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  1. See for example https://cc65.github.io/doc/atari.html#ss11.6 and https://cc65.github.io/doc/atari.html#ss4.1 . All load chunks can selectively be turned off, RTFM
  2. when reading "K65" I'm always thinking about "Kermit 65" 🙂
  3. Here's a working prime search program: C PRIME NUMBER BENCHMARK 2021-09-07, CHRIS INTEGER I,K,P,E REAL M,N E=200 WRITE(6,10) DO 210 I=2,E P=1 DO 190 K=2,SQRT(REAL(I)) M=FLOAT(I)/FLOAT(K) IF ((M - INT(M)) .LT. .00001) THEN P=0 GO TO 200 END IF C WRITE (6,21) I,K,M 190 CONTINUE 200 IF (P .EQ. 1) WRITE(6,20) I 210 CONTINUE WRITE(6,11) WRITE(6,12) STOP 10 FORMAT(' PRIME NUMBER BENCHMARK',/) 11 FORMAT(' ') 12 FORMAT(' DONE') 20 FORMAT(I4) C21 FORMAT(I4,X,I4,X,F12.6) END Set E to the upper boundary you want to search. I've tested it with "gfortran -std=legacy", I don't know if it will compile with F80. regards, chris
  4. The prime number program is buggy it seems. See its output...
  5. Rough idea: NTSC speed on PAL: Run game logic twice for every 5th frame PAL speed on NTSC: Skip game logic every 6th frame
  6. Does any software make use of the F keys on a 1200? I guess it was too short-lived for anyone to care and the 800XL dropped the F keys again.
  7. Reminds me to the infamous comment in the original Unix source code "You are not expected to understand this". 🙂
  8. I guess so. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fortified_church
  9. The ROM code doesn't expect available memory to be in small (let's say 1K) steps. I guess the minimum steps (available RAM cards) are 8K. See e.g. https://github.com/cc65/cc65/blob/62da869e49bee55b3f0d7dab2dc7bdf9721b6f07/libsrc/atari/xlmemchk.inc#L32
  10. Peewh.... When I look at the "big auction site"(tm) for this monitor I'm getting funny prices... 😞
  11. sorry if I'm nitpicking.... But in the "programming" section I'd like to talk about "programming".... regards, chris
  12. In http://sikorsoft.waw.pl/en/orders/ "Shipping costs do not include shipping costs." feels somehow wrong... regards, chris
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