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  1. If you have a DragonCart, you can use telnet65 ( regards, chris
  2. "MA65"? IDK it. But sure, everyone has his opinion and his way to tackle problems. cc65 linker scripts are difficult at the beginning, and then a "breeze". That's my opinion, others might disagree. I just wanted to give the OP another option. And, of course, I'm biased, since I wrote the support for the "atarixl" target in cc65.
  3. Nobody (at least not I) suggested that.
  4. A response to what exactly is this?
  5. I didn't mean you should write your program in C. If you could live with ca65 (the assembler included in cc65) instead of mads, you could write a main() Program in C which does nothing more than calling your assembler routine. You would have the memory under the ROM directly accessible. Some caveats exist, bunt in general that's the case.
  6. You could use cc65's "atarixl" target 😊
  7. Where is the "go to first unread" button? When I enter a (long) thread and want to forward to the new posts? regards, chris
  8. What I was told (a very long long long time ago, when I was writing BASIC programs for other systems), is that with interpreted BASIC, put the subroutines at the top of the program and jump (GOTO) over them in the very first lines. An interpreter typically searches from the beginning of the program for the line of GOSUBs (and GOTOs), and if they are at the beginning this search is faster. Don't know if this is the same in ATARI BASIC. Just wanted to mention it. regards, chris
  9. So what's the status? Is there an ETA for the cart?
  10. what exactly do you mean with "start"? How to start the program after it was compiled? Or what to write in the source code before instructions? Or how to define start address of program? Please be more specific... "NOT ENOUGH INFORMATION ERROR"...
  11. BCC probably works as it should, but INC doesn't change the carry flag...
  12. Just insert a "brk" instruction and tell your emulator to break when a brk instruction is executed.
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