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  1. Hmm. IDK. The CC65 runtime lib returns the return value in A after calling `main()`. Could be that SpartaDOS is using it.
  2. > CC65 has a limited concept of the default device. It expects a drive under the "D:" handler. If your command interpreter is on an "H:" device or a FujiNet network device, for example, it still won't work as expected. I know. It's on my TODO list. Also, SpartaDOS devices which have the colon after the third character aren't recognized.
  3. If you use `open()` CC65 does prepend Dn: to the file name. Edit: I see. You are talking about `getcwd()`, aren't you? Yes, there is no such thing. SpartaDOS should use the current drive.
  4. thanks! I was under the impression that it's "lost", since I couldn't find it.
  5. It seems that the program was developed when OS/A was the ROM code. Since it comes from MIT (AFAIU), I guess they had NTSC machines. The OS/A version for NTSC appears to be lost. 😞
  6. I now got your display with the flickering on the left side. I didn't remember what I did do when it worked, but yes, I had disabled the SIO patch. Now it works again. You can disable the SIO patch with "-nopatch" on the command line.
  7. Hmm, I have just these lines (atari800 isn't completely set up on this machine): ROM_OS_BB01R2=/home/chris/atari/atarixl.rom ROM_5200=/home/chris/atari/5200.rom ROM_BASIC_C=/home/chris/atari/ataribas.rom ROM_400/800_CUSTOM=/home/chris/atari/atariosb.rom MACHINE_TYPE=Atari XL/XE I think MACHINE_TYPE just specifies the default. $ md5sum /home/chris/atari/atariosb.rom /home/chris/atari/ataribas.rom a3e8d617c95d08031fe1b20d541434b2 /home/chris/atari/atariosb.rom 0bac0c6a50104045d902df4503a4c30b /home/chris/atari/ataribas.rom
  8. It seems to work for me: I've used DOS 2.0s. Start atari800 like this $ atari800.x11 -atari -ntsc -basic -rdevice -H1 . ~/some/where/dos20s-test.atr In the current directory (H1:) I've placed the chameleon.exe file, renamed to CHAM.COM. When the Atari starts up, type DOS (leave BASIC) L H:CHAM.COM M 6007
  9. If supdup.lst is the source code, the entry point to the program appears to be $6007, not $6000.
  10. I've adapted the source code to CC65's assembler, CA65. MAKE STAR RAIDERS CA65.zip
  11. What exactly is the relevance wrt "programming"?
  12. Latest git version of CC65 provides PATH_MAX.
  13. You can call _getdefdev() to find the "default" device. Prepend this to the result of getcwd() to get a fully qualified path name.
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