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  1. Hello, folks. I thought I'd drop by real quick to make a bit of an announcement. I have just created a forum on the OMC site that is setup specifically for Jaguar game development discussion. I figure having a good spot for this kind of talk is needed. Especially since as I've been trying to get back into the mix, the information is spread all over the place and some of the e-mails in the Underground Mailing list I didn't archive. At least this way there will be some record of what was discussed. Here's the URL: http://omc-games.com/cgi-bin/forum/ikonboard.cgi -Garvin
  2. True. I agree that there isn't much to the demo to really define what kind of game it's going to be. Heh, that would be kind of freaky. I know I had no intention of doing such a thing, but that would be comical. The goal is to lay the Native topic to rest. After this is done, then we can all reflect on Native and mean the version that has been released and how it compares to the intro level done by Duranik. But at that point, no one can say that Native hasn't been finished. That's what I'm after. -Garvin
  3. Yeah, I considered this, but I haven't decided exactly what needs to be done. I don't want to tamper with the original work too much, because there are people who feel strongly about it. The boss will be done by the new guy, as Duranik doesn't have the graphic made for it. I'm working on some designs for it now. As we get more of an "assembly line" setup, I'll feel more comfortable about changing any of the original stuff. -Garvin
  4. Yes, I do. The thing is, Native kind of has a set look that I can try to keep. I have to admit that I'm not trying too hard, mainly because my pool of artist isn't that large. The stuff I've seen from the guy I want to use is pretty good so far, so I have no complaints. I don't think anyone else will either. Unfortunately, I think the first level will be different graphically. All other levels will be consistent. -Garvin
  5. I've been without internet access for the past week, so bare with me. The Assassin won't work because it requires more than one good artist to do. The sheer size of the game dictates this. So far, I haven't found an artist who wants to tackle the game by themselves. I can't blame them either. Native and Dark Guardian can be done by one person (for the most part). A good 3D artist should be able to do animation and all of that without too much trouble. That would keep the same feel of the original stuff that the Duranik guys started with Native. Dark Guardian will have some problems with the hand-drawn cutscenes. In this, I have someone to do it. Not to worry about it. Both games will look cool when finished. -Garvin
  6. Well, on the subject of piracy, there's no way to really stop it. If someone REALLY wants to steal the game, they'll find a way. I know too many pirates already, and they don't think twice about making burns. Already they're trading burns of Warcraft 3 and it doesn't matter to them. That being said, my personal opinion is that the Jag gets so few games already, and if Jag owners don't want to support the guys who are trying to provide affordable FINISHED games then that would be my cue to stop making Jag games all together. With the mass market, there's no way to stop it, but when the userbase is as small as the current Jag market there's no reason for it to be happening en-masse. Everyone complains that there aren't any new games coming, but to get these new games, they're going to have to support the guys who are willing to make them. If not, then there's no point in making Jag games at all. I have set it up so that the first 50 copies of Dark Guardian will be personalized and numbered. I might do the same for Native, but I'm not sure right now. I'm not doing this to stunt copying, but more to add something extra for those who actually purchase a copy. -Garvin
  7. I understand everyone's concern about carts. vs. CDs. This is an area I had debated with myself for a long time. But with the cost of games being as high as they are, and more people getting upset about that, I thought it was best to go with a cheaper solution. Sure a lot of people don't have CD units, but ask yourself this: What's better? A cheap game on CD, or an expensive game on cartridge? Would you rather pay $60-$90 for a cartridge as opposed to a $20-$50 CD? If you want cheap solutions to games, then CDs are the best way to go. I figure that with a cheaper game, more people will purhcase them. Unfortunately, with CDs, you have to buy an extra bit of hardware to use, but that's a one time expense which will allow you to play all CDs from then on. Not only that, but CDs allow for larger games and all of that. All of this debate is good, because it does give me an idea of where people are coming from. If anyone else has any ideas, please feel free to share them. -Garvin
  8. The reason for this is because they used a non-standard video setup routine. It has been fixed in later versions (from what I've heard) and new version of Native will have it corrected as well. -Garvin
