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  1. That's just it, we never had a 7800 back then, we could never afford to get one.
  2. Hiya folks, I'm hoping somebody can clarify something for me. I was casually browsing around today at Atari things, and eventually found my way here to Atari Age's rarity listings (which I've looked at before, but it's still fun to look through). I just started putting in a few games I remember having once upon a time, until I came across Gauntlet. 10 for rarity? I thought that was pretty interesting, since I remembered owning Gauntlet. Except the cartridge art didn't look familiar, which seemed odd. When I clicked for screenshots, those weren't right either. I thought maybe somebody linked to the wrong game or something. Well doing some poking around, including trying the ROM, I discovered that that was in fact the right game they were showing, but it's just a different Gauntlet. So I started searching Google for the traditional arcade-style Gauntlet for 2600, but couldn't find anything. Not even a reference to it ever being on 2600. The thing is, I remember loving Gauntlet in the arcade, and then buying it for my 2600, only to be pretty disappointed by how bad it was in comparison. The only reference I could find to a Gauntlet-like game is this Dark Chambers one, which actually looks pretty similar to the one I'm referring to, if not almost identical. Convinced I wasn't crazy, I asked my brother, who is a few years older than me and would probably remember this stuff better. Sure enough, he confirmed that we did in fact have arcade-style Gauntlet for the 2600, and even mentioned that it was similar to Dark Chambers without me even bringing that one up. better yet, he believes he still has the cartridge in storage. Unless anyone can confirm that it did exist for 2600, I'm apparently going to have to help him dig it out to make sure we really did have it!
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