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  1. I´m also looking forward... and to the two new controller I ordered with my Dizzy-cart... :-)) Sleepy
  2. Mea culpa! Unfortunately, I didn´t sat in front of my TV set between the speakers when testing the boards... Next time, I´ll use a to check sound output. Sleepy
  3. Freetz noticed that "[email protected]" actually doesn´t work right. If you sent a message to this adress, it doesn´t receive its recipient, unfortunately the sender didn´t get an error-message. Please use "atari(minus)hardware(ad)arcor.de" for the present; if you sent a message to @abbuc.de, please send it once again to the new adress. Sorry for circumstances, Sleepy
  4. As announced in the last ABBUC-mag, ABBUC continues to support the development of new hardware this year. Deadline is August 15th 2019. Your hardware should receive the club headquarter until then. Documentation for the this year´s advancement award hardware you can find here: Englisch: 2019_HWFP_E.zip German: 2019_HWFP_D.zip Sleeπ
  5. > 3,5"-FDD: even if it´s possible to connect a 3,5"-FDD to the ATARI, in my opinion it doesn´t make sense for me any longer: ATARI-disc-software always comes on 5,25". Using 3,5" only makes sense if your looking for a smaller media with more capacity. But today, there are better solutions (much more compact and much much more capacity) such as sio2sd or SIDE / U1MB for example. In my experience 3,5" discs have a much higher failure rate than 5,25". > 1 MB upgrade & internal Sophia DVI I would combine it with a SIDE-cart. > internal Midi ports For an INTERNAL (MIDI-Interface with waveboard) you have to do some holes in the housing for the DIN jacks or a SUB D connector. For me only useful if you want to play MIDI-files without an external MIDI-keyboard. I would prefer a SIO-soulution. With a SIDE cart, it´s no problem to load software if SIO is blocked by the MIDI-interface... Marc
  6. In the ring Mathy shows, there are two of mytek´s MIDI XEL (without waveboard), build as external SIO-device: Both works without problems. Sleepy
  7. Inbetween, I build my new MIDI XEL II-Interface. :-) I receycled the old pcbs from the first version for an external SIO-interface: I removed the waveboard and the waveboard-connector from the S2-pcb and placed it in the external interface-housing: SIO-Plug from lotharek, with a little bit hot glue to fix the cable: Sleepy
  8. Found it - thanks. I didn´t know this option until yet. :-) But it would be better to keep the pics with a warning to help other user to build it the right way. If I´m not shure how to install something, I often search for pictures how other did it... :-) Sleepy
  9. Desoldering is not a real problem. However, if the pcb will break, I have still two spares - fortunately minimum purchase at OHS is three. It´s a little bit annoying that I was not meticulous. Sleepy
  10. F*ck! Yes, you´re right - I was sleeping. I know the meaning of a dashed line, but I didn´t perceived it... Luckily I didn´t power it up until yet. Thanks for that important hint! Probably the right angle headers doesn´t fit if the waveboard is mounted below. I´ll report. Sleepy Edit: Can anybody (admin?) add a notice in post #447 that the pics are not correct?
  11. No, they don´t. The play around a little bit, but they both don´t have ambitions to make music by their own. Same with some other instruments they tried out. Like me, they don´t have any musical abilities... we´re only consuming music... :-/ Only my wife plays a little bit guitar, keyboard and upright. Here two pics of my mostly populated S2-board: Sleepy
  12. At the last NOMAM (Not Only Marvelous Atari Machinery), a primarily ATARI-meeting in north-germany last month, we built up a little (only three 8bit) MIDImaze-ring. The MIDI-XEL works fine. :-) Inbetween, I got the missing pcb for my MIDI XEL II and I´m going to assemble it. :-) Hope to test it at the upcoming meeting in The Hunsrück (H.A.T.Z. XIX, meeting in the south). Sleepy
  13. Well, after a little searching I´ve got two used ones for 13€ incl. p&p (~$14) without haggling. Sleepy
  14. Wow... this mouse is more expensive than my actual pc-setup (build with used parts! ) : source Sleepy
  15. Great! Looks nice and very compact. Our Yamaha-Keyboard I bought for the kids is much bigger... :-/ I got my new pcbs this weekend; hope to find time to fit them soon. :-) Sleepy
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