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  1. Hi Lance, I hope you are healthy again. I´m also interested in a (legal) copy. Best wishes Sleepy
  2. I´m in for Lara´s adventures. PM sent. 🙂 Sleepy
  3. Great - I´m looking forward! :-) Sleepy
  4. I also wish to thank all involved users, expecially Mark for this cool piece of software! 👍 I think it´s time to reactivate my good old imac and update the atari800macX. :-) Marc
  5. Hm, I think if I would try to change the firmware by myself, I do that on my own risk; if I brick the device this is not covered by guarantee and I have to pay for repair or replacement. Finally, I´m doing something not intended by the seller. This would be very very cool... 🙂 Sleepy
  6. Hi, there´s no problem to share it; neither the german version nor the translated version! The reason I didn´t post it on AA was that I´d a german version only, and AA is an english-speaking forum... I gave it away some time ago to do a translation to post, but I didn´t track it... (thx to bfollowell reminding me!) The intention doing the report was to give help to other users who want to fit the XEL with sophia & VBXE and show the questions coming up and put the answers for this special case together. It was done to be shared! 😊 Sleepy BTW: I thought I posted the german version at the ABBUC-forum; but I can´t find it... thx again for the reminder!
  7. One for my 1088XEL, please! :-) Sleepy
  8. Thanks! I´m still using PS, e.g. for printing ivitation cards for my birthday. :-) I´ve an OKI ML590 connected to my ATARI. Sleepy
  9. Hi, thx for the info; I´ll add the information to the actual version of the book. I tested all programms, but I´m not so musical that I can hear this details... Sleepy
  10. Hi, sent a PM for a cart-box. 🥰 I´m looking forward, Sleepy
  11. Oh, thx, it seems that I missed the pre-order thread... Order palced! Sleepy
  12. I´m still interested in such a lovely box like the first DH was published. 🙂 Sleepy
  13. Looks great! Just ordered a box - luckily I noticed it before it is sold out... 🙂 I hope my order arrived in good time. Sleepy
  14. Certainly not... I placed a preorder. Inbetween, I received my order. One of the green carts now adorns my little jag-collection. My order also get caught by customs; I had to go to customs office and pay 20% duty... The pro-controllers are brilliant - I´m glad I ordered them. 🙂 Thanks to all ATARIans involved in development and production, Sleepy
  15. I´m also looking forward... and to the two new controller I ordered with my Dizzy-cart... :-)) Sleepy
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