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  1. Rapper RZA composing album inspired by vintage Atari game tunes: http://www.cnet.com/news/rza-is-composing-an-album-inspired-by-vintage-8-bit-atari-video-games/

    1. Schmudde


      "inspired by the 8-bit soundtracks of iconic Atari games like Centipede, Missile Command, and Pong." -- yeah, I love the Centipede song.

  2. 2nd time at the Comptuer History Museum. They do Atari pretty good, from Pong to the Jaguar.

  3. 920,000 on level 56 of Tempest 2000. Not bad considering my rust. Far cry from my ~2,000,000 in the 90s.

  4. Spending my Friday night playing an ASCII raycaster game written in Awk. https://github.com/TheMozg/awk-raycaster

  5. My latest: Alan Kay’s ad blocking prediction in 1972 & what it says about the current state of computing & interaction design https://medium.com/@dschmudde/the-computer-revolution-has-yet-to-happen-f1dbf983d477#.gsrgsttl5

  6. Thinking about Ninja Golf.

  7. Thinking about Ninja Golf.

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