've done it with KiCAD. The schematics are based on the 4 part of Atari Lynx Hardware Schematics This is not the "final" version. Some parts were hard to read/understand. If you see any mistake, please feel free to report it. Schematics v0.1.pdf
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