  9. Cartridge would be good in some cases, but for a lot of the games I work on I really like the flexibility of CD. I have planned on having ED:SotS on cartridge, but I'm pretty sure that will change. I'm not sure yet, though. Due to the size of The Assassin, there is no way it would fit on anything less than CD. Native won't work on cartridge either...well, it could, but there would be a drop in graphic detail. Dark Guardian will most likely change to CD. I've already got it running on CD. I agree with this. Finding a good cheap solution is important. I'm for creating a NV-RAM+boot option. This way you buy one cart. and it works for just about everything out there (including old CD games) and it even has save functions. So each person would only need to purchase ONE cart. As it stands now, if you buy the B&C one, you're in trouble, because it doesn't have any save space. Which means, you'll have to buy another boot cart. There's nothing cool about that. -Garvin
  10. The Assassin. Man, I must get either an e-mail or comment about that game just about every week. Seems to be the game that most people want. The only thing stopping the project honestly is finding a good artist to take up the reigns. It's one of those games where I really want it to turn out well. I don't think the Jag would have a problem with it, though. There are some issues here and there, but I took those into consideration while I was working on it all those years ago. That's a possibility. I considered that also, but I just couldn't find a good assembler for the DC. Not to mention other issues. I guess anything could happen, though. If it was done on CD (which was the original plan), then there wouldn't be any problems getting it to work. The biggest problem would be RAM. Unfortunately, right now it wouldn't work because there isn't a mass storage device for the JagCD. 128 bytes of space isn't enough to save all of the variables needed. And as it stands now, none of the current CD bypass carts have enough even at 2k of space. There would have to be a minimum of 4k of free space in order for it to save one game. Perhaps we'll come up with a NV-RAM solution at some point, but right now, there wouldn't be any way for it to work. Your comment about shooters on the Jag hits home, though. In some odd way it makes me want to stop working on Dark Guardian for a while and pick up Scent Of the Spider or something. I hadn't noticed the number of them until you mentioned it. Though, I don't think Zero is coming out anytime soon. -Garvin
  11. Well, right now I have about 12 levels on the board. Once I get everything nailed down in the way of powerups and that sort of thing, then I'll start working on them in full force. Unfortunately, I'm working on Dark Guardian too, so the time I spend on each project is kind of divided. It's complicated. The engine itself is freeware as far as I was told. As far as I know I'm the only guy releasing the game with the name Native. They're nice guys, and they do give me insight on what they were planning when I ask. They also send me missing files or explain something if I need information. Like I said, I do try to keep them in the loop, because it is their game. I'm just helping them out by finishing it. -Garvin
  12. Dude, it doesn't matter. No matter what you say about me or the game, I'm going to continue working on it. I'm going to work on it until I get it finished. The best form of protest you can apply in this situation is just not purchase a copy of the game. It's just that simple. I can't please everyone, but if 50% of the people who play it...like it, then I'm happy. So say what you have to say if it makes you feel better, but that doesn't mean it will change anything. -Garvin
  13. Hey folks. Before I go on I want to say how crappy it is that someone would start slamming someone for trying to do something for this ungreatful community. Perhaps you guys would rather I just let this game sit on the shelf and do nothing. You want Duranik to do this game? Fine, ask them to do it. I surely have, and they made it very clear to me that they have no intention of doing it. Not even adding a new title screen graphic. So before you go on about how those guys are "better", you need to look at the whole picture. I thought by picking up this game I'd be at least bringing to life a game that people wanted to play. If you don't like it, then take up the reigns and do it yourself. This is funny. What have you played of mine that is bad? I haven't released anything even in the way of demos in a long time. The last demo I released was a few years ago. Have I been working on stuff? Yeah...off and on. What about you? Besides, if you have been paying attention, you'd know that I was a college student, but don't question my work ethic, because I'm only one guy. I've put in lots of hours on this thing and a lot of times, I'm up until 2 or 3am working on something Jag related. So say what you will, but I've spent lots of time cleaning up the Native code so that it was functional. Oh, and just because I took out the money element, I've changed the game too much? Are you kiddin' me? The game is EXACTLY the same except it's missing the money that flies around the screen from time to time. And you know, the people who played it would have never noticed it if I didn't tell them. Also, what I find funny is that of the two games I showed at Jagfest (Native and Dark Guardian) Dark Guardian got the most interest. Funny since that happens to be my own project. I take nothing away from the Duranik guys, what they did with the game was impressive, though the inner workings of the code needed some improvement to be modular. Heh, if you're not looking forward to this game, then in my opinion you're not a gamer. At what point did I say I changed the intro? I changed the title screen animation. You know the big NATIVE graphic that scales into the screen? It now