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  1. I also had problems with the reliability of the CF card in the beginning. I know from another user that he had to re-solder the CF slot on the pcb itself, i.e. the additional part into which the CF card is inserted. At first I had a CF card from AGFA, then the recommended types from Panasonic. I replaced the ribbon cable CF3<>card holder while troubleshooting; no real improvement. BTW: The ribbon cables make a very flimsy impression; I would NOT pull on the cable to unplug it, but gently pull the connector. Then swapped the CF slot; it got much better with that. However, after a while, especially when transporting the computer, I have had dropouts accessing the CF card. The last problem was my "VBXE construction". I had used a low-cost socket as the lowest IC socket (I fitted the 1088XEL-board with lc-sockets). I prefer them to precision sockets, because they are a bit more tolerant concerning the thickness of the IC legs. And in case of need you can change single spring contacts. This is not possible with a precision socket; the complete socket has to be removed. Anyway, the tower of VBXE adapter board, VBXE and Antic didn't sit tight enough in the socket, so that there were contact problems, which became noticeable when accessing the CF card. If I pushed the whole thing down a bit, it got better. So I exchanged the 1088XEL-pcb lc-socket for the Antic for a precision socket and put the VBXE in there. Now it sits tighter and since then I have peace. :-) Also the AGFA card works perfectly. Sleepy Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
  2. Hi, I´m trying to do some first steps in assembler using Fast Assembler, but I have some problems with labels. In FAs doc-file is mentioned that FA is 100% compatible to QA. So I was searching for a QA manual, but I found the polish version only until yet... Where did you find the english one? Sleepy
  3. I added an extern swap-button for the CF3-interface. My first, intern solution, looked like this: But it was a bit inconvenient, because I always have to reach behind the computer and the LED was hard to see... On ebay, I found an illuminated switch like this: Unfortunately, the description was somewhat ambiguous; the ordered part did not contain a button, but a switch. I replaced the switch and rewired the part so that the pushbutton and the LED are led out on their own lines to a four-pin jack plug: I had to rework one of the holes in the housing a bit with a countersink (for M8 thread), so that I could screw the bushing tight: The connecting cable is wired as follows: Ground is the outer contact, so that the contacts of the connector are "grounded" first when plugged in. Also, the aluminum housing is at the same potential! The connection to "+5V" is made last to avoid short circuits when plugging in when the computer is switched on. Sleepy
  4. After a few tries, I became a little bit familar with this version... 18370 (P) Sleepy
  5. Hm, this Dig Dug version is not so much fun for me. I often have the effect that I have a monster right in front of my nose, but I can't pump it up; the airstream just goes through the monster and it keeps running towards me. When there are several monsters in a row, it seems that it is not possible to pump them all up... The module version (RX8026) plays much smoother. Strangely, this Dig Dug version, which looks a bit like a VCS version for me, is listed as "normal" version in my "Fandal download-archive". The Dig Dug version, which corresponds to my module (RX8026), is called "Dig Dug 5200"... I'm still working on a halfway acceptable score for the version to be played here... Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
  6. DIG DUG was the very first game I could play immediately without days of typing-in. At the beginning, I had a 600XL only - no tape or diskdrive. I am curious how good I still am... 😄 Sleepy
  7. Before I´m late again, here´s my actual scores: Fast: 6735 P Slow: 8665 P Sleepy
  8. Uups, nearly forgot to post my score... Sleepy: 133634 (P)
  9. Hm, I think I was better in childhood... Sleepy: 1150 (P)
  10. A little improvement: Sleepy 74450 (P)
  11. Sockets received yesterday. Different SIO-plugs testet, they fit perfectly. 🙂 Well done! Sleepy
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