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  1. Yes, that's missing in cc65. I've also noticed that now. Do you know how to get that information inside the "stat" struct on the Atari? MyDOS, Sparta, AtariDOS would be the main targets.
  2. Pad it with $FF is better if EEPROMs are being used during development
  3. And, if an asm source file is OK instead of a "listing", use cc65. cc65 translates a file from C to assembler (it's called under the hood by cl65)
  4. If you have more than one source file you can compile each source file separately (with optional different option) with the "-c" command line switch. Then link all the object files together. Example: $ cl65 -t atari -c -o file1.o file1.s $ cl65 -t atari -c -o file2.o file2.c $ cl65 -t atari -o prog.com file1.o file2.o
  5. I see. Btw., this macro .MACRO CopyChar LDY #0 CharLp LDA (SrcLO),Y STA (DestLO),Y INY CPY #8 BNE CharLp .ENDM is better written like this: .MACRO CopyChar LDY #7 CharLp LDA (SrcLO),Y STA (DestLO),Y DEY BPL CharLp .ENDM One opcode less (the CPY).
  6. Regarding the many small segments. MAC/65 for example creates many segments, but more between 100 and 252 bytes (mostly 252). But it could be that another assembler generates these 22-24 bytes long segments in AUTORUN.SYS. So maybe not a conscious decision by the author.
  7. Instead of using PEEK() functions you could use clock(). Then it wouldn't look so BASIC-like. 🙂
  8. Ist there a count of how many real 1090s are existing in the world?
  9. Saw "K65" and thought it is about "Kermit65" 🙂
  10. I suggest to read the documentation: https://cc65.github.io/doc/atari.html
  11. Not really. You can use cl65 -t atari -Wl "-D__RESERVED_MEMORY__=0x2000" ...
  12. > I have tried all sorts of different values to reserve, but it appears that any lowering of RAM prevents the output to the screen. How did you reserve the memory?
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