fades in. I think this looks better, and it doesn't slow down like the scaling. You know, I am in the process of changing the intro with the letters, but I'm not getting rid of the letters, just changing the background. I think this will look better than a plain black screen. Ha, ha!! Have you even played Native? How about the version I'm working on? The only way you could say this is if you were at Jagfest. Oh? How so? I'm sorry you feel that way, Lars. There wasn't much there to make a comparison. Only most of a first level that lacked sound effects, music, and even the end boss. Which means that 95% of the game was missing. The only area where the game might suffer by someone else doing it is in the graphics. The underlying code is relatively easy to maniuplate especially now since I've made it more modular and more streamlined. You haven't played the version I'm working on now, so I ask that you hold your judgement until I put out a finished copy. I'm really trying to change this. But it's hard to do with so much pressure from people who keep badmouthing those who are legitimately working on projects. We're not talking about studios of 20 or more people trying to make a game. Most of us are only one or two strong and it's hard to do in a short amount of time. How can he not like what I'm doing if he hasn't even played it? Save the critisicm for when there's something to criticize. And just for the record, I do keep in contact with the Duranik guys about the game. Maybe not as much as I would like, but I do try to keep them in the loop about what's going on. The thing is, they seem to want to wash their hands of the game and so that leaves it up to me to make decisions about how things should work. Believe me, I want this game to end up as close to their vision as I could get, but this is hard. For this reason, everyone is just going to have to suck it up and face the fact that those guys AREN'T working on the game. As my mom used to say, "we just have to make due with what we have." Most of you guys haven't even seen what Native is like now. I don't mind listening to everyone's opinion, but complaining when you haven't even played the game is crazy. I've done things with the game that other people have not been able to do or taken the time to do. The game is now CD native, it has sound effects, and music. Not to mention polish. A lot of things have been cleaned up and I think it looks better because of it. If this is not what you want out of a game, then fine. I'll just let it fall into the realm of obscurity. Anyway, I think you guys will be surprised when you play the final version. This is all I'm going to say on the matter. -Garvin
  14. Hello gang. For this type of game, I didn't think the money system was that important. Sure, being able to buy upgrades is cool and all, but I couldn't see the value. And when it came time for things to be eliminated in order to make room for the actual game, I felt like it was one of the things that could be removed without changing the dynamic of the game. Honestly, when you play the final version, I don't think anyone is going to miss it. The benefit was that it allowed them to store a good chunk of the level in memory. Since the original was a Jagserver game, they didn't have any real external storage devices to hold the data. And even doing it the way they did, they still weren't able to put the last part of the game in. Though, being truthful, they probably could have had more space if they could have found a better way to script the level. Heh, but that's another story. Unfortunately, by packing the graphics they needed the DSP to do the unpacking. Because of this, there isn't any sound to the game. If they would have put the game on CD and left the packing in, perhaps they could have used redbook audio to run music, but sound effects would have been a problem. Yes. You'll be wasting a lot of CD-Rs, though. What I do is develope sections on cart. and when I get them debugged, I add CD reading code to it and burn a CD to see if it runs. Saves a WHOLE lot of time and money that way. The emulator is just a nice way of doing it without having to burn a bunch of CDs. Well, at the moment, I'm just running the Redbook without interrupting. This is easier because it doesn't require any processing outside of adjusting the volume. I'm sure this will all change as I get further along in production. For right now, I only use redbook audio when no loading is going to happen. Mainly at title screens, and the first section of Native with the credits. In the game, I find that MODs work better because I didn't load the whole level in and I'm trying to load what's left of the level without a break in the game. Unfortunately, because of the graphic load of the game, sometimes the MOD slows down. That's something I'll end up fixing also. -Garvin
  15. Heh, yeah, no sound effects yet. I've looked at some, but I'm kinda torn on what sounds to use. But I always plan ahead when programming and I've already reserved space in RAM for them. At the size they are I can have quite a few of them and not have to take anything out. I'm still wrestling with the idea of using redbook audio during a level or running the sound through an internal music player. So the music jumps between the two when I'm working on the game. The biggest problem is that I don't have any routines to merge the CD audio with sound effects yet. That's something I'll get to at some point. -Garvin
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