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  1. Hi, I´m trying to do some first steps in assembler using Fast Assembler, but I have some problems with labels. In FAs doc-file is mentioned that FA is 100% compatible to QA. So I was searching for a QA manual, but I found the polish version only until yet... Where did you find the english one? Sleepy
  2. I added an extern swap-button for the CF3-interface. My first, intern solution, looked like this: But it was a bit inconvenient, because I always have to reach behind the computer and the LED was hard to see... On ebay, I found an illuminated switch like this: Unfortunately, the description was somewhat ambiguous; the ordered part did not contain a button, but a switch. I replaced the switch and rewired the part so that the pushbutton and the LED are led out on their own lines to a four-pin jack plug: I had to rework one of the holes in the housing a bit with a countersink (for M8 thread), so that I could screw the bushing tight: The connecting cable is wired as follows: Ground is the outer contact, so that the contacts of the connector are "grounded" first when plugged in. Also, the aluminum housing is at the same potential! The connection to "+5V" is made last to avoid short circuits when plugging in when the computer is switched on. Sleepy
  3. After a few tries, I became a little bit familar with this version... 18370 (P) Sleepy
  4. Hm, this Dig Dug version is not so much fun for me. I often have the effect that I have a monster right in front of my nose, but I can't pump it up; the airstream just goes through the monster and it keeps running towards me. When there are several monsters in a row, it seems that it is not possible to pump them all up... The module version (RX8026) plays much smoother. Strangely, this Dig Dug version, which looks a bit like a VCS version for me, is listed as "normal" version in my "Fandal download-archive". The Dig Dug version, which corresponds to my module (RX8026), is called "Dig Dug 5200"... I'm still working on a halfway acceptable score for the version to be played here... Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
  5. DIG DUG was the very first game I could play immediately without days of typing-in. At the beginning, I had a 600XL only - no tape or diskdrive. I am curious how good I still am... 😄 Sleepy
  6. Before I´m late again, here´s my actual scores: Fast: 6735 P Slow: 8665 P Sleepy
  7. Uups, nearly forgot to post my score... Sleepy: 133634 (P)
  8. Hm, I think I was better in childhood... Sleepy: 1150 (P)
  9. A little improvement: Sleepy 74450 (P)
  10. Sockets received yesterday. Different SIO-plugs testet, they fit perfectly. 🙂 Well done! Sleepy
  11. Thanks - that´s very accommodatings - I didn´t expect to get them all at the promotion price. Sleepy
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